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    Guide by Gent
Guide by Gent
Views: 46042
Date: Monday, August 29 - 2005

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(Setting Up & Using)

Jnes already has its saves and screenshots Folders set as Default but you will have to set your Netplay Directory

Click on Options like the above Picture shows and then click Settings and another Dialogue will open.

Once the Dialogue opens, on the Netplay Roms Path Section select where your roms are located. Once you have checked it is correct press ok.

Now it's time to make an online Game for others to join. To do this click on File like the above Picture shows and then click on Kaillera and Kaillera Client Dialogue will open.

It will automatically search for online servers for you to use. While it is doing that, choose a Connection Type that best suits your Connection. Once you have chosen your Connection Type, next choose the best Ping Server by either double Clicking on the servers Name, or when Highlighted press the Connect Button.

A Connecting Dialogue will open showing you the Connection Status.

The Servers Dialogue will then open and it is time to make your Game, click on the Create New Game Button and a strip of Alphabetical 0-z Initials will be listed. One you choose a number or letter an extension showing the names will open. Choose your game, making sure your friend has exactly the same rom and Jnes Version.

Tell your friend what server you are on and they will join seeing your game listed and join it. Once they do you can have a little chat and then click start game and off you go playing online with your friend with Kaillera and Jnes. If you are joining your friend's Game then you will have have to do it slightly different.

Once your friend tells you what server they are on and you choose that server. Either double Clicking on the servers Name, or when Highlighted press the Connect Button.

On joining you will see the game listed. Once you join it you can have a little chat and then wait for your friend to start the game. Now off you go playing online with your friend with Kaillera and Jnes. A very Important Note when exiting a game currently in progress. The first step is to go to File in Jnes a click on close, this will stop the game running then on the server click cancel next to the Start Game, now it is safe to close all dialogues.

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