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    Article by Wraggster
Games of Chance Over the Ages: Classic Computers
Article by Wraggster
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Date: Thursday, May 18 - 2017

We live in an age when finding a game to play is easier than ever. We can simply pull our pocket-sized supercomputer out, go online, and check the latest additions to our app marketplace or choice or the hot promotions at All Jackpots casino. Most of the times, games not entirely dissimilar from what we used to play as kids - I was a Speccy player, by the way - are collected in web-based portals where we can play them with one click. The All Jackpots is one of such portals, with a twist - here, the games you'll find are games of chance. This means that they are completely reliant on luck, with nothing the player - or the All Jackpots, for that matter - can do to influence their outcome. Games of chance have been fascinating for developers and players back in the day - the Spectrum had quite a few of them, covering the game types that are all too popular today on social networks and online gaming venues like the All Slots. Let's take a look at a few of them today, and see how gaming has evolved over time.

Slot-Machine (Load 'n' Run, 1986 - Spectrum 48K)

Load 'n' Run's "Slot-Machine" was a game with rudimentary looks even by the times' standards, yet it was as fascinating as today's flashy and visually appealing games. It resembled many of the three-reel slot machines still in function in many land-based and online gaming venues. Its author, Ignazio Puddu, was surely not a graphic designer, yet he managed to capture the randomness of a game of chance. As an Italian game, it simulated bets placed in Italian lira.

Gambling Tape (Dymond Software, 1983, Spectrum 16K)

The "Gambling Tape" was not an individual game but a collection of several games of chance. The compilation consisted of games like Roulette Monte Carlo, Fruit Machine, Poker Dice, and Slippery Sam, a banking card game built around real money bets.

Poker games (various developers, different years and platforms)

Poker has always been a fascinating game for its fans, even before it gained widespread following after its move online. As such, the Spectrum had an incredible variety of poker games - dozens of them, ranging from simple, text-based games to some visually appealing (for the times, of course) poker simulators. Some of them have gone even as far as to up the stakes - in some games, each hand won cost the two-dimensional (and monochrome) female opponents one further piece of clothing, until they became bare as the day they were drawn.

Poker has maintained its popularity ever since, growing into a worldwide phenomenon. Taking a look back at the games Spectrum developers produced in the 1980s shows us that it has always been a fascinating pastime for computer players.


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