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    Guide by Gent
Project Tempest
Guide by Gent
Views: 33768
Date: Thursday, September 01 - 2005

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Using & Configuration

(Overview of Program)


Eeprom Path: This is where your game saves will go
Show FPS: This enables frames per second counter.
Use F11 while a game is running to enable/disable this.
Bilinear filtering: Enabling this will cause the graphics to be more blurred
Limit frame rate: Limits the speed to 60 fps. (Enable to run the games at correct speed)
Fullscreen mode: Automatically starts games in fullscreen.
Press ESC to switch between windowed-mode and fullscreen-mode.

How to use this emulator

To load a ROM image or a homebrewn demo/game, use File/Open ROM... make sure you unzip all Images as Project Tempest does not have Zip Support. The emulator will automatically recognize the type of the file.

To reset the emulation, press F1 or Reset from emulation menu.
To start the emulation, press F2 or Start from emulation menu.
To stop the emulation, press F3 or Stop from emulation menu.

Input Controls

To see how to configure the Controller see the help and Controller sections.

Keyboard Shortcuts

F1 To reset the emulation.
F2 To start the emulation.
F3 To stop the emulation.

Save Files

Project Tempest does not Have Quick Save Support, but it does have save support via the use of game Eeprom files. You can set you folder up by following the example below.

Click On Settings and then Settings (Like Shown Above) and the Settings Dialog will Open. it is defaulted on your Root Directory but i would suggest you make a Save Folder in the Root. Once you have, on the Eeprom Path click the browse option (Like Shown Above)

The Browse To Folder Dialog Folder will now Open allowing you to choose your Path. Select your PTv0.95 Folder and then Click On the Save Folder (Like Shown Above) Once you have, Click the OK Button and then Click the Settings Ok Button to close and Save. PT is still in early Development and I'm sure Quick Save/Load Functions will be added when Project Tempest's Game Compatibility is much higher. So Maybe if we all ask Ville nice enough he maybe just Implement it at some point.


Project Tempest does not Have Cheat Support, no Cheat Menu or Cheat Search Function at all. Although I personally wish that it did, but it is still in early Development. So Maybe another thing to be Implemented later down the line?

Netplay Support

Project Tempest does not Have Netplay Support.

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