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    Guide by Gent
Guide by Gent
Views: 31404
Date: Sunday, August 28 - 2005

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(Getting Started)

Just Left Mouse click on the Handy icon and away you go.

Select your file from the file browser.

Ok so in reality it isn't that easy so let's break it down for you before you go getting yourself all flustered.

Press Cancel and a Error saying: FAKE LYNXBOOT.img will pop up at you.

Press Continue and the Main Handy exe will open. Now if you want to play Commercial Games, close the exe right now... Because unless you have the Real LYNXBOOT.img you can not play Commercial Games. Please do not email the author or Us for the LYNXBOOT.img! You will not be answered, you will only be upsetting Yourself, the Author, and Us. For those who have already tried this and failed, you now know why. Ok lets say you already have the LYNXBOOT.img or obtained it via your own means, then you would have experienced a Different thing altogether.

You would have deleted the Fake LYNXBOOT.img and  replaced it with the real one and clicked on the Handy icon.

Select your file from the file browser. The Game would have loaded showing everything is well. That is the Basic understanding of the Fake LYNXBOOT.img error. We are showing you this as you would come across it and think the Emulator is faulty. When in fact it is the user by trying to play Commercial Games without reading first.

Ok now that's all out of the way let's have an overview of the Program.

(Overview of Program)

You can enter fullscreen mode at any point by doing Alt+Enter as with a DOS box, either Esc or Alt+Enter will return you to windowed mode. Any form of error will cause Handy to revert to windowed mode and then display the error. The type of fullscreen mode you get will depend on the windowed settings:

Windowed Fullscreen
Normal X1 == Normal X1 image in a 320x240 screen
Normal X2 == Normal X2 image in a 320x240 screen
Normal X2 == Normal X2 image in a 320x240 screen

Rotated X1 == Rotated X1 images in a 512x384 screen
Rotated X2 == Rotated X1 images in a 512x384 screen
Rotated X3 == Rotated X1 images in a 512x384 screen

Input Controls

By default the Keyboard keys are mapped to:

Option 1 : 1
Option 2 : 2
Pause : Q
Inside Fire : Z
Outside Fire : X
Joypad : Arrow keys

The Lynx buttons can be remapped to your own choice of keys via the options menu, see the "Define Keys" option. Joysticks are also supported by selecting the Joystick Enabled under the options menu.

Pad - Direction Keys

Button 1 - Lynx Button B (Gravis Gamepad - Red Button)
Button 2 - Lynx Button A (Gravis Gamepad - Blue Button)
Button 3 - Lynx Option 1 (Gravis Gamepad - Yellow Button)
Button 4 - Lynx Option 2 (Gravis Gamepad - Green Button)

Note: Enabling the joystick will slow the emulator slightly, hence the joystick defaults to off.

Keyboard Shortcuts

By default the Keyboard keys are mapped to:

BMP Snapshot: (Screen Shot) Ctrl+Alt+B
Exit: Alt+F4
Game Run/Pause: F5
Joystick Enable/Disabled: Ctrl+J
Load Game Snapshot: (Save) Ctrl+L
Load cart: Ctrl+0
Lynx Networking: (Not Functional With commercial Games) Ctrl+N
Lynx Background On/Off: Ctrl+B
Network Mode: Ctrl+N
RAW Snapshot: Ctrl+Alt+R
Reset Lynx: F3
Save Game Snapshot: (Save) Ctrl+G
Sound Enable/Disabled: Ctrl+S
Sound on/off: Ctrl+S
Windowed/Full Screen: Alt+Enter

Save Files

All Game Snapshots (Save States) are stored in whatever Directory you choose. I suggest you make a "Saves" folder and when asked, place them all in there. To Save while your game is running: you can either go to File/Save Game Snapshot, or you can just press Ctrl+G on your Keyboard. This will open a Save Browser where you can name the save and put it where you choose. To load a save you can either go to File/Load Game Snapshot, or press Ctrl+L on your Keyboard. This will open a Load Browser where you can load a save, to then start off from that point where you saved it last.


Handy does not Have Cheat Support, no Cheat Menu or Cheat Search Function at all. Although I personally wish that it did, as I'm guessing most of you do too. So Maybe if we all ask Keith nice enough he maybe just Implement it some day.

Netplay Support - NetLynx

Netplay support currently is implemented, but not for commercial Games.

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| Designed by Gent | for the Emulation64 Network|

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