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    Rice - May 2004

Gent: Hi Rice, First of all thanks to agreeing to this Chilling With Gent Session i know you are extremely busy so many thanks. I'm aware that it may seem a bit strange as we chat now and then so we may be going over old ground but i want to ask you some questions on behalf of The Emulation64 Network Browsers/Users who are interested in you and what you are doing ok?

Rice:: sure.

Gent: cool What have you been up to since the release of 1964 0.9.9 and Rice Video Plugin 5.5.1 WIP ? and superb work on both btw, what is the status of both 1964 and Rice Video Plugin? and how is life treating you?

Rice::I think I had spent a lot of time on 1964 and lately on my video plugin. I realized that it was not fair for my family so I reduced my work on the N64 projects since 1964 0.99 and my video 5.5.1 WIP. Still schibo and I have done many improvements with 1964. I have fixed many graphics problems for many games in my plugin.

Gent: so now it's time for Family in general and i understand that completely and yes both are fantastic as was both your efforts doing so, Now another thing most people don't know is you have a great sense of humour so i want to dig into that part of your Personality soo ..... There is a urban terminology for a word Gented referring to me of course Here When was the last time you Gented and what was it?

Rice:: I gent a lot of works. I should thanks Bill Gates a lot for creating Microsoft office which can correct my spelling errors. I also hate him a lot because the office has made me forget how to write. I certainly can write 10 words on paper without making a mistake.

Gent: lol

Rice:: see I mean I gent a lot of words, but I misspell it as 'works'.

Gent: well spell Checkers M$ are very bad to be honest for the English as they seem to be more US, but thats not my excuse for Genting that's just natural lol.


Gent: Now these next Questions i stole from the Actors Studio and love it, so i am going to ask you them too. When you get to the gates of heaven what would you like to hear Arc Angel Gabriel say to you?

Rice:: nice question. I hope he tells me that I have just won a $10000000000 lottery

Gent: lol great answer but i hope everything's free up there

Rice:: I actually just need him to give me 48 hours per day so I can have time to sleep.

Gent: aww i understand that just fine what is your Favourite Word ?

Rice:: I don't know. Never thought about this. I love movies the best when I have free time.

Gent: ok movies can be the fav word What is your Least Favourite Word ?

Rice:: fat. I am not so fat. In fact I am not fat, but I hope I can get thinner so I can run faster in a soccer game.

Gent: you play Soccer ? thats so cool, what position do you play ?

Rice:: usually play midfielder at the beginning, and play defence when I become tired.

Gent: wow two great positions nice one! what is your Favourite Yahoo or any Smillie ?


Gent: hrm always the curious one I see , what question would you of wanted me to ask that i haven't ?

Rice:: you have come out all the weird questions. I hope you don't have many of them.

Gent: lol, there's more to come Now i know you are always busy and i have asked many Authors and its not looking good so I'll try my luck with you, any chance of you making me a Binatone TV Master MK 6 simulator ? lol

Rice:: no way. I will escape from the emulator programming community after the N64 projects. I will vanish and no one will find me

Gent: roflamo hahaha, i hear that what was your 1st Video Game Console?, in our case you can say Computer

Rice:: Nintendo NES and my 1st computer is a 286 with 20 MB HD.

Gent: very cool! What was the 1st game you played

Rice:: the very 1st computer game? oh my god, how can I remember. I think the very 1st game I like to play is digger on IBM PC XT

Gent: wow the old stuff ok If you could be anyone in the world past or present who would you be

Rice:: Einstein, or any other Nobel prize winner.

Gent: Fantastic Reply and im sure if emulation was included you would already have that prize

Rice:: thanks but they won't be, forever.

Gent: true and that's a shame If you went on a different path and never got the coding bug, what would you see yourself doing instead for pleasure or a Occupation

Rice:: I hate this very much, and I think I am wasting my life here instead of having pleasure. I hope everything in life is easy to fix, but things are usually not, no matter is it is a coding bug or other stuffs in real life. Programming a emulator is a hobby and fun, but it turns out of to be very nasty at times.

Gent: yup agreed 100%, also when you think you are done something else comes up and consumes all your time that's the main reason i actually had to leave sadly just took all my time

Rice:: totally agree. sometimes the things are different to get rid off.

Gent: yup What would you like to see yourself doing in ten years ?

Rice:: I wish I could finish my school soon and be working as a faculty in a university.

Gent: ok i hope it goes that way for you my fingers are crossed If you was a normal user and tried 1964 and Rice Video Plugin for the 1st time what would strike you the most about it?

Rice:: I would be amazed. I am still amazed at times that how well the PC can emulate games that were designed for other systems even if I am the author. I am very happy with the quality of game play that emulators can deliver

Gent: yup totally agreed, emulation is proven to also have reintroduced users to the real consoles after using them so a very Big Congrats to all you emulator authors

Rice:: thanks.

Gent: What Book has in grossed you from the start to finish and what was it ?

Rice:: I used to read many martial-arts novels when I was younger. I had fun with them. I read a lot of science fiction novels and science books when I was in mid school.

Gent: cool I'm also a great Sci-Fi fan. What was the 1st Feature film you saw as a kid and how did it effect you ?

Rice:: I cannot remember since being a kid was too many years ago for me.

Gent: ok , Who is/was your Favourite Comedian and why?

Rice:: I like Jim Carrey the best from his movie 'The Mask'

Gent: yup i think he his great, Who is a person you most admire and why ?

Rice:: I am not good at such questions. probably the Russian president Putin the best, definitely not Bush in the U.S.,
Putin seems to have the great ability to control his country.

Gent: ok one last question then, If i gave you all the info on a Binatone TV Master MK 6 how would the chances look for that simulator ?

Rice:: actually never heard of it. I will not look for it.

Gent: superb , Thank you for your time Rice and being such a great sport as always, all the best in Life and any project you are involved in.

Rice:: thank you, too. It is my pleasure.

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