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    Monday, March 14, 2011
WinArcadia v15.4

News via aep

The multi system emulator WinArcadia for Windows and AmiArcadia for AmigaOS has been updated.

Changes between v15.37 for OS4/MorphOS and v15.4

aa: omitted screennotify.library code from os4 and morphos versions.

aa: fixed resetconfig.rexx script.

aa: changed screenshots.rexx script to use Screenshots/ instead of RAM:.

aa: now rastlines are disabled for Zaccaria games.

galaxia: fixed: 3rd pvi display in monitor was broken.

monitor now allows editing of most values.


aa: fixed: on a slow amiga, it was allowing the user to open eg. two monitors (one of which would be broken).

Changes between v15.36 and v15.37

aa: removed debug output when launching ARexx scripts.

aa: ship.os3 now searches for "to do" markers (@@).

aa: now the OS4 version doesn´t expect RX to be in SYS:RexxC/.

aa: added support for screennotify.library.

elektor: now unexpanded elektor games use memmap "E", not "F".

elektor: knows that certain old dumps are bad, and knows about new dumps.

instructor, dolphin: no longer supports scanlines effect, because these are not raster machines.

pipbug: no longer supports scanlines effect in LED area.

aa: disabled vertical scanlines when compiled under os4 (to work around an os4 bug).

elektor: overlay support for "2 Pushbuttons" program.

wa: added optional CHECKBLOCKS #define.



File Releases

cemu 1.15.8
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cemu 1.15.7
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cemu 1.15.6c
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cemu 1.15.5c
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cemu 1.15.4b
No Description in database.

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