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    Spotlight on linuzappz

Date: 2004-02-04
Current Project(s): PCSX2, Various PS2 Plugins
Location: Argentina

Originally From January 24th 2003 - Update Coming Soon.

Today we focus our spotlight on linuzappz, a 19 year old from Argentina who is well known for his work on PCSX and PCSX2. We will go beyond basic knowledge of his work and focus in on what linuzappz has done, is doing, and what he will be doing.

linuzappz was introduced to the emulation scene when helping with SOPE, a Playstation Emulator created by Sadruddin Rejeb. Working on syscalls for SOPE helped him to further his knowledge of Playstation Emulation. Eventually he started working on the linux port of the open source emulator FPSE and when the FPSE development team separated linuzappz began development on a GPU plugin called gpuDx7. While working on his GPU Plugin he eventually caught the attention of another developer. That developer was none other then Shadow, who wanted help from linuzappz to code PCSX. This was the beginning of great things to come from this duo.

2002 was a great year for PCSX, as well as the announcement of PCSX2. linuzappz is extremely happy with the current development of PCSX and would like to see a faster recompiler along with an improved HLE internal bios. While the Playstation Emulation development scene slows down, he still looks for ways to bring new and exciting things to the scene. Currently working on improving netplay as well as looking for a way to implement multitap support (4 player multiplay). Not only does he continue to improve PCSX for both Windows and Linux, he is also working to improve his Linux plugins. To top all this off he also works on developing PCSX2, and its plugins. As you can see he is very dedicated to these projects and loves every minute of it. The thing that some of you might not know is that both linuzappz and Shadow are very open with their knowledge and are always willing to help when asked. Both developers have helped many projects such as PSinex, PS2PE, and the upcoming PSXeven. When asked about open source, and sharing information linuzappz had this to say, "Yes, since most of these projects are free, and they are done because we (i mean the psx developers in general) enjoy doing them, i think it's a good thing to share info.".

Speaking of open source, linuzappz and the work of the PCSX developers have helped PCSX ports such as PCSXDC and the PPC port. When asked about other PCSX ports he mentioned being contacted once for an XBOX port and also contacted about a Mac port. PCSX is a wonderful emulator and would be great for Mac users. Hopefully sometime in the future we will see more ports and further development of PCSX.

Being one of the main developers of the first Playstation 2 Emulator has been a great experience for linuzappz. When asked how it has been, and if the certain request from people discourage his development he responded with the following, "There has been more good times then bad". Luckily he does not receive many lame requests and does not let the few he receives discourage his work. While happy with the current development of PCSX2, he would love to do more with the bios execution. Currently only one member of the PCSX2 team owns a Playstation 2 which has slowed the development of the emulator. Without the proper docs or a Playstation 2 the team lacks needed knowledge of how it works. Knowing linuzappz and members of the team I believe they will find a way to succeed, they always do.

An interesting subject we discussed was the ability to have both a Playstation and a Playstation 2 emulator in one, basicly a 2 in 1 emulator for both PSX and PS2. Shadow informed me a while back that they were able to run some playstation games in PCSX2. Since the GS plugin development for PCSX2 is not as developed as the GPU plugin for PCSX, it ran and looked pretty bad. This is not a planned feature, but linuzappz said it may be possible that future versions of PCSX2 would be able to play Playstation games although they would play better in PCSX.

What will the future bring linuzappz and the projects he works on? Nobody really knows, but we do know what he wants to do. He wants to continue developing PCSX and believes more improvements can be made for Playstation Emulation. One of the goals of the PCSX2 development team for 2003 is to advance development in order to get games running. When asked about the version jump from 0.1 to 0.2, linuzappz explained that PCSX2 is advanced enough to jump to the new version numbers. Which shows that many great things are being done with PCSX2. This should be a very exciting year for him and the rest of the development team, so keep an eye out and your ears open, you never know what surprises are around the corner.

Many thanks to our great friend linuzappz for all his support that he has given PSX Fanatics (EmuFanatics). I also want to thank him for taking the time to answer my questions for this article. He has always been one of the most dedicated developers that makes time for his friends. He would like to thank everyone in the scene for all the support, praise, and help given to him.

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