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    Wednesday, February 02, 2011
RockNES v5.06

News via AEP

A new update of the NES emulator RockNES has been released.

Hello folks, itīs been a long time! RockNES 5.06 has been released! Enjoy.

From this release, Iīm no more including the Allegro library with the package. Download it separately. Yes, I have a compiled DLL for you, if thatīs the case.

Whatīs new for version 5.06 (01/31/2011)

Major APU timing fix.

Minor fix for $2004 reads.

Some CPU fixes, including all possible dummy read cases.

Sound sample rate is at 44100hz and cannot be changed for now.

Created config flag to enable/disable sound output.

Changed PRG bank masking for non-power-of-2 values.

Removed disassembling at $4000-$4FFF.

Fixed a bug restoring pAPU savestate block.

Fixed PRG bank number calculation in the disassembler.

Fixed a potential bug of disassembling the main RAM.

Fixed mapper 4 and variants to include CHR-RAM bankswitching.

Fixed Atari RBI baseball mapper number.

Added mapper 86, JALECO-JF-13, partial.

Added mapper 93 "Fantasy Zone (J)".

Added checks for unexpected/non-standard cartridge configs.

Added ability to dump the secondary OAM data.

Added palette RAM viewer.

Added a new screenshot method: captures the desktop.

Added an option for sound to output like a famicom-clone console.

Reworked sound driver and pAPU startup.

No more needed to restart the emulator when changing sound settings.

Palette files are loaded on emulator startup, when specified.

Proper GUI menu items disable, instead of warning popups.

Switched back the color emphasis table.

Removed "quit emulation" key config, now itīs key only.

Lots of general cosmetic changes.

Major update to the emulator documentation.



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