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1. Introduction.
2. The Passme...and the game.
3. The Card based Flash Cart.
4. The Goodies and the thanks!


    Guide by WhiteX
Nintendo DS Homebrew.
Guide by WhiteX
Views: 92365
Date: Monday, July 10 - 2006

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The Goodies and the thanks!

Now you got a storage device for your Homebrew and a Passme to enable you to run it,
what more can you ask...Games, Music, Videos...?

Well we got them all!!

Now iŽll make a rundown on the nicer Homebrew applications and the places to find them.


You can find the best emulators for the DS here...


NesDS running MegaMan 4.

SnezziDS running MegaMan X.

ScummVM-DS emulator for LucasArts adventure games.

DSHeretic, port of the famous PC game.

Applications and Homebrew games:

You may find the best applications for your DS here..


DSOrganizer, a Palm-like organizer software for the DS.

beup, an MSN client running on DS.

MegaETK, a homebrew game.

You can also use the "Moonshell" loader it enables you to play
Music and video files, find it here...


A good guide to Moonshell usage here...


You can discuss about Homebrew software on the DS hardware, here...


Remember that in order to play emulator games, you need to supply your own Roms and Emulation64 will
not help you on getting those in any way.

Thanks, GBATemp for the DS passme test and thanks Pocket Heaven for their Wiki, also thank to
the coders of those wonderfull softwares for their usage is the purpose of this little guide.

Prev Page   :   The Card based Flash Cart.


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