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    Saturday, February 05, 2011
1964 UltraFast V2

News via AEP

The 1964 derivate 1964 UltraFast has been updated.


This is a custom build of the Nintendo 64 emulator 1964 I have made. The main aim is to overclock the N64 to allow games to run a lot smoother. Some games were designed similar to PC games, in that they could run faster if the N64 itself was faster. As such games like GoldenEye run at a solid 60FPS in this build of the emulator. The framerate on the real system was anywhere from 8fps->50fps . The effects of choppy gameplay often ruined these N64 games so now you can run them at full speed.

There is also now an option to underclock the N64. This means less cycles are emulated resulting in greater performance to the user. A few games donīt mind being underclocked and run very similar to normal speed, but give you much better performance on your PC.

The improvements over the normal 1964 v1.1 include :-

* Ability to overclock N64 to get higher framerates or to underclock to get better performance.
* Optimized Interpreter core to be 60-100% faster . Many games are now completely playable with interpreter core on fast machines
* Removed some unneeded speed hacks in interpreter core to make it more accurate
* More accurate DYNAREC emulation
* Some Windows tweaks in the code to get it to run smoother
* Better audio plugin and feeding of audio from main core

v1 Released February 3rd [Initial release]
v2 Released February 5th [Added menu options to set overclock or underclock, fixed some other things]

AEP GPL commentary: Heīs going to release the source code when heīs done with the updates, 1964 violated its own license for years.



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