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    Thursday, April 07, 2011
Common Source Code Project (4/2/201)

News via AEP

Toshiya Takeda has released new versions of his emulators.

What´s new (4/2/2011):

Common Source Code Project is updated.

* [EMU/WIN32] support stereo sound
* [EMU/WIN32] fix joystick initialization
* [VM/DATAREC] support to load wave file with 16bit/stereo and any frequency
* [VM/DATAREC] support to load TAP tape images (used for SHARP X1 series)
* [VM/DATAREC] support to rewind tape image
* [VM/EVENT] support stereo sound
* [VM/FMGEN] fix timer not to cause overflow
* [VM/FMGEN] support interface to read int signal
* [VM/SN76489AN] fix mixer issue that volume mixed by other device is doubled
* [VM/YM2151] fix irq handling to refer int signal from fmgen
* [VM/YM2203] fix irq handling to refer int signal from fmgen
* [VM/Z80SIO] support monosync/bisync mode
* [VM/Z80SIO] support auto enables bit in wr3
* [VM/Z80SIO] support send break bit in wr5
* [VM/Z80SIO] support sync/abort bit in rr0
* [VM/Z80SIO] support signals to notify transmitt/recieve is done
* [VM/Z80SIO] support sync signal (input/output)

EmuZ-1500 is updated.

* [MZ1500] support quick disk drive

ePC-9801, ePC-9801E are updated.

* [PC9801] support irq connection from PC-9801-26
* [PC9801/DISPLAY] support 200 lines screen mode
* [PC9801/JOYSTICK] support joystick

eX1twin is updated.

* [X1TWIN] support CMT device
* [X1TWIN/EMM] support 512kb emm board
* [X1TWIN/MEMORY] fix memory mapping for ipl rom
* [X1TWIN/SUB] fix irq handling



File Releases

Cemu 1.11.3
No Description in database.

Cemu 1.11.2
No Description in database.

Cemu 1.11.1
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No Description in database.

snes9x-1.55 x64
No Description in database.

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