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    Article by Wraggster
Microsoft Bans Sega, SNES and NES Emulators in Windows Store
Article by Wraggster
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Date: Thursday, April 20 - 2017

There is a certain irony with Microsoft’s attempts to make Windows 10 a more attractive operating system to gamers. Their last big update called Creators Update included the new and fresh idea, the Game Mode. With this Game Mode, streamers can now easily record or stream their gaming adventures.
However, one of their last moves went totally against gamers. They declared emulators no longer welcome in the Windows Store. This change in policy was first noticed when the free Universal Emulator by NESbox was pulled from the store. Before that, players that love classic games could easily download it and play ROMs for different consoles like Sega Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Gameboy, Super Nintendo and NES. There were some great casino games there.

This was a very nifty emulator because you could use your Xbox 360 controllers to play. There was even an on-screen gamepad if you wanted to play the ROMs on a device with touch display. However, with the new change not only ROMs and emulators for Windows 10 PC’s are banned, but those for tablets, phones and Xbox One too.

Game ROMs for all sorts of systems can be easily found on the Internet. However, their legality is shady and falls into a gray area. The popular argument is that it’s OK for a person owning an emulator to grab a ROM from anywhere on the internet. But, publishers feel the opposite. Nintendo is one of those publishers. According to the company, it’s not permitted to obtain a ROM under uncertain terms.

In their FAQ section, you can find that they hate when a player owning the actual authentic game downloads a Nintendo ROM from the internet. They disagree with the backup/archival copy exception, and claim that that ROMs cannot be considered as such.

Just to be clear, the backup/archival copy exception is when an owner of the authentic copy makes a backup so that he or she can have second copy in the event of destruction or damage of the authentic one.

But, Nintendo says that a ROM cannot fall under the “second copy” rule, which means you cannot have a second copy of the copyrighted work even if you have one lawful copy of the same work and the second copy is an infringing copy. According to the company, it’s very clear that it’s illegal to download and play a Nintendo ROM from the internet.

When it comes to Nintendo, they aren’t very thrilled by the emergence of video game emulators too. They believe that emulators represent the greatest threat to date to the intellectual property rights, because they were created to play illegally copied Nintendo software. They feel that their revenue stream becomes threatened because their products are available for free as well as the tens of thousands of jobs in an industry that generates $15 billion annually.

The FAQ section goes deeper on the matter, but the bottom line is that Nintendo is strongly against the concept of emulators. And now, Microsoft too is.


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