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    Friday, July 13, 2007
MESS 0.117 Released

New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):
- Data General/One (not working) (Joe)

System Driver Changes:
- [A2600] Add auto-banking detection for all known carts [Cowering]
- [A2600] Add auto-controller detection for INDY500, KIDVID, COMPUMATE, BOOSTERGRIP and other special controllers [Cowering]
- [A2600] Improved sound poly generation. Improved handling of sound mode POLY5_DIV3. [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Fixed reset behavior. [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Added partial DPC support. [Wilbert Pol]
- [APPLE2GS] Line-by-line video engine. Some border effects almost work, and the CPU requirements are now lower. [R. Belmont]
- [AIM65, SYM1] Updated drivers to use the MAME 6532 RIOT implementation. Also cleaned the AIM65 machine driver and ran srcclean.exe on the files. [Dirk Best]
- [DGNBETA] Fixed up for new 6821PIA behavior, machine will now boot again. (bug #1309) [Phill Harvey-Smith]
- [JAGUAR] Added the .j64 file extension. [Justin Kerk]
- [NASCOM] Unified drivers using selectable BIOSes. [Fabio Priuli]
- [NC100] Unified drivers using selectable BIOSes. [Fabio Priuli]
- [NC100] Fixed assertion. (bug #1305) [Nate Woods]
- [SVI328] Unified drivers using selectable BIOSes. [Fabio Priuli]
- [X68000] Fix to mark tilemaps as dirty when written to. [Barry Rodewald]
- [ZX81] Unified drivers using selectable BIOSes. [Fabio Priuli]

User Interface Changes:
- Fixed changing of drives within the file manager. (bug #1264) [Oliver Stoeneberg]
- Removed usage of OS working directories within the file manager. [Oliver Stoeneberg]

Source Changes:
- The core is based on MAME 0.117. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
- Changed BBC, Coleco, MTX, Sord, and Tutor drivers to use the SN76489 or SN76489A sound chips as appropriate instead of the SN76496. [Justin Kerk]
- Various 64-bit fixes. [Oliver Stoeneberg]
- Converted some timer_*() calls to mame_timer_*(). [Oliver Stoeneberg]
- Changed devices_allocate() to not use auto_malloc(); a consequence is that a devices_free() call is now necessary. (bug #1293) [Nate Woods]
- Removed MESS implementation of the 6532 RIOT because we are now using the implementation by MAME. [Dirk Best]

MESS Official Site
MESS 0.117


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