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    Thursday, January 27, 2011
Introducing the Sony PSP2!

News via DCEmu

Sony has finally unveiled what everyone has already speculated, heard and hoped for. The PSP2, which is simply going by a codename of Next Generation Portable or NGP, boasts a high-resolution OLED screen and impressive hardware both under the hood and in its outward functions. Need any proof that Sony is taking ques from Apple and their interference in the portable gaming market with its touch devices? The PSP2 is touch-sensitive! The new handheld will come with new internal matchmaking software called LiveArea which is intended to connect you with nearby PSP2 gamers for multiplayer gaming and socializing.

Here is a rundown:

* CPU, RAM, GPU: This is still to be determined, but Sony claims it's as powerful as a PS3!
* Storage: Unidentified "new media" for games, on-board Flash storage
* Display: 5 inch OLED with 960 x 544 resolution
* Wireless: WiFi, 3G, GPS
* Inputs: Touchscreen, touch sensitive back panel (!?), D-pad, L/R shoulder buttons, standard PlayStation buttons, SIXAXIS controls

Sony showcased a handful of games alongside the reveal of the new PSP, including demos of old PSP favourites like Wipeout and Hot Shots Golf and also big killer app brands common on the PS3 such as Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet. Sony also made sure to show off some new titles such as Little Deviants, Reality Fighters and Gravity Daze. Sony says the new portable console will also play PSone games supported via its PlayStation Suite platform (also surprisingly showing up on Android devices) and will be backwards compatible PSP games previously downloaded through the Playstation Store. To demonstrate this backward compatibility, Capcom's Jun Takeuchi demoed Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the PSP on the new handheld.


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