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    Guide by Dark Watcher
Guide by Dark Watcher
Views: 47200
Date: Sunday, September 18 - 2005

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PSXeven is a Playstation emulator created by Xeven. PSXeven has a great simple user interface that caters to beginner and advanced users. The emulator also features a built in memory card manager, and a great Game image compression tool.

PSXeven is really easy to configure, so why bother with a guide? This guide will step you through the configuration options available. Sometimes visual demonstrations come in handy :)


PSXeven requires the use of the PSX BIOS. This file has not been included with this emulator since its distribution is considered illegal. Please do not email the author requesting the BIOS.

Initial Configuration (Beginner)

When you first start the emulator by clicking on the "PSXeven.exe" smiley face, you will be brought to this screen.

Highlight "Config" and select "BIOS File" as shown. A browser window will open. Simply tell the emulator where you have placed the BIOS file

In an effort to simplify the configuration process, PSXeven natively selects the following plugins for beginners. From the same "Config" menu you can select the settings for each option.

  • Graphics - P.E.O.pS GPU Plugin
  • Sound - P.E.O.pS SPU Plugin
  • CD-Rom - CdrXeven (No worries..this plugin should adjust the settings on it's own)
  • PAD - Sapu's DI Keys (If you cannot figure this one out you need to be shot. Just push the button you want to act as the button on the control pad)

  • Helpful Tip!

    ** The great thing about PSXeven is it's debug menu. If everything is configured correctly, it will let you know. If you somehow missed something it will let you know also. It's good practice to shutdown the emulator after making a settings change. Once restarted you can view the "debug" screen to make sure everything is working properly.

    Now simply click the big ole "blind if you cannot see it" Run CD button to play a PSX CD, or the Run ISO button if your playing a Game image file. Cross your fingers, and say a prayer. If the Emu saints are listening, your game should start.

    Next Page   :   Initial Configuration (Advanced)


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