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1. Lewpy's 3dfx Glide GPU


    Guide by Dark Watcher
PSX Plugins: Lewpy's Glide GPU
Guide by Dark Watcher
Views: 195055
Date: Sunday, September 18 - 2005

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Game Fixes and Misc Settings

Here you will find game fix options that can be used. Most are game specific, but can be used if you notice similar problems in another game. They are likely to change from version to version (Depending on what magic Lewpy creates). So enable or disable these options as needed.

  • Experimental Flipping - This is an experimental method of detecting the time at which the PSX application switches between ('flips') using the frontbuffer (the graphics that are displayed on the screen) and the backbuffer (the area where graphics are drawn to, in preparation to be displayed on the next 'flip' of buffers). This is primarily for some battle menus in Final Fantasy games.
  • FrontBuffer Rendering Fix - Fixes some games (most notably Need For Speed games) which operate in double-buffered mode (as described above with a front-buffer and back-buffer), but when they display a menu, they stop flipping buffers and just render to the one buffer (the frontbuffer). This fixes the missing menus.
  • FF7 TextureWindow Fix - Fixes the dialogue box graphic errors.
  • Extreme Coord Fix - This resolves issues in some games (Time Crisis, etc.) where at certain stages, objects seem to smear across the scene, causing the view to be blocked.
  • Force Screen Clear - Enable this fix if you are experiencing left over graphic garbage or flickering during gameplay. This will clear the screen per frame.
  • Odd/Even Update - This fix corrects issues in games such as XMEN Mutant Academy 2.
  • Pure Software - Similar to using Full VRAM Primitives in Pete's plugins, this option will render all graphics in software. Slow, but will display screens that may not appear in normal mode.
  • Dithering - Color dithering is used when the Playstation needs to produce a color in a game that is not in it's color pallette. The technique attempts to combine two different color pixels to create the color needed. Normally the Playstation controls this when needed, but you have the ability to force it to work all the time. This is extremely useful for Voodoo users who can only render at 16bit.

    Miscellaneous Settings

  • Emulate Mask Bit - Enables emulation of the PSX MASK bit. This requires the use of the ZBuffer, so will slow down the emulation, and may offer less choices of resolution. The only known game at this point that may require this setting is "Silent Hill".
  • Enable Dynamic Caching - It will significantly increase the performance of games that use extensive texture windows (Ridge Racer Type 4, for example). Be aware that it can also cause instability, and have a severe impact on the performance of older cards since it reserves a chunk of texture memory.
  • Custom FrameRate - If "Custom" is selected from the "Frame Rate" options then the speed of the game will be capped at whatever value is placed in this box.
  • Set Default - Pressing this button causes the plugin to configure itself to all it's default settings.
  • Clone - With this button you can make an exact copy of the current
    configuration in another slot of the "Stored Configuration" item.
    This avoids some human mistakes when manually copying the configurations from
    one slot to another.

    Helpful Tip!

    ** Copy Info is a useful tool in that it copies not only the plugin's settings, but it will also provide the operating system, amount of memory, version of Direct X installed, and if EPSXE is used it will show exact emulator settings. Pretty much everything a user may need to seek out assistance from other users.

    This concludes the settings for Lewpy's Glide plugin. We hope it has been informative. We would like to thank Lewpy for his remarkable plugin, and the documentation from which we attained references.

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