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1. Introduction
2. Resolution and Colors
3. Frame Rate
4. Options
5. Recording Options
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1. P.E.Op.S Soft GPU


    Guide by Dark Watcher
PSX Plugins: P.E.Op.S Soft GPU
Guide by Dark Watcher
Views: 131397
Date: Sunday, September 18 - 2005

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Recording Options

The plugin has a unique feature to record whatever is displayed on screen, and save it in a movie AVI format. A nice way to show games, scores, found errors for developers, or just for the hell of it..

  • Standard Video Size - Determines the video record appearance whether you wish it to be full screen, half screen, or quarter screen. Smaller screens will provide better compression and smaller file size. User preference of course
  • Custom Video Size - Same as above, but the user specifies the file size. However not all codecs will allow customized sizes.
  • Frame Rate Scale - NTSC movie framerate generally runs at 60fps (PAL=50). The "frame rate scale" number you enter here will be divided by the framerate. For example if you select 2 then the framerate for example 60fps will be divided by 2, and the plugin will record and compress at 30fps. Obviously lower frames will be make a smaller file, but at less quality. 30fps provides smooth motion in most AVI files. As with other areas the level of quality is the users choice.

  • 16/24bit Compression - You have the option of choosing the color depth of the compressed recording. 24bit provides nicer quality, and 16bit is faster. Not all codecs are capable of providing 24bit color. The codec being used is shown by the arrows. You can also change and configure other codecs to be used to record your AVI file.

  • Codec Configuration Menu - If you click the "configure" button in the "recording options" menu you are taken to a codec menu. From this menu you have the choice of selecting from 4 codecs for recording.
    • Microsoft Video 1 - This is one of the more common AVI compression methods. It provides great compression, not processor playback intensive, but low video quality at 16bit only
    • Cinepak Codec by Radius - This is another common codec found in most systems. It can provide good compression at up to 24bit color, not processor playback intensive, and good video quality.
    • Intel Indeo Video R3.2 - This AVI compression technique requires Pentium II processors or higher with MMX. It provides good compression, and high video quality at up to 24bit color.
    • Full Frames - This option will use no compression techniques and will save each frame as a bitmap. It's the best quality you can get, but the file size will be huge. You could always use another program of your choice to compress it afterwords.
  • Compression Quality Bar - Adjust your desired level of compression. Keep in mind the greater the compression, the lower the quality.
  • Key Frames & Data Rates - Unless you are familiar with each codecs specifics, it is suggested that you keep the default values.

  • To record simply define a "hot Key" that you wish to use to start / stop recording. Reference the hot key option in the "Frame Rate" section for more info

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