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    Sunday, February 06, 2011
Snes9x Euphoria R5 Beta 3 (Public Release)

Zack one of our mods here at Emu64/Emutalk has posted a new release of his Snes Emulator for the PSP:

Via the official Snes9x Euphoria Site www.retroemu.com

Snes9x Euphoria R5 Beta 3 (PSP) Has been released today for the general public
So you can download this version today and test!. Feedback is greatly appreciated, please leave bug reports etc at www.retroemu.com.

New Features & Fixes since the last public release (which was R4) :
  Fixed control/input issue from Beta 2.  Small code optimizations.
[+] Other minor changes.
[+] Rom loading time decreased (ie games boot faster)  Reverted Background back to R4 (ie no neoflash)  Corrected tons of incorrect assumptions I made that affected graphical quality without gaining anything in return.
[+] Improved Math implementation (small speedup)
[+] Tons of code optimization (small speedup)  More stability - Seems to be a lot more stable
[+] Mario All Stars Works Again.

So please can you guys test this and report back?

I would also like to know if any new games work with this build. Or if any get broken as a result.

Recommended settings :

For games that allow it (ie don't suffer huge graphical glitches) I would recommend this for full speed :

Render : Fast
Frameskip 3
Sound (11025) although having it at 44000 doesn't seem to affect speed much or at all.

For games that have graphical glitches ingame (when using the FAST renderer) that make them unplayable such as (mario kart) ..
I recommend the following settings :

Render : Fast + Accur.
Frameskip 3
Sound (11025) although having it at 44000 doesn't seem to affect speed much or at all.

Speed differences in games with R5 Beta 3 compared with R4 (from reports & my own testing) :

Chrono Trigger : Runs at 60fps with frameskip 0
Kirby's Superstar : Runs at 48>56fps (generally at 50fps) with frameskip 3
Mario RPG : Runs at 60fps with frameskip 0.
Final Fantasy Games seem to run at a constant 60fps with frameskip 1
All Donkey Kong Games : 60fps with frameskip 1>2
Mortal Kombat 1>3 60fps
Secret Of Mana 60fps
Super Metriod 60fps framekip 2 (use Fast + Approx renderer)

Thanks for feedback! And sorry for the HUGE timeframe between this and the previous release

Release Thread


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