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    Friday, June 15, 2007
MESS 0.116 Released

New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):
- Atari 2600 PAL [Wilbert Pol]
- Sega SG-1000 [Curt Coder]
- Sega SG-1000 Mark II [Curt Coder]
- Sega SC-3000 [Curt Coder]
- Sega SC-3000/Super Control Station SF-7000 [Curt Coder]
- Texas Instruments TI-82 (not working) [Curt Coder]
- Texas Instruments TI-83 (not working) [Curt Coder]
- Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus (not working) [Curt Coder]
- VTech CreatiVision [Curt Coder]
- Samsung Gam*Boy II [Wilbert Pol]

System Driver Changes:
- [A2600] Updated delay when writing to the playfield registers (bug #389, partially fixes bug #1152). [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Updated how RESPx/NUSIZx combinations are handled (partially fixes bug #1152). [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Added support for handling hardware oddity with writes to HMMx when the HMOVE timer is about to expire (bug #391). [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Changed start up bank for 16KB cartridges (partially fixed bug #1170). [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Recoded tia to support MDRV_SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS and adjusted screen sizes (partially fixes bug #1170). [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Updated playfield reflect bit to only have effect when set before pixel 80. (bug #1174) [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Paddles no longer auto-center. Set default keys for player 4. (bug #1176 and bug #1167) Adjusted Driving Controller sensitivity, and fixed player two Booster Grip. [Christopher Stone]
- [A2600] Fixed delay behavior when resetting BL/M0/M1 position during HMOVE period. [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Corrected HMOVE behavior when initiated outside hblank. [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Improved positioning of all graphics when position counters are reset in the extended HBlank period during a HMOVE. (bug #1184) [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] HMOVE triggered on the last possible CPU cycle also triggers a delay of the end of HBlank. (bug #1222) [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Rewrote player graphics drawing and handling. [Wilbert Pol]
- [A2600] Added SuperCharger support. [Wilbert Pol]
- [AMIGA] Updated the Amiga driver to output the power and drive LED status to the artwork system. [Dirk Best]
- [COCO/DRAGON] Cartridge slot rearchitecture. [Nate Woods]
- [FUNVISION] Driver is now working and fully playable. [Curt Coder]
- [VIP] Fixed the RUN/RESET switch to work like the original. [Curt Coder]
- [ABC80] Fixed the keyboard, although scanning is very slow. [Curt Coder]

User Interface Changes:
- Fixed bug mounting files in the old UI. (bug #1149) [Oliver Stoeneberg]
- [Windows GUI] Fixed a couple of static text fields. (bug #1073) [Oliver Stoeneberg]
- [Windows GUI] Fixed a crash when adding a system-specific software directory. (bug #1196) [Oliver Stoeneberg]

Imgtool Changes:

Source Changes:
- The core is based on MAME 0.116. This incorporates all features of the update to this core. [MAME team]
- WD17xx cleanups. [Nate Woods]
- Fixed a memory leak. (bug #1019) [Oliver Stoeneberg]
- Massive update to entire sysinfo.dat file. [Fabio Priuli]
- Added many SHA1 hashes. [Fabio Priuli]
- Added some missing TESTDRIVERs to messdriv.c that were only specified in the driver source files. [Oliver Stoeneberg]
- [Windows] UNICODE=1 fixes. [Oliver Stoeneberg]

MESS Official Site
MESS 0.116


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