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    Saturday, December 31, 2016
Happy New Year!

As we end the new year (and for some already celebrating it!) its time to reflect 2016, and for emulation 2016 was pretty exciting year, the Wii U emulator cemu has jumped in leaps and bounds and its compatibility and features have increased pretty rapidly, and for your modders was also the year you could dump the textures from the games!

And talking about modding, this was also the year the first PlayStation emulator, (well psp!) allowed for texture dumping and replacement, ppsspp has again become a very feature packed emulator on a multiple of ports and continues to develop thanks to its open source nature on a daily basis.

This year has also been the year for some interesting twists on mods and emulation, one that has caught the eyes of many has to be the nes emulator 3dnes, which does what it says, takes your nes games into the next dimension! Allowing you to tailor the depth and tinker with each game to hearts content, and at the current version 1.2 even has support for vr headsets.

And what about the rest...well the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 emulators have continued to improve making use of vulkan and directx 12 to improve speed and also increasing the compatibility, with far more games getting in game, they're certainly ones to watch for 2017. citra the 3ds emulator again has again really progressed, and now even capable of hd rendering, and although they still yet to release a stable version, its nightly builds have shown a lot of promise, and hopefully 2017 will bring its first official stable build.

These are just a few of the things thats happened this year, i'm sure i've missed loads!

And to end it all, a big thanks to you all, its the community and dedicated team, and forum posters that makes this site, keep your mods coming, keep showing off what you've found, lets make 2017 an even more interesting one in the emulation scene....oh and incase any of you regular ::emutalk posters are wondering, our most online this year, and of all time is (drum roll please) 6,964 on December 19th!, which also happened to be the day NES_player4LIFE leaked one of his secret recipes! (joking of course!)

See you all in 2017 and be safe have fun and make sure you bookmark the site to not miss out all the big things happening for this year!

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