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1. Introduction
2. Resolution and Colors
3. Frame Rate
4. Options
5. Recording Options
6. Other Options
1. Official P.E.Op.S Page

1. P.E.Op.S Soft GPU


    Guide by Dark Watcher
PSX Plugins: P.E.Op.S Soft GPU
Guide by Dark Watcher
Views: 117232
Date: Sunday, September 18 - 2005

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This is a visual documentation guide of P.E.Op.S Soft Plugin (currently based on v1.17). This guide will cover the different functions and options available with this plugin. It will take you step by step through each function with a brief description of all the options available.

P.E.Op.S Soft is highly compatible graphics plugin. It started as a glint in Pete Bernert's eye, and now has evolved with ideas of other talented developers (the P.E.Op.S Team) . Because it is a software renderer, the plugin will work with any graphics card containing 2MB of video memory or more, but does not offer 3D graphic enhancement like other API specific plugins (D3D, Glide, OpenGL). This plugin has also been made to work on other operating systems, but this guide will focus on the "Windows" version.

Assuming you have added P.E.Op.S Soft into your emulators plugin directory, open the emulator you are using and select "Config" (Reference the emulator configuration guides at this site for more info). Select the GPU plugin you want to use, in this case select P.E.Op.S Soft. Once you have it selected hit the "configure" button.

Main Configuration Screen

This is the main screen that has all the options that you need to configure the plugin to your needs.
Here you will see many options. This guide will explain what each of the options mean, and how they can help you get the most out of your games. This guide will cover all the options section by section. So first let's start with "Resolution and Colors".

Next Page   :   Resolution and Colors


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