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    Guide by Gent
Guide by Gent
Views: 77635
Date: Saturday, August 27 - 2005

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(Fullscreen Options in Gens)

There is no option to start Gens in Full Screen mode on Rom Load, you will have to load a Rom and then go to Graphic/Fullscreen from Windowed Mode or by pressing Alt + Enter on your Keyboard. Full Screen Mode is a preset 640x480 16 BPP and you can not change that setting either. To return to Window Mode press Alt + Enter on your Keyboard again. Note: Depending on your OS and Desktop Resolution: you may find that when pressing Alt + Enter to return to Window Mode, Gens will go straight to Taskbar like you minimised it.

Give it a few seconds and click on the Gens Tray 2 - 3 times to return it back to Window Mode.

Once the Dialogue opens click on the Player 1 Option Box to choose the number of Buttons on your Pad (default is 6). Click on Redefine Keys then use your Pad/Joystick to select the Digital/Analogue Up to set it to that. It will automatically move to the next Selection: Down, Left, Right, Start, A, B, C, Mode, X, Y, and Z.

Once all are done. It will say Configuration Successful, and will ask you to Press A Key To Continue. Once you do just press the Ok Button to close the Dialog. If it has skipped past a button by mistake you can't go back to it until the whole process is completed, so in the event of this just click a button and then click on the Redefine Keys Button again. The same applies if you want to change Buttons for the Keyboard. Just click on the Button and apply it to where you want it assigned for the use of the Keyboard. Now you are ready to start using a Pad/Joystick or Keyboard how you like it in your Games. Note: Make sure you configure your Pad/Keyboard when a game isn't running to avoid Gens crashing.

(Window Mode in Gens)


The Stretch option does just as the name implies. It stretches the Emulated Screen to fill the screen in Window Mode and in Fullscreen. Click on Graphic/Stretch to see straight away the differences. I always use this as I like a nice full screen In Window Mode and in Full

(Render Options)

  • Normal (default) (320x240)

  • Double (640x480)

  • Interpolated (640x480)

  • Scanline (640x480)

  • 50% Scanline (640x480)

  • 25% Scanline (640x480)

  • Interpolated Scanline (640x480)

  • Interpolated Scanline 50% (640x480)

  • Interpolated Scanline 25% (640x480)

  • 2xSaI [Kreed] (640x480)

  • AdvanceMAME Scale2x (640x480)

  • HQ2X (640x480)

  • (Double)

    Double (640x480) is double the Size of Normal Window Mode.


    Interpolate means to calculate or estimate intermediate values occurring between two known values and if you look at the difference between Normal/Double, you will see that by looking at the Orange patches on the Wall behind Aladdin, and the 3 lives and 10 Apple Numbers are slightly blurred and less jagged .


    Scanline is basically a how you would see it on your TV and quite honestly rather nasty looking but try all the scanline options yourself to see what you like, and feel is the best for you. The Real Interesting Visual Options start at the 2xSaI [Kreed] - HQ2X in my opinion. But saying that, the 2xSaI [Kreed] - HQ2X Options may slow down the Emulation slightly if your computer specs do not meet the Minimum Requirements.

    (2xSaI [Kreed])

    See now you're talking, in Window and Full Screen this really looks quite Superb.

    (AdvanceMAME Scale2x)

    You may not be able to see the difference between 2xSaI [Kreed] and AdvanceMAME Scale2x.


    Now this is really nice and just to show you have it would be on Full Screen 640x480 with HQ2x, click the picture below for a view.

    Yea, Quite Breath taking isn't it.

    (Sound Options in Gens)

    For Sound Settings Click On Sound and you will see all the default options already ticked. If you wish to have a higher Rate then change default 22050 to 44100. It may slow down the Emulation slightly if your computer specs do not meet the Minimum Requirements.

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