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    Sunday, June 24, 2007
MAME GP2X 4.1 Released

- Improved the Cyclone M68k core compatibility. E.g. Road Blasters lacked wrapper correct IRQs handling and Indiana Jones needed to know previous PC to emulate the protection chip.
- All the games run perfectly now with the standard executable.
- The compatible executable is removed because it is not needed now.
- Some optimizations have been done to the Cyclone core.

- Added 6 new romsets from MAME 0.35-0.37b12:
  MAME 0.35: Wardner (World) (wardner), Wardna no Mori (Japan) (wardnerj), Pyros (US) (pyros), Funky Bee (funkybee), Sky Lancer (skylancr)
  MAME 0.37b12: Pandora's Palace (pandoras) (play it with video and audio clock at 100%)
- Improvement to The New Zealand Story sound.
- Improvement to Space Panic (now uses samples for sound).

- Added 16 new romsets from MAME 0.35b8-0.35b13:
  MAME 0.35b8: Caveman Ninja (World Rev. 3) (cninja), Caveman Ninja (World Rev. 0) (cninja0), Caveman Ninja (US) (cninjau), Joe & Mac (Japan) (joemac), Stoneage (stoneage)
  MAME 0.35b11: Armed Formation (armedf), Terra Force (terraf), Terra Force (US) (terrafu)
  MAME 0.35b12: Combat School (combasc), Combat School (bootleg) (combascb), Double Dribble (ddribble)
  MAME 0.35b13: Cosmic Alien (cosmica), Devil Zone (devzone), Magical Spot II (magspot2), No Manīs Land (nomnlnd), No Manīs Land (Gotlieb) (nomnlndg)
- Tilemaps have been added to Galivan and Dangar to fix some graphic errors.

- Compatibility improvements in the DrZ80 core. A lot of new games can be played correctly with the 'fast' executable. E.g. Black Tiger (not bootleg), 1943 (USA), Tehkan World Cup, Solomon's Key, Mr. Do, Ms. Pacman, etc.
- 1943 has been fixed, it was broken in the previous release (v4.0).
- The ClrMAME DAT has been updated with the latest romsets. An additional DAT for the samples has been added.

MAME GP2X Official Site


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