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    Thursday, September 08, 2005
EmuZWin 2.7 Release 1.7 Beta Released

A new Beta build for the ZX-Spectrum emulator EmuZWin has been released. Here is the changes for 2.7 Release 1.7 Beta.

 Loading Pokes fixed.

 Scorpion ZS model supported mainly (service monitor works now, there are no yet SMUC+HDD, CMOS, programmatic turbo etc.).
 Magic Button for TR-DOS fixed. NMI to service ROM added (only for Scorpion model yet).
 Debugger fixed a bit (setting breakpoints at the same address in another bank, now execution breakpoints are determined only by the address, data address view in decimal fixed) and improved a bit (search in decimal bytes/words, show address of byte under mouse cursor, the same in load block dialog, color of found bytes changed a bit, registers are updated on each step when F7 or space is pressed instantly, other small changes there).
 Both hex and decimal view of the address in the Sprite Finder.
 ZX Assembler++: Many fixes (mainly with new extensions, proclaimed as C-- - like) and some improvements (local labels added, with configurable prefixes, GOTO [cond,]label pseudo-operator added). Compiling speed reduced and is about 5 times faster now. Therefore button Cancel added to stop compiling if necessary.
 Progress in status while loading and saving big snapshots.

Head on over to the official site for more information.

EmuZWin Official Site
EmuZWin 2.7 Release 1.7 Beta


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