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    Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Visual Pinball v9.1.1

News via AEP

A new version of the pinball simulator Visual Pinball has been released: VPForums Visual Pinball v9.1.1. Thanks to Emu-France for the news.

Visual Pinball 9.1.1 FULL Install

Version: 9.1.1
Category: Essential Visual Pinball Files

Author(s): Cupidf, Destruk, Maddes, Poiuyterry, Shagendo, Toxieainc, Wizardīs Hat, Randy Davis

Full installer for Visual Pinball v9.1.1 * This will associate all vpt files with vpinball911.exe
VP 9.1.1 Changelog
Fixed bugs:
- Copy and Paste Decals
- Layback causing Graphic glitches with ball decals
- Radio buttons in Video Options Dialog
- Tabstops in Backlass Options
- unhandled exception with script errors
- Text Decals not showing
- Kickers and Triggers that are in the same position caused lockups
- transparency issue with 32bpp bmp Files
- bumpers and slingshots were disabled at start of the game when not visible
- Textures were cropped at MaxTexDim at very special conditions
- Alpha Ramps were not showing with Balls created from script.
- Textures near screen border were distorted on some tables
- Scale Dialog default field was checkbox - changed to scaleX-value

New features:
- Added slider for Alpharamps Accuracy. If Alpharamps are causing performance problems (and they will likely do!), try setting this slider to the left. Ramps are displayed with less surfaces then.
- New experimental feature: Ball stretching against table and monitor stretching. Three options: 1st: like before, 2nd: donīt stretch ball, 3rd: donīt stretch ball and take Pixel aspect ratio of monitor into consideration. Choose ( R) Monitors only if you have a rotated Windows desktop.
- Implemented right click īSet as Defaultī. This options sets the current properties of an object as the new defaults for that object type.
- little optimizations

Tables made with 9.1.x may be incompatible with older versions due to the new features, but tables made with 9.0.x can be loaded and played in 9.1.x.



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