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1. Introduction
2. Initial Configuration Options
3. Configuration Items
4. Configuration Items (cont.)
5. Even More Configuation Items
6. Game Fixes and Misc Settings

1. Lewpy's 3dfx Glide GPU


    Guide by Dark Watcher
PSX Plugins: Lewpy's Glide GPU
Guide by Dark Watcher
Views: 196158
Date: Sunday, September 18 - 2005

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Even More Configuation Items

  • Texture Windows - Texture Windows is a feature of the PSX that is very hard to emulate since PSX texture pages are 256x256 texels in size. What a 'texture window' does is create a smaller texture area within the standard texture page, from which the primitives are actually rendered.
    • Disabled - Switches off Texture Window support. Most games don't use the texture window feature of the PSX, but there is no extra overhead in leaving the emulation of the Texture Window "Enabled". The only reason to disable texture windows is if enabling texture window emulation causes the plugin to crash (rare), or enabling texture window support makes the game too slow to be playable.
    • Enabled - The recommended setting. This switches on Texture Window support. This will give the correct display of all textures.
    • Faked - This is a 'hack' to try to make those games that use texture windows, but run too slowly with texture window support enabled, look better than disabling texture window support. Instead of drawing a textured primitive with the wrong texture, it just draws a non-textured primitive with the correct lighting. It can look better.

  • Vsync - Enables/Disables waiting for Vertical Sync before flipping the display buffers.
    Disabling VSync will give an overall smoother game play, but a visible 'tear' in the display will be noticeable.
    Enabling VSync will give a cleaner display with no 'tears', but may not be as smooth.
    A 'tear' occurs when the front and back display buffer are switched while the front buffer was being scanned to the VDU. This creates a horizontal discontinuity in the displayed image, which makes the image look like it is torn in two.
  • Banshee Code - This options enables specific code designed to work around a bug in old Banshee drivers which caused the plugin to crash on start-up. It also employs a slightly different colour blending arrangement in Glide, which may work around other bugs in Glide drivers. If you don't have an older card then disabled is the default and recommended setting.
  • MDEC Format - MDECS (Movie cutscenes, intros, etc) are usually displayed in 24bit color, but on older Voodoo cards the visual quality needs to be reduced to it's 16bit color depth capability. (For more info refer to Lewpy's documentation)
    • Textured - This is the default and recommended setting. This will display MDECS in the color depth the card is capable of. Newer Voodoo cards have no problem duplicating the 24bit color requirements since they use 32bit color depth. Older cards may experience reduced visual quality in MDECS.
    • Direct Write - This setting can provide a dithered 24bit color depth to MDECS, but at the lack of scaling.

  • True Screen Sizing - As mentioned earlier this option mimics a television like display. It can also be used to adjust screen alignment in some games. If you like the TV look then enable it.

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