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1. P.E.Op.S Soft GPU


    Guide by Dark Watcher
PSX Plugins: P.E.Op.S Soft GPU
Guide by Dark Watcher
Views: 131643
Date: Sunday, September 18 - 2005

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Here are the current options we have as of version.

  • Scanlines - scanlines causes the screen to look TV like. Some say these little lines make MDECs (Intro movies, cutscenes, etc) appear better. There are 3 settings to either enable scanlines, disable scanlines, or a special scanline setting for Nvidia graphic card users. If you like it...use it
  • Use System Memory - This option will force the plugin to use your systems main memory as a video buffer instead of your video card's memory. The result is usually slower. There are two benefits to this option . If you have an older video card that has a small amount of video memory (at work we have an 8MB Savage Card), but plenty of system memory it may work faster with this mode. Another benefit would be for nVidia card users. By default the nVidia card interpolates (blurs) the display. If you don't like this feature of the nVidia card try using this option instead.
  • Wait Vsync - If your are experiencing image smearing or tears then chances are you are using a high refresh rate. This option will force the plugin to sync the buffer swaps with the vsync of your monitor.
  • Disable Screensaver - Self explanatory..This option will prevent your systems screen saver from occurring. Kind of annoying when your in a boss battle. However this option does not work in Windows NT / 95, and will crash those systems.
  • Debug - More for use in development. This option will enable several debug keys (currently only one is available, though, toggling the display between the 'normal' screen and a full VRAM view). Please note: not all cards will be able to do this mode.
  • Special Game Fixes - As the name suggests...Some games require a special fix to be played properly. Enabling this option allows fixes to be used. A small box that we illustrate in the image takes you to another menu screen containing all of the current game fixes for this version.

    Game Fixes
    Here you will find game fix options that can be used. Most are game specific, but can be used if you notice similar problems in another game. They are likely to change from version to version.

  • Odd/Even bit hack - A hack fix used to correct lockups that may occur in games like Chrono Cross. These lockups seem to only effect version 1.52 of the ePSXe emulator and older. Other emulators may not need this fix, but if you experience the lockup you may want to try it.
  • Expand Screen Width - This option will enlarge the screen area at the right side of the display, and see all the background gfx without any cut-off. This fix was designed for Capcom 2D fighting games. Be warned that it may cause errors.
  • Ignore black brightness color - Will repair the black screens in Lunar SSSC when entering a house or a menu.
  • Disable Coord check - Old compatibility mode. If you got a game to run with an old GPU, and it no longer works in the new..try this option.
  • Use Lower-RES FPS Timer - Pete and Lewpy had discovered a bug that occurs on older motherboard chipsets. Apparently when they undergo heavy PCI bus loads it throws off the timing used to calculate the plugins framerate and FPS limitation counters. The problem should not appear noticeable if your using FPS Limitation. However if you appear to be having weird frame rates, particularly when using the new frame skip method, try enabling this option.
  • Use PC FPS Calculation - some games seem to have problems with the main emu vsync timing, causing strange speedups/slowdowns even if the FPS is shown as 60/60 (or 50/50)...Well, now you can activate FPS calculation, which is based on the PC framerate, not the PSX one. It's a special game fix, mostly for some games, I don't suggest to use it generally, though (it will cause wrong MDEC / FMV timing, and sound can be out of sync).


    the PC FPS rate is usually just half of the PSX one (30/30 or 25/25), so don't worry, if the fps display is showing less FPS by activating the fix.

  • Lazy upload detection - a partial fix to prevent flickering in Dragon Warrior 7's text boxes.
  • Use Old Frameskipping - Some people liked the old frame skip method. So Pete made it a fix option. This method simply skips every other frame of animation. It will appear smoother in some cases then the newer method, and has less limitations. However it will not try to get you to the golden 50/60FPS framerates like the new method. Try them both and see what works best for you. However, if your running games at good framerates, then don't bother with it.
  • Repeat Flat Tex Triangles - Fixes graphic problems that occur in the game Dark Forces
  • Draw Tex-Quads as Triangles - Sometimes graphic distortions may occur when the PSX game calls for Gouraud Shading. If that is the case then enable this fix.

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