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    Saturday, August 03, 2013
DGen 1.32

DGen is a free, open source and portable emulator for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive systems. The latest version supports save states, interlace mode, Game Genie, Linux joystick support, compressed ROM images, and other nice features, like OpenGL textured video output or hqx filters for upscaling.

Here's changelog:

* Debugger: the displayed instruction after hitting a breakpoint was wrong,
this is now fixed.
* Debugger: the disassembler doesn't assume instructions have a fixed size
* Debugger: fixed breakpoints support.
* Debugger: implemented the ability to step over multiple instructions.
* Debugger: implemented set(b|w|l|r) comands to read/write memory and
* Debugger: added M68K instructions counter (can be displayed with the "reg"
* Debugger: added M68K instructions tracing to display instructions while
they are executed.
* Debugger: other miscellaneous fixes (such as reverse-i-search flickering in
* Fixed 6-button emulation that wasn't working correctly.
* OpenGL: enabled byte-swapping by default for 32-bit textures on big endian
machines so users don't have to use bool_swab.
* Fixed a crash (infinite loop) while exiting.
* Imported Cyclone 68000 0.099, a highly optimized M68K core written in pure
ARM assembly. It is much faster than Musashi, especially on low-spec
machines such as the Raspberry Pi.
* Imported DrZ80, a Z80 core also written in pure ARM assembly (from
PicoDrive). A tiny bit faster than CZ80.
* Fixed various crashes with Cyclone 68000 and DrZ80 which tend to choke on
invalid code.
* Cyclone 68000 and DrZ80 are now the default CPU emulators on ARM-based
* Fixed remaining CPU core switching bugs.
* Implemented MJazz, a feature present in the original Win32 version of DGen.
Enabling bool_mjazz initializes three FM chips instead of one. Each
additional chip runs at twice the rate of the previous one, causing the
MJazz sound effect.
* Added autogen.sh to make everyone happier.
* Updated Musashi to version 3.31. This new version fixes many games.
* Made DGen/SDL more responsive on slow machines by checking input events
after each dropped frame.
* Double-buffering can now be disabled, useful on slow machines
* Added an optional separate thread (bool_screen_thread) for displaying
frames. Only useful on slower machines where flipping video buffers takes
time, especially when V-sync is enabled and doing so blocks DGen/SDL until
the next frame without consuming CPU time (such as the case of Dispmanx on
the Raspberry Pi when bool_doublebuffer is also enabled).
* Optimized Musashi to access memory regions directly without going through
callbacks. This idea was taken from Genesis Plus GX. Although not as fast
as Cyclone 68000 on ARM, it is noticeably faster than before.
* VDP: implemented VDP interrupts properly.
* VDP: added the ability to switch VDP planes on and off
(bool_vdp_hide_plane_a, bool_vdp_hide_plane_b, bool_vdp_hide_plane_w,
* VDP: improved sprites priority bit handling to fix sprites glitches in a
lot of games (Streets of Rage among others). This unfortunately makes
emulation slower.
* VDP: implemented sprites limitations (per-line, per-frame, dot overflow),
and enhanced masking (DGen/SDL now passes Nemesis' sprite masking test
* VDP: implemented sprites boxing, the ability to draw boxes around sprites
for debugging purposes.
* VDP: implemented 2-cell vertical column scrolling mode. This fixes video
glitches in several games (i.e. Psycho Pinball, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic 3).
* VDP: optimized tiles blitting (but it's hard to notice).
* VDP: implemented sprite overflow and collision bits.
* VDP: forced data offset from the name table to wrap at 8K to fix video
glitches in some games games (such as Dragon Slayer I & II).
* Updated StarScream to version 0.26d (was previously 0.26a).
* Joysticks support has been reworked. They are now managed like the
keyboard, with similar names in the configuration file (joy_* instead of
key_*). Because of this, some configuration variables have been removed and
no longer work in DGen/SDL 1.32. Configuration files must be updated
* Implemented the ability to bind/unbind keys and joystick/joypad buttons to
arbitrary commands using bind_* variables. This replaces the similar
feature that only worked with joystick buttons.
* "calibrate_js" has been renamed "calibrate" and now works with both
keyboard and joystick events. Makes controllers configuration
* Implemented "bool_buttons" to display each pressed button in the status
bar. Helpful when configuring buttons manually.
* Documentation: updated manual pages for all of the above.
* Documentation: more files have been converted to Doxygen.
* Screenshot files names are now prefixed with the ROM name so they are
easier to find.
* Emulation bugfixes (code/address register cleared when writing a VDP
register, randomization of unused BUSREQ bits, VDP reset).
* Miscellaneous bugfixes (libarchive detection during configure, forced
flushing of debugger output, autoconf fixes, missed video resize events
during init).

Check out Projects website for further information and files.

    Tuesday, February 08, 2011
Sega Genesis CDX now portable thanks to Ben Heck

Via engadget comes news of an handheld i know you want on your wish list.

It's no Bill Paxton Pinball, but Ben Heck's portable Sega Genesis CDX is certainly up there in terms of superfluous gaming mods. As Heck points out, a lot of the console's games were "FMV nonsense," but, like most gaming systems, the 1994-released CDX had its ardent supporters. For those of you who fit the description, Heck's combined the CD drive and motherboard from an old CDX with a chopped six-button Genesis controller, an old camcorder battery, and a four-inch LCD screen to bring you a bulky but portable console. Now you can enjoy a game of Snatcher at the laundromat while your Sonic the Hedgehog Underoos hit the spin cycle.

Ben Heck

    Saturday, February 05, 2011
RetroCopy v0.945

News via AEP

RetroCopy is a SEGA Genesis, SEGA Master System, SEGA Game Gear, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega System E Arcade emulator and Media Player for Windows and Linux.

A small bug fix for RetroCopy has been released.

[CORE] Fixed an issue where files were placed in wrong directory when user fixed game files.
[CORE] Recoded some parts to remove a few warnings
[WINDOWS] Removed Link Time Code Generation for MSVC10 builds as it buggy


RetroCopy v0.940

News via AEP

RetroCopy is a SEGA Genesis, SEGA Master System, SEGA Game Gear, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega System E Arcade emulator and Media Player for Windows.

The latest version of RetroCopy is available for download. The main features added to this build are performance, bug fixes and GUI enhancements. It is available for Windows and Linux platforms, in both 32bit and 64bit. Here is the complete what´s new.

Download Here

[SEGA MEGA DRIVE] Fixed a few crash issues that mostly presented themselves in badly written homebrew (I Love Cube)
[SEGA MASTER SYSTEM] Fixed bug with FM sound selection
[SEGA MASTER SYSTEM] Fixed crash bug in SMS OPTIONS when switching between two different slot types
[SEGA MASTER SYSTEM] Optimized some parts of the emulator for a speed boost
[VIDEO PLAYER] Fixed bug with aspect ratio which stopped content and zoom / crop modes from working correctly

[INPUT] Fixed bug with gamepad HATs not showing correct value on return to input page
[INPUT] Fixed crash bug that was caused by the ordering of items on a device [Didado / RobertoMalone]

[CORE] Fixed a few small text errors caused by UTF-8 migration
[CORE] Fixed bug in reading of zero byte files that would keep the handle open
[CORE] Added new screen curvature and phosphor shader [cgwg]
[CORE] Added much better CPU leveling algorithm that adjusts to each system dynamically to reduce any stutters or sound pops
[CORE] Changed a few settings default values for a better experience

[3D] Non power of 2 texture support wasn´t properly enabling itself in the GUI
[3D] Improved handling of graphics cards without shader support in the game room
[3D] Fixed small bug with maximum dynamic light calculations
[3D] Fixed issue that was preventing dynamic shadows and screen casting

[GUI] Added + and - icon to game containers to make it more obvious
[GUI] Can now open multiple GAME containers instead of only one
[GUI] Now hide status bar if it pops up and you move the mouse over it
[GUI] Added info tab which now shows the screenshots and some .GAME related information such as unicode names
[GUI] Changed layout of 3D covers to 2x3 instead of 3x2 so that they consume more of the screen
[GUI] Now load gamebrowser only when clicked instead of on app startup
[GUI] More GUI related settings are now saved on exit
[GUI] Redid game grouping. Now have NAME and .GAME groupings [Tommy]
[GUI] Recoded some aspects of game browser for speed and to reduce memory fragmentation
[GUI] Fixed bug in multitext that could cause a crash in certain instances on init
[GUI] Improved handling of read only properties with edit controls
[GUI] Fixed small bug in movie seeking display
[GUI] Fixed a bug that could cause non OpenGL thread to update a texture
[GUI] Wired up the save state / load state buttons on the game menu
[GUI] Added emulator statistics window, enabled by pressing F2. Shows CPU usage, sound buffer, etc

[WINDOWS] Upgraded C++ compiler to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, fixes a few floating point bugs and is a bit faster


    Thursday, February 03, 2011
Gens+ REWiND! v1.1

News via http://www.aep-emu.de/

Gens+ REWiND! 1.1 - the Sega multi-system emulator with rewind feature has been released with some minor additions and frontend compatibility. Download the win32 binaries and source code at the author's website.

    Sunday, September 23, 2007
Gens32 Surreal v1.78 Std Released

1) Update DAC stuff.May be nice,but still some noise there.176400HZ was recommended.
2) Use a new technique called 'Twirler' to improve YM2612 playback.
3) Update 3D surround.
4) Update Gens32 Antialiasing III to Gens32 Antialiasing III Advance. Add mix color stuff in advance version to make it looks more better.

Gens32 Official Site

Head over to the official site for the download.

(The download isn't mirrored since it requires registration on the Gens32 forums to get and I don't have time doing that with all emulators that need it.)

    Sunday, September 02, 2007
Gens32 Surreal 1.76 IceBlue Released

1) Some update on sound stuff, make it sampler and faster.
2) Fixed the bug, which resize the window while reactive.
3) Gens32 Antialiasings III released, designed for 1024*768.
4) Some update on Gens32 Antialiasings II.
5) Fixed the bug while playing CDDA.

Also,the nice theme (include background, start logo, menu logo, icon) was designed by AKM1989, really thanks.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.76 IceBlue

    Monday, May 14, 2007
Gens32 Surreal 1.76 Girl Released

1) Some update on sound stuff.
2) Fixed a bug, which caused slient while dump audio.
3) Update render plugin Gens32 Antialiasings to Gens32 Antialiasings II
4) ^_^ I just forget update what... toooooo long since I finshed this stuff.

Warning: This version request a powerful PC.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.76 Girl

    Sunday, February 11, 2007
Gens32 Surreal 1.76 Released

1) Update YM2612 core,PSG core etc...to 24bit.176400 Sample rate was recommended

2) Playback with 64bit AHDA.

3) Restore classic menu.Move to Option->Mic,disselect Surreal Menu to active it.

4) New force feedback drivers comes with this version, one is for MK3/MK3 hack, one is for virtual fighter 2. Because new tech was bright into these stuff,so more force feedback drivers should be released in our forum later,

5) A mp3 player called ACOMPAL media player comes with this version,Which playback with 64bit AHDA too.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.76

    Sunday, November 12, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.72 Released

1) Update 24bit and 32bit playback stuff.Note,that Gens32 surreal never really supported 24bits or 32bits playback,even this version.It just use a method to "emulate" them in 16bits.

2) Add 172000HZ sound rate playback,that can fix some sound bugs under 192000HZ.Thanks to St閜hane Dallongeville.

3) Add a option which can force to use software update sound.This may fix some fucking problems.

4) Rewrite and add some render plugin.I wana emulate really TV,but it's long way ahead.These things are WIP stuffs.

5) New roms supported.But the keyboard stuff still not fully emulated.

6) New backgrond, still thanks to amk1989.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.72

    Monday, August 28, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.69 R2 Released

1) With Nazo's debug, fixed the nosie problem with Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum.
2) Do some update on YM2612. (I am not sure it's a update), make sounds sounds more nice.
3) Changing default settings to fix some problem.
4) Use simple volume config instread the old complex one, and add a short cut to config the volume, they are: Ctr + Num+ and Ctr + Num-.
5) Fixed some bugs(long...long ago,I forget fixed what).
6) Thanks to AKM1989's help,we have some now logos.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.69 R2

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.69 Released

A new version of the Genesis emulator Gens32 has been released. Here is the latest changes for version 1.69.

 Fixed the bug which caused crash when load 7z archives.
 Update Rom Exploer explorer.
 Update Water Effect.
 Replace Keep Colors Antialiasing with Gens32 2X.
 Update Search Cheat System,worked more faster.

Head on over to the official site for more information.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.69

    Monday, June 19, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.68 Released

A new version of the Genesis emulator Gens32 has been released. Here is the latest changes for version 1.68.

 Fixed a classic bug,the nForce mainboard user can use Gens32 Surreal without worried about freezen now.Thanks to wphoto2003(acgwolf) who helped with the test stuff.
 Emulate controller stuff more actually.Both 1P and 2P can disconnect now.
 Added water effect which was imported form ZSens.
 Added TV Nosie effect.
 New start logo, which painted by akm1989(Emu-Land).

Head on over to the official site for more information.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.68

    Friday, June 16, 2006
jEnesis v0.1 Preview

Some preview screenshots and a progress report for the upcoming version of jEnesis has been posted a few days ago. jEnesis is a Genesis emulator written in java created by Stephan Dittrich. Here is some info about the upcoming release.

I bumped the version number up a bit, due to recent progress.
As you can see, i worked on a SH2 core and now the 32X is basically emulated - for the first time in Java as far as i know.
It's actually a bit faster than the screenshots show, but still not really fast enough. 25-35fps on my 1.8GHz Athlon XP.
So i'll be working on speeding it up and fixing some bugs that are still in the SH2 core until i release it.

Head on over to the official site for the screenshots and for older versions of jEnesis. Thanks to Hawq for the news on IRC.

jEnesis Official Site

    Thursday, June 08, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.67 Bowknot Released

1) Fixed bugs.
2) Some work on Gens32 Antialiasing,maybe more nicer.
3) Added an option to improve the sound quality when playback at 192MH sound rate.
4) Added an option to remix music(Only worked when turn on 192MH imprve).
5) Remove the picture under Gens menu.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.67 Bowknot

    Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.67 R2 Released

1) Fixed a bug in YM2612 when enable SSG_EG.
2) Supported Virtual Space Controller.
3) Fixed a bug in joypad config.Speed up key will no overwrite quick load key anymore.
4) Fixed joypad config delay,make it more suiteble.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.67 R2

    Monday, May 22, 2006
Gens 2.14 Released

No, you're not dreaming, a new version of Gens is out.
But to be honest don't expect many changes from the last (and old) version. See it as a bugfix version.
Gens 2.12b accidently added "fake" support of sega CD save state. I just forgot to desactivate support (which was very partially implemented) before releasing the version.
With Gens 2.14 (you can get it in the download section), we now have much better support of Sega CD save state (thanks to Upthorn, he did the job here), but it's still not really safe to use it as i doesn't work every time.
SGG ENV support was desactived from the YM2612 since it brings severals bugs in the core unfortunatly.
Some others minors stuff were modified, consult the history file to know more about them.
This version is provided by DarkDancer (Thanks ;))
To be honest i don't work myself anymore on the old sources of Gens.
I started a complete rewrite of Gens sometime ago, i don't have many free time but i won't give up on that piece ;) Just be patient :)

Gens Official Site
Gens 2.14

    Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.67 Released

1) Based on Upthorn's hard work.SEGA CD save states was supported.You can get his code at Gens32's forum.
2) Rewrite Sound Playback Mode C;
3) Do a little change on config joypad system. Added a delay on select key,So that it can worked with space key correctly.
4) Rewrite Super TV,it's still a WIP verison.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.67

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.66 Fancy Released

1) Added a SRM manager.
2) Some work on Input stuff,maybe better,or maybe worse.
3) Added logo when start.
4) In the joypad config dialog,set only save the config for current game as default .
5) Fixed Rom explorer,clear sound before scan roms,so that less nose will be happen.
6) Redesigned Super TV render plugin.
7) VI32 supported.For more information, read this topic:

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.66 Fancy

    Thursday, April 20, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.66 Released

1)Improved Cheat system;
2)Improved Rom Explorer;
3)Improved 32bpp graphics system;
4)Improved Controller Config system;
5)Some change on menu(Surreal Menu)
6)Add a funciton to disable short cut(Surreal Menu);
7)Default BIOS supported.Not let you run game without config BIOS,but let you rename your BIOS to default name,and put them into bios folder.Then,no need to config them anymore.

1) Can not update to this veriosn by Power Up.
2) You must reconfig your controllers if you first use this verson.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.66

    Friday, April 14, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.64 Imp Released

Fixed some bugs in Gens32 Surreal v1.64 Se,and some 'classical' bugs in earlier version.About v1.64's update,please read history.txt for more details.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.64 Imp

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.64 SE Released

Gens32 Surreal v1.64 has been released. Added a rom explorer, redesigned Antialiasing render plugin, redesigned sound playback system, more compatible with No-Intro games. And for a friend of mine, Built a new Mouse Driver for General Chaos.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.64 SE

    Sunday, April 02, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.62 Released

1) Add a filter called MM2X;
2) Add new sound sample rate support: 30000HZ;
3) New Rom hack technology supported(e.g: Street of Rage 2 blaze multi-clothing edition,you find suching things in our forum.These hacked roms can not worked on real hardware.)
4) Fix the bug when pausing;
5) Add new video system,called 'emulate TV size',which can make the display area martch the PAL,NTSC etc... If it can not worked correctly,just press Alt+ Enter twice to fix this problem.
6) You can rewind the game with your pad.

New tools released:
Mouse driver: T2 the Arcade Game (Include source file and compiler).
Virtual Flash Rom: With this,you can make your own 'Super N in 1'.But these virtual flash rom can not worked with real hardware.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.62

    Monday, February 27, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.60 Released

1) Rewrite Super TV,more bright now.But the full screen's bug still not fixed,
You have to Press Alt+Return twice if it can not display full area.

2) Update CUPL.dll,Shing Force II chinese translation work fine now.

3) Bind down PowerUp,which a software to support update Online.From now on, you can get the latest Gens32 Surreal(especially WIP version) by just press PowerUp.exe'.

4) Update Rewind system.You have a chance to select the distance you want to rewind.

5) Update cheat system,you can edit the cheat with a text editor now,but not compatible with old versions.

6) Fixed some bugs in menu.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.60

    Friday, February 17, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.58 R2 Released

1) Try to fix some classical Gens's bug.Such as the '&About' file.

2) Restore the logo effect, You can set them in Option->Mic.

3) Added multi-Menu system,if you don't like Surreal's menu,you can switch to the old classical menu in Option->Mic.

4) Added Rewind system.You can find it under Tools Menu.

5) Low down Unl's game's support to low up official game's compatibility.

6) Support 'Common Unl Patch Library' which designed to solve some Unl game's problem.(Item 5 + Item 6 = Compatibility up with all roms).


1) This version's theme was designed by heavyds, who's from Brazil. The theme is really very very nice, thanks.And the chinese translation's theme was designed by LuciferWon.Also very nice and many thanks.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.58 R2

    Monday, February 13, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.58 std Released

1) Added an option called '7z Spy'.Which help you to find the right rom in 7z archive.

2) Fixed a bug when load 7z.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.58 std

    Thursday, February 09, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.58 beta Released

1) Lower system request,just a little slower then Gens under 16bpp mode.
2) With my friend ChengZhi's help,several bugs was fixed.Can worked fine under windows98 now.
3) Added/Rewrote/Deleted several filters.Maybe you can find something nicer.
4) 7z supported.
5) Update some emulation stuff, more like real hardware now.(some of them even not supported by Fusion v3.51).
6) SMD format's bug was fixed.

1) This version's theme was designed by heavyds,who form Brazil.The theme is really very very nice,thanks.
2) We decided to offter some custom-built software service(not for free).If you need some special ,From components of game engine to the gift for your girl friend,We will serve you well at a opportune price.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.58 beta

    Saturday, January 14, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.52 Released

1) A new cheat system was added.With this system,you can search cheats,and merge them into a file.the system also support SEGA CD.
2) Rewrite Playbeck mode B,maybe more nicer.
3) Relpace Monitor render plugin with Gens32 Antialatsing.
4) more will be added later

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.52

    Sunday, January 01, 2006
Gens32 Surreal 1.49 Released

1) Supported the rom more then 48M (less then 96M), some hacked roms, such as MK3 Hack8 (hacked by Kabal, 64M) worked now.
2) Fixed the DAC sound in Final Fantasy (Russian translation of Barver Battle Saga)
3) Fixed some problems in Wu Kong Wai Zhuan.
4) More...
PS: I leaved a memory map in tools folder for the guys want to hack the rom more then 64M.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.49

    Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Gens32 Surreal 1.47 std Released

The Update:
1) Based on OpenGL, added some filters. Such as glscanlines, glNTSC3.58(WIP), glMotion Blur (not like the old LCD effect, but a new, nicer one), glHigh Lihgt.
2) Based on OpenGL, added 16bpp supported.
3) Based on OpenGL, added an option to adjust scalines.
4) Added some Color maps
5) Fixed some bugs. (Power Instinct (J) [!]'s music OK again.)
6) Optimized some stuff, maybe work faster.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.47 std

    Monday, December 19, 2005
Gens32 Ray 1.00 Released

About this Edition:
This Edition is designed for whose PC are not strong enough to run Gens32 Surreal. Here is only a WIP version. I release this for hunting bugs, and for the guys who want to run some roms only supported by Gens32 surreal v1.40.

1) Include some feathers(except Cool music,and advanced volume config) of Gens32 Surreal v1.40.
2) 16bpp supported.
3) Restored Gym dump,and Add a option to load Gym.
4) Will add in later.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Ray Forum post
Gens32 Ray 1.00

    Sunday, December 18, 2005
Gens32 Surreal 1.40 Released

1)Speciel Game Fix system.With my friend Ken's help,I restored this system.
2)Movie recored & play stystem.New format,not compatible with old versions of Gens32

1)A new SEGA CD formats was supported.That is the ISO + Playlist + Mp3.In order to help you to create the playlist when you wanna enjoy mp3s.I have write a tool with this version.You can find it In tools folder.But it is not recommend you to rename the game tracks with this tool.Especially on a FAT32 system.Wirte the playlist manually will be more safer

1)Optimized the codes of the sound system and the video system.Maybe works faster.
2)A new technology called "dynamic float correct" was used in sound system.

Bug fix:
1)Some bugs disappeared when I wanna fix them,Perhaps later.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.40

    Thursday, November 24, 2005
Gens32 Surreal 1.32 Released

1) Wav Dump system
2) Map X,Y,Z to A,B,C with Mode
3) Quick Load/Save with joypad

1) A new render plugin added
2) Color Map select menu added
3) A nice "LED" system show sound volume

1) GUI and background changed.Replace some text with pictures
2) Reproject some render plugins

Bug fix:
1) The HQ2X filter's bug was fixed

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.32

    Friday, November 04, 2005
Gens32 Surreal 1.29 Mermaid R2 Released

A rebuild of the latest Gens32 has been released.

This is a rebuild version of Gens32 v1.29 Mermaid.
R2 Changes:
1) Some stuff on display.
2) Fixed a bug, which can not load roms when VSync in full screen mode was on.
3) Low Idie when minimized.
4) Open and closes faster now.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.29 Mermaid R2

    Sunday, October 30, 2005
Gens32 Surreal 1.29 Mermaid Released

Yet another version of the Genesis emulator Gens32 has been recently released. Here are the changes for this version:

1)3D Surround playback supported.

2)Some work on VSync.

3)Update Cool Music,some codes(Lowpass and echo)are taked form Gens+.

4)Drop file supprted agin.Only roms and ziped roms are supported now.-_-Some old versions of Gens32 even can play mp3 or make icons with this function...But some guys said that emulator sholdn't like that...

5)Protcted Saves system added.Use this function to protect saves form some accident.Such as power cut.

6)Priority switch added.You can change Priority with it.

7)SEGA CD sample rate auto controller added,lowdown the sample rate if the sample rate is too high to play music.If you like to play SEGA CD at a heigh sample rate with out music,I am afraid that you have to use Gens32 v1.28 Seelama.

8)Fixed some bugs.

As always, visit the Official Site for more info.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.29 Mermaid

    Saturday, October 08, 2005
Gens32 Surreal 1.28 Seelama Released

A new version of Gens32 has been released.

1) Fixed some bugs.

2) Update Sound System.52000,96000,192000 sample rate supported.24bit,32bit playback supported.

Maybe this is an End,Maybe this is a new start,who knows?I must leave now,see you...

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.28 Seelama

    Friday, September 30, 2005
Gens32 Surreal 1.28 Perpetual Released

A new version of Gen32 (Genesis emulator for Windows) has been released. Here is the changes for version 1.28 Perpetual.

1) Fixed some bugs.
2) Inlcuded MDD Editor v1.00 Std. it provided the tools to complie an LDU.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.28 Perpetual

    Sunday, September 25, 2005
Gens32 Surreal 1.28 LDU+ Released

A new version of the Genesis emulator for windows known as Gens32 has been released. Here is the changes for version Surreal 1.28 LDU+.

What is LDU technology? It is Gens32's mother.And now,she has came back.She can read the text and pictures on the
screen,and then, do a lot of crazy stuffs for you.Such as Force Feedback or translate roms into your language in a few hours.

Besides,I have designed a new Feedback equipment to instead the pad.
I will give more details later.

Head on over to the official site for more information.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.28 LDU+

    Thursday, September 15, 2005
Gens32 Surreal 1.20 XForm Released

A new build of Gens32 has been released. Here is the changes for Surreal 1.20 XForm.

1)Redesigned Menus.
2)Enjoy BGM mode added.
3)Fetch Game system added.
4)Indicator light for signal Game Playing/Mouse Enable.
5)Load GG Code/Save As GG code option added.
6)More filters added.
7)Restored Render Plugin system.
8)Check Rom Info option restored.

Head on over to the official site for more information.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.20 XForm

    Monday, September 12, 2005
Gens32 Surreal 1.20 Blue Rain Released

Gens32, a genesis emulator for windows, has been updated with a new release. Here's what's new:

1)Some work on SEGA CD save states .Not finshed yet.
2)Some changes on SEGA CD brm option.
3)Fixed sound stuff,maybe faster now.
4)Finaly,Mouse was supported! Just With the mouse driver,you can paly your games with your mouse! I have released 4 drivers with this version,they are Dune2's , Lethal Enforcers II's,Lethal Enforcers's and Cannon Fodder's.I will release more later.

Gens32 Official Site
Gens32 Surreal 1.20 Blue Rain
Thanks to AEP Emulation for the heads up.

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