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    icepir8 - May 2004

Gent: Hi icepir8, First of all thanks to agreeing to this Chilling With Gent Session i know you are an extremely busy Guy so many thanks. I want to ask you some questions on behalf of The Emulation64 Network Browsers/Users who are interested in you and what you are doing ok?

icepir8: great!

Gent: cool
What have you been up to since the release of Tr64 Wip 6.0 and TR64 Ogl/Tile dumper and D3D Plugins? and superb work on all btw, what is the status of them? and how is life treating you?

icepir8: I'm still working on them, but its a low priority right now. I have been looking into doing some things with the Gamecube. Life is treating me So-So.

Gent: Now another thing most people don't know is you have a great sense of humour
so i want to dig into that part of your Personality


Gent: There is a urban terminology for a word Gented referring to me of course Here
When was the last time you Gented and what was it?

icepir8: I'm warped there fore I am.

Gent: lol Now these next Questions i stole from the Actors Studio and love it, so i am going to ask you them too. When you get to the gates of heaven what would you like to hear Arc Angel Gabriel say to you?

icepir8: The party is down stairs. Go have a few tokes.

Gent: roflmao, nice! what is your Favourite Word ?

icepir8: lumina

Gent: What is your Least Favourite Word ?

icepir8: ex-wife

Gent: back at ya what is your Favourite Yahoo or any Smillie ?


Gent: lol, what question would you of wanted me to ask that i haven't ?

icepir8: fav saying

Gent: what is your Fav Saying ?

icepir8: carpe jugulum!

Gent: Terry Pratchett latin ? Now i know you are always busy and i have asked many Authors and its not looking good so I'll try my luck with you, any chance of you making me a Binatone TV Master MK 6 simulator ? lol

icepir8: not very likely.

Gent: lol k was expecting that , It's an Authors Conspiracy! what was your 1st Video Game Console?, in our case you can say Computer

icepir8: atari pong. sold by sears.

Gent: hell yea , what was the 1st game you played

icepir8: first game was a pinball called jokers wild or something like that.

Gent: ya i was a one arm Bandit as a little child , my Game not me

icepir8: God! I can remember pinball machines with relays in them.....

Gent: , If you could be anyone in the world past or present who would you be

icepir8: lol. I don't know,,, I think Chris Knight in "real genius"

Gent: Val Kilmer ?

icepir8: yeah

Gent: wow a very unexpected answer, but better then McGuiver

icepir8: yeah

Gent: Do you believe in love at 1st sight and i mean with other people not yourself

icepir8: His acting... well everything I seen him do he becomes that person.

Gent: i still think his best work that shows his true talents was the Saint

icepir8: yeah that was the perfect part for him, He was very good as Doc Holiday in tombstone.

Gent: that he was! If you went on a different path and never got the coding bug, what would you see yourself doing instead for pleasure or a Occupation

icepir8: profesional student....

Gent: lol bet you would excel in that also, Like a Midas are you

icepir8: thnx

Gent: What would you like to see yourself doing in ten years ?

icepir8: well... It would involve a lot of pretty women.

Gent: that was worth a dance

icepir8: really I would like to write a book.

Gent: i would really love to read that If you was a normal user and tried Tr64 and the TR64 Ogl/Tile dumper and D3D plugins for the 1st time what would strike you the most about it ?

icepir8: I think the graphics rock for most games.

Gent: no complaints here loving the D3D and the tile dumper, people know you own!


Gent: What Book has in grossed you from the start to finish and what was it ?

icepir8: "Oceans of the Night" Its about finding alien base on the moon and an inteligent robot probe from the stars.

Gent: oh cool so real Scifi stuff, sounds like my Cup of Tea Im all about scifi book or TV lol. I'm gone for weekends when Livings doing a Charmed fest

icepir8: I have several hundred sci fi books. maybe even close to 1K..

Gent: wow I'm not that far in books but probley Films and TV
What was the 1st Feature film you saw as a kid and how did it effect you ?

icepir8: the two headed monster. I thoght it was so kool. it is where a scientist is dieing and transplants his head on to a prisoner who has volenteered for research.

Gent: cant say I've seen that, Who is/was your Favourite Comedian and why

icepir8: God that is tuff. Robin Williams or Bill Cosby.

Gent: two great choices, though Robs got my Money though He will always be Mork from Ork to me lol

icepir8: lol, yeah. my fav movie with him was "Good Morning Veitnam" and "Jomungy" (spelled wrong) was pretty good.

Gent: yup that was awesome, and lol yea another cool one and nicely Gented I think we aint gonna find too many with him in the credits we don't like

icepir8: true

Gent: ok one last question then, If i gave you all the info on a Binatone TV Master MK 6 how would the chances look for that simulator ?

icepir8: still not very likely

Gent: lol ok Anything from you will do , Thank you for your time icepir8 and being a great sport, you have my full respect, and all the best in Life and any Project you are involved in.

icepir8: NP and thnx.

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