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    Friday, March 31, 2017
ppsspp 1.4 released

ppsspp has been updated today, to now version 1.4 of this psp emulator, here's whats new.

Support D3D11 (performs better than OpenGL or D3D9 on most hardware)
Audio quality improvement (linear interpolation) (#8950)
Hardware spline/bezier tesselation in OpenGL, D3D11 and Vulkan (...)
Post-processing shaders in D3D11
Prescale UV setting removed, now the default (improves perf) (#9176)
High DPI display fixes
Various fixes for UMD switching for multi-UMD games (#9245, #9256)
New audio setting to improve compatibility with Bluetooth headsets
Various desktop gamepad compatibility fixes
Workaround for mipmap issue, fixing fonts in Tactics Ogre Japanese
Assorted minor compatibility fixes, code cleanup and performance improvements

Download, the windows and android builds here

Github emulator update for 30.3.17


Merge pull request #293 from PatrickvL/MemoryManager_bugs
Merge pull request #294 from PatrickvL/master
Merge pull request #289 from PatrickvL/master
Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/Cxbx-Reloaded/master' into MemoryManager_bugs



Use big endian types for structs
Merge branch 'master' into master
cellSysmodule: Register libad modules
Restore GD in game viewer
Enable patch engine for SPU images
gl: Fix legacy clamp mode



Merge: 50e4520 16139e7 Merge pull request #9469 from hrydgard/readme-1.4 Update README.md for 1.4



gsdx:cmake: Fix logo dependency issue
Changes to the dependencies of the generated logo files did not trigger
a rebuild of the files. Use add_custom_command instead of
execute_process so build dependencies can be specified.
Also prevent the generated files from polluting the source directory.
gsdx:linux: Fix missing logo on some Linux distros
The pixdata format loader has been removed from recent versions of
gdk2-pixbuf, so the logo doesn't load. Avoid preprocessing the data and
leave the logo as an embedded bitmap file.
gsdx: Avoid const strings in header file
This prevents each .cpp file that included stdafx.h (IOW everything)
from having its own copy of the strings.


*All links are from official sources
*Due to the nature of developer builds, they may break games

    Thursday, March 30, 2017
melonDS 0.1 released

melonDS the new opensource by StapleButter has been released.

Here's the release notes


* almost-complete 2D graphics
* 3D graphics (software renderer) with texturing, alphablending, lighting
* input: keyboard and joystick, touchscreen
* backup memory
* booting from the BIOS
* resizable video output window, preserving aspect ratio of individual screens

How to use

melonDS requires BIOS/firmware dumps from a DS. You can dump them with the following dumper.

The files must be placed in the same directory as the melonDS executable, as follows:

* bios7.bin -- ARM7 BIOS, 16KB
* bios9.bin -- ARM9 BIOS, 4KB
* firmware.bin -- firmware, 256KB or 512KB

Note: the DS-mode firmware in the 3DS isn't bootable. It only contains the bare minimum required to run DS games. Be sure to enable direct game boot when using a firmware dump from a 3DS.


Emulation: settings related to emulation. For now it lets you enable direct game boot (directly runs the game instead of going through the firmware).

Input: allows you to configure keyboard and joystick input. You can change a mapping by clicking the corresponding entry, then pressing a keyboard key or joystick button. For now, joystick input uses the first joystick available if multiple joysticks are plugged.

For more info and downloads go to http://melonds.kuribo64.net/

Github emulator update for 29.3.17


Merge pull request #292 from jarupxx/SetLight_5788
Added the D3DDevice_SetLight (5788)
Merge pull request #291 from phire/setlight_oovpa
Improve D3DDevice_SetLight_5558 oovpa



Update cellHttpUtil
rsx: Fix mipmap count calculation
Use ppu_ref instead of s_ppu_compiled for breakpoints
Enable patch engine for SPU images



Prepare for ultra-wide screens like S8 and G6. See https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2017/03/update-your-app-to-take-advantage-of.html?m=1
Merge: e0fb6c9 d3bfb5c Merge pull request #9511 from LunaMoo/minorUI Refresh bloomHackEnable_ also on resolution change.
InnoSetup: That worked, getting rid of fallback. Now all versions are computed from the git version. (Well, except the Android version when not using gradle)
InnoSetup: Allow specifying the app version externally.
Merge: 12c8e2e c9a5c00 Merge pull request #9501 from unknownbrackets/ui-background UI: Add simple support for a custom background
Update submodules



decaf-sdl: Fix crash when the system changes the audio frame size.



GSdx-PCRTC: Minor modification to NTSC saturation

Allow the output circuit saturation to take place at cases where one of the output circuit is enabled with frame mode rendering, I'm not sure it would be safe to allow saturations when both of the output circuits are enabled with frame mode rendering. Unlike field mode rendering, frame mode doesn't use identical rectangles at same co-ordinates for output in two alternating fields and potentially they could use a much bigger output size when both of the output circuits are enabled and are separated without any intersection. So let's limit the saturation to only the cases where we detect a single output circuit for frame mode rendering.

Fixes a regression in Devil May Cry 3 and Sky Gunner.


*All links are from official sources
*Due to the nature of developer builds, they may break games

    Wednesday, March 29, 2017
HBMAME 0.184 released

HBmame has also released today which is a version of mame for homebrew and hacked games for arcade hardware.

You can download here.

Other mame v0.184 builds released

Here's a rundown of other Mame builds today.

mameui, has released its new build of mameui, which bring its in line with the current version of mame, for its front end.

You can get it here.

Arcade has released today, which is a is a continuation of the MAMEUIFX project.

Download here.

mameui has released, which is a frontend for mess and mame.

You can download here.

wolfmame has been updated to v0.184.
WolfMAME is a build which is optomised for MARP - MAME Action
Replay Page, where literally thousands of MAME fans play, save and
upload highscore attempts.

WolfMAME does not allow the player to pause games, use cheats, change
DIP switches etc to gain an unfair advantage.

Download here.

With so many releases i'm sure i've missed a few, feel free to add any you find in the comments below :)

MAME 0.184 Released

mamedev has released its new mame as its the last wednesday of the month, and as usual its what's new is a long list of changes and additions.

Here's what they have to say:

Well, it’s the last Wednesday of the month, and I hope you know what that means: it’s time for your regularly scheduled MAME release. There aren’t a huge number of new working machines in this release, but there are some significant improvements. Thanks to kazblox, MAME now emulates some of the peculiarities of Famicom clone hardware, and thanks to shattered, emulation of the Agat-7 Apple II clone is improved. Peter Ferrie provided a superior Apple II language card implementation. We’ve got lots of additions to the BBC and PC software lists from Nigel Barnes and darkstar.

We’ve made substantial improvements to some of MAME’s non-emulation features. The -romident verb is now much faster when used on a folder or archive containing multiple files, and will identify ROMs for emulated slot devices that aren’t inserted by default. The -listxml output now includes all linked devices, and is produced at least 30% faster. We’ve also improved -verifyroms so it covers more devices and is faster when verifying ROMs for a subset of drivers/devices.

MAME 0.184 includes support for plenty of newly dumped versions of supported arcade games, including a rare US prototype of Shanghai III, the world release of Super Crowns Golf, a version of Flashgirl that shows the Kyugo logo, a German version of Raiden II, the Japanese release of Radical Radial, and bootlegs of Bomber Man and Phoenix. There are also several new chess computers, and even more Aristocrat Mark V gambler sets. If you’re interested in the TI-8x graphing calculators, it’s now possible to get an emulated TI-82 or TI-85 to communicate with another emulated instance or with a program running on the host computer over a socket.

You can get the release and source from the usual download page.

Github emulator update for 28.3.17


Prevent YUY2 overlay decoding exceeding backbuffer dimensions
Merge pull request #287 from PatrickvL/master
Update HLEIntercept.cpp



rsx: Fix fragment texture mipmap count
rsx: Fix mipmap count calculation
fix endianness re-swap
Merge branch 'master' into master
fix build



Merge: 60f74c3 a7c3b2f Merge pull request #9510 from xebra/fix_hwtess_gles Fix hwtess gles



Fifo: Remove unnecessary integral casts
MEGASignatureDB: Minor changes
SignatureDB: Support for WiiTools MEGA files added
IOS/ES: Handle imports more accurately
Fix issues introduced by cpp-optparse on Windows
BitField: Minor cleanup
Initial support for Haiku.
VideoInterface: Minor changes
VertexLoader: Return debug strings by value
Fifo: const correctness
Generate Symbols From menu added
libusb fixes (mostly for IOS)



Merge pull request #686 from Megamouse/master



pm4_capture: Add support for capturing a single frame.



gsdx: Add an automatic CRC hack level
If a user switches renderer they also have to remember to change the CRC
hack level for the best user experience with the selected renderer.
This commit adds a new automatic CRC level that autoselects the
recommended CRC level for the selected renderer, so that a user doesn't
have to make the change manually.
coauthor: turtleli
gsdx: Add template version of GetConfig
It allows static_casts to be avoided for enum classes
gsdx: Improve OpenGL HW renderer checks
If OpenGL software is the saved ini renderer and F9 is pressed to toggle
to the hardware renderer, depth emulation will be disabled. This fixes
that issue.
gsdx: Store the current renderer in GSdxApp
gsdx: Move renderer config loading from GSOpen2 to _GSOpen
Some duplicate logic is avoided this way.
GSdx ogl: SSO Workaround for AMD buggy drivers (#1858)
GSdx ogl: SSO Workaround for AMD buggy drivers
All 2017 drivers are now blacklisted.
The BSOD/crash issue is still there so don't set Blending Accuracy to None!
Shortened the message in the console making it more appealing.


*All links are from official sources
*Due to the nature of developer builds, they may break games

    Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Cxbx-Reloaded Patron page

cxbx-reloaded now has a patron page.

LukeUsher has started a patron page for the emulator cxbx-reloaded, and has this to say:

Cxbx-Reloaded is a work-in-progress Xbox Emulator for Microsoft Windows. Thanks to recent developments, it now boots more titles than ever before and is finally making progress at a steady rate. This is very exciting, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

Money received will go towards funding myself to spend more hours working on Cxbx-Reloaded, purchasing games to test, and purchasing equipment required to further develop the emulator.

So if you want to back this emulator of the original xbox, then its worth checking out, plus there are several videos of work in progress games, if that doesn't encourage you to donate :)

Github emulator update for 27.3.17


Update xbox.h
Renamed CMcpxBuffer_GetStatusB, 4627 prefix to CMcpxBuffer_GetStatus, 4831
Merge branch 'crypto-fixes' of http://github.com/lukeusher/cxbx-reloaded into crypto-fixes
Merge pull request #286 from jarupxx/sig
Merge pull request #284 from LukeUsher/crypto-fixes
Merge pull request #9 from PatrickvL/derive_xrefs



Alternative TLS allocation
Merge branch 'master' into master
RemoveGameConfig improved
OpenGameFolder simplified
Add files via upload



Gradle: Output the computed version name and code to text files for further processing.
gradle: Automatically set Android version number according to git commit, when version >= 1.4. Fixes #9490.



DSPIntMultiplier: Place translation unit local functions in an anonymous namespace
GCMemcardDirectory: Move flush interval constant into the cpp file



format shim conversion on some files
Update shim conversion on some files



kernel: Read cos.xml for permission to mount sdcard.
Include miising files
coreinit: Implement OSGetSecurityLevel.
Manually specify files
Fix glbinding symlink
Fix install step for glbinding
Merge pull request #400 from achurch/thrbss-fix



Add crc hack for project metafalica
Closes https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/issues/1762
Swedish translation update.


*All links are from official sources
*Due to the nature of developer builds, they may break games

    Monday, March 27, 2017
Github emulator update for 26.3.17


Implement support for real Xbox keys
Merge pull request #264 from LukeUsher/memory-manager
Restore DefaultLaunchDataPage check
Merge pull request #281 from jarupxx/xdk3925
Revert the D3DDevice_GetTexture (3925). This function is not implemented.
Modified the EmuD3DDeferredRenderState patchOffset (3925)


libmedi fix
Merge branch 'master' into master
For textures with at least one small dimension, the block can be larger than the actual width/height.
Fix mounting bdvd when elf in subdirectory
rsx: Fix depth clears on z16 surfaces without stencil
convert string to wxString
minor fixes to gameViewer



Merge: 67fb745 32a07b9 Merge pull request #9509 from hrydgard/secondary-replace-fix If an entry already exists in the secondary texture cache, delete it properly
Texcache: Sprinkle comments on the secondary cache.
If an entry already exists in the secondary texture cache, delete it properly. Fixes #9503
Merge: 576c1b7 10f144e Merge pull request #9505 from hrydgard/remove-gl-bgra-path Remove BGRA path from GLES.
Buildfix non-Windows
Merge: be7c98c 04e1e1a Merge pull request #9506 from xebra/fix_hwtess_gles GLES:Fix compatibility checks for instanced rendering.
Merge: 13c7241 562288b Merge pull request #9504 from unknownbrackets/gameinfo-race UI: Refactor game icon/bg loading
Merge: 43d0a2b bc31415 Merge pull request #9502 from unknownbrackets/texcache-secondary Texcache: Fix "reuse changed textures"
Texcache: Fix "reuse changed textures". Broken by 9876365, which stopped generating new texture names/ptrs.
UI: Refactor game icon/bg loading. This also default-initializes the atomic flags, which seems to fix a race condition I was sometimes experiencing with missing icons.
GLES:Fix compatibility checks for instanced rendering.



IOS/ES: Move shared content map, uid.sys code
Fix incomplete Core.vcxproj.filters end-tag
Jit64: Fix crash at startup
Fix wrong address in zz_ symbol name
WiimoteEmu: refer to settings by name, not index
InputConfigDiagBitmaps: add switch empty cases (fixes warning)
UnitTests: use EXPECT_TRUE/EXPECT_FALSE (fixes warnings)
EGL: Fix missing-braces warning
TextureCacheBase: Convert bound_textures from a C array to a std::array



Merge pull request #684 from cesys/ringbuffer_init_fix
Ringbuffer init fix



SDL Multi Window - Window for Screen and DRC
kernel: Take .thrbss into account when calculating TLS size.
Merge pull request #399 from takhlaq/meme
Merge pull request #402 from CarlKenner/natvis
Add be_val and VS magic numbers to natvis.
Add Visual Studio debugger natvis for BigEndian types.


    Sunday, March 26, 2017
Github emulator update for 25.3.17


Merge remote-tracking branch upstream/master into memory-manager
Merge pull request #270 from jarupxx/xdk5028



Add simple divide to get kbytes
_sys_sprintf implemented
vk: Minor fixes to vertex counting and lower exception to notice if var does not exist
Move module in correct path
_sys_sprintf implemented
Append the PlatformToolset parameter for VS2015
util::memory_reserve fixed
fix a typo of copy_setup_h.vcxproj
Merge branch master into master
Register HLE libmedi, cellCrossController, cellSysutilNpEula
gl/vk: Fix stencil ops
Merge branch master into misc-fixes
Check for invalid arguments
implement getSizeKB functions
Check for invalid arguments in recvfrom
Merge branch master into master
implement getSizeKB functions
Add check for invalid arguments in recvfrom



Merge: 6a88d6c bb39c2e Merge pull request #9500 from unknownbrackets/texcache Texcache: Rehash textures after mem invalidation
Texcache: Rehash textures after mem invalidation. Before, we were doing this when we enqueued. We need to at least do this when an invalidation is triggered.
Texcache: Cleanup last bound tex invalidation. When we are deleting, we are always about to bind a new tex.
gradle: Avoid catch-22 where you cant change the config when it starts out at release (sync needs to pass)
Merge: b76389c cf37da4 Merge pull request #9496 from unknownbrackets/idle-timing Core: Reduce frame idle delay
Merge: 33db883 1fdf7c5 Merge pull request #9497 from unknownbrackets/ui-minor UI: Skip game bg lookup without game
Core: Reduce frame idle delay. Otherwise we only have a single vblank of time left. Sometimes thats not enough. Effectively, this makes us only sleep one vblank at a time.
UI: Skip game bg lookup without game. This avoids trying to identify a file without a name.



MMU: rewrite loop to avoid warning
JitAsm: Use stored_stack_pointer instead of s_saved_rsp
EmuCodeBlock: Place ConvertDoubleToSingle temporaries on the stack
Automatic translation resources sync with Transifex
IniFile: Minor changes
Clarify the log message for unknown Wii Menu regions
DVDInterface: Update comment about buffer speed
BitUtilsTest: compare ints of the same signedness (fixes warnings)



coreinit: Implement FSGetDirSize{Async}.
kernel: Take .thrbss into account when calculating TLS size.
coreinit: Implement FSWriteFile{WithPos}{Async}.


*All links are from official sources

    Saturday, March 25, 2017
Github emulator update for 24.3.17


Fixed SetVolume signature.
Fix QueryAllocationSize & other small tweaks
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into xdk5028
Amendments based on feedback from PatrickvL



implement getSizeKB functions
cellSysmodule: Register 0x005C module (cellCrossController)
Fix mounting bdvd when elf in subdirectory
cellSysmodule: Register 0xF044 module (cellSysutilNpEula)
rsx: Do not create new surfaces if address has not changed!
rsx: recover from FIFO parse errors
gl: Optimization; skip setting textures without dirty flag
rsx: recover from FIFO parse errors



Merge: 7daab82 01703f7 Merge pull request #9492 from unknownbrackets/frame-drops Allow debug logging of frame drops
Remove duplicate Daxter in compat.ini
Merge: 744e7d2 ca7f265 Merge pull request #9491 from xebra/improve_hwtess Improve hwtess
[spline/bezier]Change all backends vertex texture format to RGBA(16 bytes).
Fix f14b7549.



Merge pull request #5131 from ligfx/discioswitchdefault
DiscIO: add empty UNKNOWN_REGION case (fixes warning)



Don't log the result of RtlNtStatusToDosError as an error


*All links are from official sources

Mesen 0.8.0 released

mesen the NES emulator for windows and linux, has updated to 8.0, which is feature packed, including partial support for hdnes graphic packs.

The changes in this release are:

New Features

Emulation: Added several new options to enable/disable model-specific quirks.
Command line: Added command line options for most video/audio/emulation settings.
Debugger: Added several new features (Hex editor, TBL file support, code editor, graphic editor, and a lot more), improved performance and fixed some bugs.
Games: Headerless roms can now be loaded (if they are found in the built-in game database).
Bug Fixes

Emulation: Improved accuracy of $2006 write behavior (solves minor issues in 2 games).
Emulation: Improved accuracy of $2004 read behavior.
Emulation: Improved accuracy of sprite overflow bug emulation.
Misc: Several small bug fixes.


    Friday, March 24, 2017
Daily github emulator round up

The first in a regular daily update to everything happening so far with your favorite emulators in github.


Small amendment to MemoryManager
Merge pull request #263 from hrydgard/build-speed-improvement
Avoid including version.h everywhere. Use multiprocessor build.



PPU analyser fix
AutoLLE: libhttp.sprx added
fs:: handle negative seek
LLVM: fix for mingw
Multithreaded compile on Windows for llvm, glsl, vulkan
rsx: Validate the args ptr separate from the get ptr



lilypad: Use l length modifier for wide character string
w is Windows specific. Fixes a gcc and clang warning.
gsdx:windows: Fix console output when replaying dumps



Compat.ini: Add Daxter to the list of games that require buffered rendering
Fix old bug breaking "non-fast" memory on ARM64. May help #9477, also see #9488
Run git-version-gen.cmd for pure UWP builds as well.
Merge: a787010 4a2677e Merge pull request #9489 from LunaMoo/IntellisenseFix Revert unintentional change from #9424 to fix intellisense.
Heh, oops
Revert unintentional change from: 429bf5d8b31092fb7211b94517e590cbd51e1cdb
Create a way to externally set versioncode and versionname. Will be useful for Google Play beta builds.
UWP: Remove tests configuration. Start experimenting with CI.
Merge: 5e2d5fd 656645f Merge pull request #9479 from hrydgard/uwp-initial-support UWP initial support


*All links are from official sources

    Wednesday, March 22, 2017
GameEnd (Gaming & Emulation Frontend) Progress Update

Hey there Gaming & Emulation enthusiasts!

As you may have seen previously, I've been working on a Gaming & Emulation Frontend called "GameEnd". GameEnd is a Gaming & Emulation front-end that works with any Emulator and also supports your Windows & Steam Games.

I've been churning away at it since then (programming), along with getting extremely valuable Graphical & Video work done from the amazing NyNy77. We've been making substantial progress lately and decided it was time to share an update. We are constantly nearing closer and closer to that elusive public beta that I previously spoke of.

Checkout the latest preview video below:


Update on features that were not implemented at the time of my first post:

- Couch interface: Platform Wheels. Status: done.

- Metadata scraper: Automatically retrieve images, game details etc. Status: done. I want to add more scraping sources before the public beta, to offer wider coverage.

- Asynchronous Metadata retrieval: Download metadata whilst continuing to use GameEnd at the same time. You're not blocked until the metadata is downloaded. Status: Done.

- Game Editor: Edit your games details and settings. Status: done.

- Fast performance. Status: Has seen several optimizations done since the initial post. It is currently performing well, even on the most modest of hardware, based on the limited testing pool we have tested on so far. Several sections of code have also been re-written to offer better performance.

- Couch Mode Startup Videos: A video that plays upon starting Couch Mode. Status: Done.

- Folder restructuring: A unified folder structure is now used across the program. Makes finding and keeping your data organized a breeze.

- Theme support: Images and positional theming. Status: Partial. Support has been added for basic theming, we just are working on finalising the theme structure before finishing off the data hookup. The idea is that theming should be accessible to everyone. You dont't have to learn a language (XAML, XML, CSS, etc) to be able to create a theme. Themes will be written in JSON, which is accessible to everyone, regardless of experience.

- Improvements to the Standard View: I decided to remove the ugly box that shows behind a game when the mouse is over it, as it's clear what game you are on due to the mouse cursor anyway. I added a nice fade in/out animation instead, and I think it adds to the clean presentation of the UI. You can see this in the preview video linked at the top of this post.

- Tons of other bug fixes, improvements and error handling/warnings. The idea is that GameEnd doesn't leave you in the dark. If you're trying to do something and something is preventing it from working, GameEnd will let you know, in laymans terms, what is wrong.

As before, here are some new Q/A's.

So, when can I test this elusive beta?

Soon! I've had some problems with my chronic pain condition that have made progress sporadic. Hard to give estimates due to the nature of my illness. I'm hoping I can get this into the masses hands in a few weeks.

However, I am going to run a limited testing group for the pre-public beta, for any members registered on the Forums*or*Slack channel.

This isn't a ploy to get you to sign-up, it will just be easier on me (support and stress wise) to fix bugs and help people initially when there is a smaller pool of people to work with. It also allows me to catch any major bugs before the masses start using it.

If you don't want to sign up, that's fine. You'll still get the beta, just when it's ready for wider public consumption.

I also don't want to release this too early (to the masses). First impressions are important, and I want it to at least have moderate feature parity with existing Frontends before unleashing it into the world.

What's with the poor quality visuals in the video?

Currently I'm stuck with terrible DSL with 0.4mbps upload speeds. So I had to record the video at a lower quality than I would have liked.

I am supposed to be getting fiber broadband (100mb apparently) soon, so hopefully I can crank up the quality settings for future videos.

Who made those cool platform videos and where can I get them?

The theme and platform videos were created by the talented nyny77. He is currently the official graphics and video artist on the team.

They are not available for download yet (seems pointless). The videos will be able to be downloaded directly from within GameEnd itself, via the click of a button. I decided to use this method to keep the GameEnd download size small, for people who don't want to use platform videos.

Who's currently part of the team?

Currently just me (programming) and NyNy77 (graphics, videos). I'm sure that once we release the beta and release the source code, the team will grow substantially. Naturally depending on the popularity of the program.

Anything I can do to help?

Signing up on our*Forums*and the*Slack channel*is very beneficial to the project. It allows me to get feedback on WIP items as I develop them, and also will give you access to the first pre-public beta. Feedback is valuable and I value any time you spend with me on either the forums or slack discussing GameEnd.

I can't promise that i'll implement every suggestion, but I will consider any and all ideas.

I would also love some help with getting a consolidated list of command line arguments for various Emulators. Especially for the less commonly used ones. If you want to help with this, please do so via the forums or slack channel that I linked above.

Do you accept code contributions?

Not at the moment. But the code will be released when the program launches. When that day comes, I will gladly accept code contributions.

Why do you want me to join Slack or your Forums to become a pre-public beta tester?

Slack is an IM (instant messaging) application that allows realtime chat between members. Having the ability to discuss any issues you have when testing in real time is a huge timesaver and a much better form of communication than email say, for this specific use case.

If you do not wish to join Slack, then our Forums is the other option. The forums, whilst not being realtime like Slack, is powered by Invision Power Board, which is a powerful Forum software. It allows feedback and issues to be consolidated in one place, and for me to reply to specific users. Our Forums also support TapaTalk, which allows easy Forum access via your phone/tablet.

Thank you for reading, and I am looking forward to hearing your feedback as always. Keep on truckin'!

Official Site

Official Forums

Official Slack Channel

Of course, I'll also be posting updates right here on EmuTalk :)

    Friday, March 17, 2017
cemu 1.7.3 released

cemu has finally released its highly anticipated 1.7.3 version of cemu, in this version we finally saw the newly launched latest zelda breath of the wild work.

# New in public release:

general: New game profiles

# New in 1.7.3d:

GX2: 1.7.3 accidentally broke compatibility with pre-1.7.3 cached shaders. This hotfix restores backward compatibility.
Also made some adjustments to guarantee this doesn't happen again in the future.

# New in 1.7.3b/c:

JIT: Fixed potential softlock for busy-wait loops which use the LWARX/STWCX instructions
GX2: Fixed incorrect shader source generated for streamout write exports when the shader is optimized for float-only

# New in 1.7.3:

JIT: LWARX instruction now consumes multiple virtual cycles. This speeds up busy wait loops.

general: Screensaver/Standby should no longer come up while a game is playing in Cemu

coreinit: Added API LCDisableDMA(), LCGetAllocatableSize(), MPResetTaskQ(), OSPeekMessage(), OSEnableHomeButtonMenu()
coreinit: Fixed bug in LCEnableDMA()
coreinit/FS: FSOpenFile() is no longer blocking CPU execution
coreinit/FS: Added internal support for priority-based path overloading
coreinit/FS: Cemu will load patched game files automatically from mlc01/usr/title/../../

ACP: Added ACP library. New API: ACPCheckApplicationDeviceEmulation()

AOC: Added proper support for AOC library. Addon content (DLC) is automatically loaded from mlc01/usr/title/../../aoc/ or mlc01/usr/title/../..//

AX: Fixed internal ADPCM playback offset calculation for addresses above 0x80000000

Input: Fixed bug that caused non-keyboard buttons to be detected as keyboard input

GX2: Improved implementation for GX2CalcTVSize() and GX2CalcDRCSize()
GX2: Shader code optimizations. Up to 40% faster compile time for float-only shaders (measured on NVIDIA)
GX2: Added support for shader OP3 CNDGT_INT instruction
GX2: Added support for vertex format FMT_16_16_16_16, nfa=0, signed=0
GX2: Fixed software streamout reading format 32_32_32_FLOAT incorrectly
GX2: Added support for vertex shader gl_PointSize export
GX2: Fixed a race condition in which the GPU7 command processor could run ahead of the current write pointer before GX2Init() was called
GX2: Fixed sampler min and mag filter value being read from wrong register bits
GX2: Added support for streamout binding the same buffer as input and output

download Cemu 1.7.3

    Saturday, March 11, 2017
RPCS3 Major announcement

So for all following rpcs3, yesterday it had an update with a countdown to a major announcement...

What could it be so many thought...well the time has come and....

They've finally got the game Demon's Souls running on using i7-5820k + interpreter + OpenGL

Currently the site is down, however you can view the video of it on the above link.

Tell us what you think in comments, was it worth the hype!

    Wednesday, March 01, 2017
HBMAME 0.183 released

hbmame has updated with its latest version, now at 0.183

- kizunaeh set name was corrected to kizunab, and the correct kizunaeh added.
- corrected the parent of ragnagrdeh

New Working Games
- [deathstar] Death Star (by Stefano Bodrato)
- [fswordsb1] Fighters Swords (Boss Hack v1.0)
- [fswordsb2] Fighters Swords (Boss Hack v2.0)
- [fswordsbf] Fighters Swords (Boss Hack v1.0f)
- [kizunaeh] Kizuna Encounter (Easy Moves hack by 007325 2009-02-23)
- [lbd] Last Blade (Boss hack by Creamymami/Kurouri/Wesker/Ydmis)
- [lbsk] Last Blade Special Moves Revision Final (EGCG)
- [lb2bh] Last Blade 2 (Boss Easy Moves hack by 007325 2009-03-06)
- [lb2uh] Last Blade 2 (Yano's Ultimate hack)
- [lresortpx] Last Resort (Plus Max hack by Xyahzhs)
- [maglordpx] Magician Lord (Plus Max hack by Xyahzhs)
- [matrimbh] Matrimelee (Boss hack by Creamymami (EGCG))
- [ncombatpk] Ninja Combat (Plus hack by Krizal chen (Dsght))
- [ncommandsp] Ninja Commando (Super Plus hack by e107 2009-08-16)
- [ninjamasasp] Ninja Master's (Plus Remixed by ZKW)
- [ninjamaschl] Ninja Master's (Hack by CHL)
- [ninjamashb] Ninja Master's (Happy Batter Edition hack by 007325 2009-09-09)
- [nitdpx] Nightmare in the Dark (Plus Max hack by Xyahzhs)
- [preisle2px] Prehistoric Isle 2 (Plus Max hack by Xyahzhs)
- [ragnagrdbe] Operation Ragnagard (Easy Moves hack)
- [ragnagrdbs] Operation Ragnagard (Boss hack by Yumeji)
- [ragnagrdsb] Operation Ragnagard (Super Boss Easy Moves hack by Lichenzhao 2009-11-16)
- [rotdbh] Rage of the Dragons (Boss hack by Dodowang)
- [s1945peh] Strikers 1945 Plus (Super Shot hack by KrysoFun)
- [s1945ph] Strikers 1945 Plus (Ascender P55 hack by Yumeji)
- [samshos1] Samurai Shodown (Special v0.1 2005-09-19)
- [samshozk] Samurai Shodown (Hack by Zuojie, Kof1996 2008-10-23)
- [samsho2emb] Samurai Shodown II (Easy Move hack by Blackheart 2009-08-11)
- [samsho2hy] Samurai Shodown II (Boss hack by Yashional)
- [samsho2mb] Samurai Shodown II (Moves hack by Blackheart 2009-08-03)
- [samsho2q] Samurai Shodown II (Soul Q Version v1.0)
- [samsho2s2] Samurai Shodown II (Special v0.12 2008-08-26)
- [samsho2zk] Samurai Shodown II (Hack by Zuojie, Kof1996 2008-10-23)
- [samsho3s2] Samurai Shodown III (Special v0.12 2008-09-01)
- [samsho3ss] Samurai Shodown III (Special v0.1 2005-09-19)
- [samsho3zk] Samurai Shodown III (Hack by Zuojie, Kof1996 2008-10-23)
- [samsho4mb] Samurai Shodown IV (Moves hack by Blackheart 2009-08-05)
- [samsho4pm] Samurai Shodown IV (Power Max hack by Pipi899 2009-06-16)
- [samsho4s2] Samurai Shodown IV (Special v0.12 2008-09-01)
- [samsho4zk] Samurai Shodown IV (Hack by Zuojie, Kof1996 2008-10-23)
- [samsho5ba] Samurai Shodown V (Boss hack alternate set)
- [samsho5bh] Samurai Shodown V (Boss hack by Dodowang)
- [samsho5ge] Samurai Shodown V (Genjuro Evil Edition hack by Shiro)
- [samsho5s2] Samurai Shodown V (Special v0.12 2008-08-26)
- [samsho5zk] Samurai Shodown V (Hack by Zuojie, Kof1996 2008-10-23)
- [savagereb] Savage Reign (Boss hack by Yumeji/Dodowang)
- [sdodgebp] Super Dodge Ball (Power hack by Blackheart 2009-09-02)
- [sengoku3eh] Sengoku 3 (Evolution Special hack)
- [sengoku3s] Sengoku 3 (Evolution v1.0 hack by Sjx (FCHT))
- [snakes] Snakes (by Stefano Bodrato)
- [svccprw] SvC Chaos (Plus Remix v2.0 hack by Wesker)
- [svcee] SvC Chaos (Hack by Ethen.H(EGHT) 2008-01-21)
- [svcg] SvC Chaos (Boss Special Kyo Green Edition)
- [svch2] SvC Chaos (Remix v1.1 by chbandy)
- [svcice] SvC Chaos (Ice Edition)
- [svclspc] SvC Chaos (Pink Edition)
- [svcnh] SvC Chaos (Like PS2 Version old)
- [svcplusg] SvC Chaos (Plus Special)
- [svcplusp] SvC Chaos (Plus Purple Fire hack by Kawada7278 set 1)
- [svcplusp2] SvC Chaos (Plus Purple Fire hack by Kawada7278 set 2)
- [svcryu] SvC Chaos (Ryu BT Revision hack by Gordon)
- [svcspjoy] SvC Chaos (Super Plus Joy Modified hack by Wesker/Jason/K3)
- [svcstdse] SvC Chaos (Subdue the Dragon Super Edition)
- [svcxlb] SvC Chaos (Knife Millennium Turbidity v1.0 hack by Lb70)

Download from http://hbmame.1emulation.com/

Mednafen 0.9.43 released

Mednafen the multi system emulator has been updated, now to 0.9.43

Notable changes since 0.9.42:
PSX: Reduced DualShock rumble latency by 1 frame.
SS: Added multitap emulation, enableable via settings "ss.input.sport1.multitap" and "ss.input.sport2.multitap".
SS: Added steering wheel emulation(for "Virtua Racing", and other racing games that lack 3D Pad analog support).
SS: Added Mission Stick and Dual Mission Stick emulation.
SS: Added 101-key US keyboard emulation.
SS: Fixed hang in "F1 Challenge".
SS: Fixed missing voice acting and related hangs in "Magic Knight Rayearth".
Reworked how input grabbing is handled. The new way uses only one key combo(CTRL+SHIFT+Menu), and will adapt its behavior based on any keyboards being selected on any virtual input ports or not(refer to the documentation for full details). A new setting is added, "command.toggle_grab", and two settings were removed, "command.toggle_grab_input" and "command.toggle_cidisable".
Emulated keyboard(FKB, Tsushin, Saturn) key state is now only updated when input grabbing is toggled on.

For more information and download go here.

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