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    Thursday, February 03, 2011
XM6i v0.22

News via AEP

XM6i is an unofficial further development of the Sharp X68000/X68030 Emulator XM6 for Windows, based on version 2.05.

Machine translation

0.22 (2011/02/01)

Menu "Tools > Keyboard Software" as original implement almost. Fixed some bugs in the original version of the mark.

Menu "Tools > Nereid Save memory bank" implementation.

-L to be able to save the log file.

Change to start the virtual machine before logging mechanism.

X68030 Configuration Editor and open the file and memory 4MB fixed mode settings had gone back.

Itīs corrected that a check didnīt stick to the menu "floppy disk > writing in protection".

EXPERT mode from the Pluto-X is specified to ignore SCSI boot.

Fixed SRAM Windows version has been created as read-only files.

With no files to write to SRAM, if the file is changed to a different stop error.

Enhanced error checking ROM file are different file or no change.

IPLROM30.DAT, ROM30.DAT additional validity check.

ROM30.DAT give incorrect change to the dialog.

added SVN revision to version dialog.

The 68030 BFCHG, BFCLR, BFSET, BFTST, BFEXTS, BFEXTU modify the behavior of instruction. Bytes required to access only.

Fixed wrong value to return misaligned physical reads 68030 words.

Longword to implement the physical data space 68 030. The main memory and ROM devices support a longword.

It corresponds to the mistake aligned access which straddles a logic page boundary at 68030 MMU on.

It corresponds to the mistake aligned longword access which straddles a device boundary with 68000.

68030 SSW improved exception frame.

FC0000 ~ $ FDFFFF supervisor in the state were correct and incorrect writing to quit.

System ports ($ E8E00D) Fixed XM6i by working version of the acquisition.

Debugger, fix the width of the visibility of 32-bit field instructions.

Debugger, the brackets {} indicate a bit field corrected.

By default (vm / scc.cpp excluded) the whole build-O2.

Starscream discontinued support.

wxMSW: try to read the properties of executable files.

wxGTK: [SHIFT ]+[;] in [+] to be able to enter.



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Aeroguage Hi-Res Texture Pack 2020 for GlideN64.

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