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    Friday, August 14, 2015
Yanese Version 0.80

yanese - Yet Another NES Emulator
has been updated to version 0.80 the main new feature is a preview window

Rom UI: Now there is a "preview" window that shows the rom image preview. This is only available in window 2x and above. Everytime you close a rom the last image is captured and is used as the preview. Of course this works only if you load the rom from the "ROMS Library".
NMI: Changed NMI behavior. Games like 1942 run well.
APU: There was a problem in emulated sound that games like 1942 kept sounding. Fixed

Source: http://www.yanese.com

    Wednesday, August 05, 2015
FS-UAE 2.5.34dev Released

fs-uae has released a new development version of its amiga emulator fs-uae

New option floppy_drive_volume_empty.
Switched default key mapping for host backslash and insert keys.
Use GLEW instead of GLee for OpenGL extensions.
When not using FS-UAE Launcher, model A1200 defaulted to kickstart 3.0.
Changes in FS-UAE Launcher 2.5.34dev:

Changed tab panel appearance on OS X to match other platforms.
Renamed language prefs to appearance prefs, added launcher theme option.
Close login dialog before opening database refresh dialog.
Settings UI for specifying empty floppy drive volume (or disabling it).
Added keyboard settings to configure equals/insert/backslash/less mapping.
Added support for WHDLoad 18.1, set as default version.
Replaced some icons, added new rom/ram icon.
Fixed an issue with the new CPU selection.

source http://fs-uae.net/blog

    Friday, July 31, 2015
It Might be NES


It Might be NES (imbNES) is a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator for the Sony PlayStation. It allows NES games to be played on a Sony PlayStation console.

It Might be NES was originally written by Allan Blomquist sometime around 2000, and updated for several years thereafter. The last version released by Blomquist was 1.3.3-WIP1.

Due to a series of circumstances, the project was discontinued.

It was, at that point, a dead-end, since the source code for the project was not public. In 2008, the original author released source code for version 1.3.2, under the GPL license on his website, as he was no longer planning to work on it due to having moved on, so that an interested person could start to make improvements to the emulator.

Unfortunately nobody started to work again on the emulator and the emulator sat unmaintained until 2015, until being picked up again.

A note: source code for 1.3.3-WIP1 was never released, as it was probably lost.

The emulator supports mappers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 33, 34, 38, 66, 70, 71, 79, 87, 140, 180 and 185. Not all games are guaranteed to work correctly, and some games may have graphical glitches.


Windows binary archive

If you run Windows on a personal computer, you are not interested about contributing to development and you just want to run NES games on your PlayStation, download:
It Might be NES (imbNES) version 1.3.4 Windows binary archive

Source code archive (and for everyone not running Windows)

You need to have PSXSDK installed in order to compile the emulator and create an ISO image with the games.
Instructions are provided inside the archive.
It Might be NES (imbNES) version 1.3.4 source code


    Thursday, July 30, 2015
PCSX2 progress report

pcsx2 has done its monthly report on its progress the past month of june. In this report it goes indepth on how they overcome the problems or running games using the snowblind engine in hardware mode, and also covers the other GSdx improvements.

Read the full report here.

    Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Citra progress update video

citra has posted a new video of all the progress that has happened recently.

Thanks to the hard work of many developers, Citra has gotten a lot faster and a lot more accurate. We check out several games with the new and improved Vertex Shader JIT and try some new games that just recently started working.

The Vertex Shader JIT is a way to emulate the 3DS Shaders more efficiently than an interpreter, but in a more accurate way than the GLSL shaders, which were unable to emulate some instructions. The Vertex Shader JIT should not affect compatibility in anyway, making it a mostly free speedup.

In general, there have been a ton of GPU fixes developed since the last update. Fire Emblem Awakening requires a lot of them to get in-game, and more to make it look presentable (though, there are still many bugs to work out.) Majora's Mask 3D is close to playable, but hangs upon creating a new game. Ocarina of Time 3D no longer has the lighting glitches in the Vertex Shader JIT; we're working on figuring out why that fixed it. Super Monkey Ball 3D has some menu objects fixed as well.

While A Link Between Worlds shows the intro, it currently crashes. By the time the Vertex Shader JIT is finalized, this crash will likely be fixed.

There should be more exciting updates coming, so stay tuned!

Some of the small screen footage desynced during editing. It shouldn't matter too much, but just noting that we're aware of it!

NOTE: Source footage was recorded on two different computers. As speed varies between computer, it's important to note as a baseline that most of the footage was recorded on a Core i5 3570K processor. Fire Emblem Awakening was recorded on an i5 4670K. Faster processors will run these titles faster, slower ones will run it slower. The footage also takes advantage of unmerged features that are still being reviewed.

Source: youtube

video in comments

    Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Yanese Version 0.79 released

Yanese yet another nes emulator has been updated to 0.79

Mappers: Added mapper #65: Daiku no Gen San 2, Kaiketsu Yanchamaru and Spartan X 2 among others.
Mappers: Added mapper #11: Crystal Mines, Metal Fighter, etc. Beware that this mapper has bus conflicts, so some games may behave bad or don't load at all.
Mappers: Added mapper #64: Klax, Skull and Crossbones, Shinobi, etc.
Mappers: Added mapper #71: The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, Bee 52. It doesn't work perfect by now, but at least works.
Rom Library Gui: Small change taht it shows the mapper number for the unsupported mapper instead of "------".
Fixed serious bugs in save states when saved to disk.

source http://www.yanese.com/

    Saturday, July 11, 2015
Demul v0.7 alpha 110715

Almost a daily update from the dcemul team.

more bugfixes:
- better G2 DMA edge cases handling
- brake in Atomiswave racing games works again
- fix crash in ROM-based SystemSP games
- weird AICA LSA/LEA handling tweaks

Source dcemul rusion forum

Downloads also mirrored it this sticky on the official english forum.

    Wednesday, July 08, 2015
Demul v0.7 alpha 080715

The dcemul team have been busy, and are now releasing alpha wip builds to see what progress they've made, these arn't full releases so take them as is:

by many requests we decide to make public build of emulator to show and share current stage of its development.
its an alpha/preview quality product so take it AS IS.
it includes new features and new systems mentioned in this topic, many bugs fixed, as well as several unfinished parts, like new DX11NG render.

- somewhat fixed save/load state for DX11NG
- adjusted sound volume, was too loud, notable in Atomiswave games

source: dcemul Russian forum

offical english forum


    Wednesday, July 01, 2015
ePSXe 1.9.31 for Android released!

ePSXe for android has been updated to 1.9.31:

ePSXe 1.9.31 for Android released! Dropbox support, uncompres 7z/zip formats support, fixes to HLE, hw/sw threading mode, and more

source : twitter

Dolphin emulator progress report

Dolphin has updated with this months progress report on its gamecube/wii emulator:

As the twilight of the Dolphin 4.0 era approaches, code cleanup and regression hunting have become a high priority, fixing the serious and minor issues that have cropped up over the past year and a half that remain unaddressed. From remedial problems such as INI issues to Real Wiimotes issues on OS X, a lot of those important minor issues have been tackled. As if that wasn't enough, there are still exciting developments within several core features to keep users satiated in this month's Progress Report.

For the full report go https://dolphin-emu.org/blog/28/

Steam SSE 3.7.2 released

Steem SSE the atari st emulator has been updated to 3.7.2

- HFE images support

This is the file format of HxC floppy emulator.
Copy file HFE_boot.bin to your Steem directory for new disk image
creation (though you may use already existing images converted with
HxC software).

- Improvements in SCP images support

Ghost disks
ID around index pulse (I Ludicrus)
Simpler system for weak bit protections

- Support for 7Z, BZ2, GZ, TAR, ARJ compression formats

The feature uses ArchiveAccess.dll, which you need to copy to your Steem
or system directory.
The included DLL has been fixed by you know who so that it also works
with BZ2 files.
You still need unzipd32.dll and unrar.dll for ZIP and RAR archives.

- New option for crisp Direct3D fullscreen rendering

- Links updated in general info; don't forget to copy steem.new
(feel free to delete the silly brags and mean-spirited Chuck Norris

v3.7.2 Bugfixes

- Bugfix MFP spurious interrupt on STOP after CLR int. mask (Return STE -HMD)
- Bugfix fail to properly remove previous disk image on some insertions:
could explain some strange bugs, when two disks are in the same drive it
can't be good...
- Bugfix WD1772 writing data bytes with missing clock bit on Format

source http://ataristeven.t15.org/Steem.htm

    Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Sad news from raine emu

Raine has posted unexpected news about its hosting of its site:

Apparently the hosting for rainemu is about to end, sorry I just learnt it and it's probably going to happen very soon now. No new server planned for now, so it's probably the end for raine, I hope you made the backups you need !

... and it was renewed for 1 month, so we have a delay of 1 month at least, no more emergency !

So lets hope these guys gets something sorted soon for this classic emulator.

    Monday, June 29, 2015
Play! news: Google Play Beta Test

Play! website has been updated with news regarding beta testing its playstation 2 emulator on android platforms

Hello everyone,

I've setup a Google Play account for those who would like to get weekly build updates automatically. Since this is still in "beta", you will need to join Play!'s Official Google+ Community to get access to the builds. Once you've joined, you will be able to sign up for the beta test. After signing up, you will be able to download the emulator through Google Play and get updates every week! This will also be beneficial to the emulator's development since I will be receiving your crash logs automatically.


For more info go to http://purei.org/

    Friday, June 26, 2015
Game Boy Advance Test Suite

mgba: endrift has posted on his forums about a gba test suite

In the interest of furthering the state of Game Boy Advance emulation, I've been writing a test suite that tests various aspects of hardware. At the moment, it only tests timing operations, but way more will be coming in the future. Source code is available on github
Timing tests
Each test contains 20 (or 10 if only an ARM version is supported) configurations:
ROM 4/2 waitstates, no prefetch
ROM 4/2 waitstates, prefetch
ROM 3/2 waitstates, no prefetch
ROM 3/2 waitstates, prefetch
ROM 4/1 waitstates, no prefetch
ROM 4/1 waitstates, prefetch
ROM 3/1 waitstates, no prefetch
ROM 3/1 waitstates, prefetch
The current version contains 1260 tests total.

mGBA (master): 1098 passes
NO$GBA 2.8a: 759 passes
VBA-M 2.0.0 beta 1: 680 passes

source :twitter

Yanese Version 0.77 released

A new version of yanese (Yet Another NES Emulator) today now to version 0.77

Chages are:

Video: Added 4:3 aspect ratio support in full screen mode. You can change of common 3 resolution you want to be displayed. This is more likely playing in a real TV.
App video crash: I tested the emu in some basic GPUs like Intel ones. It was sometimes crashing in this GPUs. I discovered that changing some compiler settings was the error.
APU: Fixed Triangle Channel problem that some games didn't sound fine.
SOUND: Added a "low pass filter" in sound generation. It sounds "better" not "too much better", but as i said a "little better".
SOUND: Setting volume too high sometimes, in some games caused the sound to cut off.
Improved some code.

source: http://www.yanese.com/

    Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Interesting article on how emulation of xbox360 working on x86 hardware

gamespot has posted an article from Phil Spencer's Giant Bomb's E3 Day One podcast, discussing how they're running xbox360 games on their xbox one console:

"Millions of people made investments in 360 content," he said. "We thought the right thing to do was to make that content go forward, but we didn't know [how difficult it would be]."

"[Emulation] is hard," admitted Spencer, explaining that the company was dealing with having to harmonise PowerPC architecture with x86.

"The approach that we've taken is to actually emulate the full Xbox 360 hardware layer. So the [operating system] for the 360 is actually running when you run the game," Spencer explained.

Read full article here.

HqMAME 2.24

Not surprisingly, plenty of different builds of mame/mess today, and HqMAME is one of them.

A modified version of recent MAME with support for xBRZ and HQx high quality image scaling filters and usability tweaks:

- high quality image scalers: xBRZ and HQx
- takes advantage of multi-core CPUs
- Scale from 2-5x using xBRZ and GDI or DirectDraw
- Scale from 2-4x using HQx and GDI or DirectDraw
- lean implementation on top of standard MAME
- improvements to MAME:
-> Excludes BIOS entries from selection screen
-> Sorts games in selection screen by ROM name
-> Removes limit of showing 15 games only in selection screen
-> "skip_gameinfo" active by default
-> "multithreading" active by default

Changes are

HqMAME 2.24 (MAME 0.163)
Updated Intel TBB to version 4.3 Update 6
Updated MAME to most recent version

Source : HqMAME.

MAME 0.163 released

New release from the Mame camp today, with the release of 0.163.

The new games added or promoted from not working are:

Entex Electronic Basketball 2 [hap, Sean Riddle]
Entex Color Football 4 [hap, Sean Riddle]
Tomy Break Up [hap, Sean Riddle]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0021) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0048) Joker Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0085) Joker Poker (Two Pair or Better)
[BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0089) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0130) Aces and Faces [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0132) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0150) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0181) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0223) Deuces Joker Wild Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0401) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0467) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0550) Joker Poker (Two Pair or Better)
[BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0750) Standard Draw Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0757) Double Down Stud Joker Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0764) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (PP0812) Deuces Joker Wild Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X000489P+XP000038) Double Down Stud Deuces Wild Poker
[BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X000557P+XP000038) Standard Draw Poker
[BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X000578P+XP000038) Standard Draw Poker
[BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X002312P+XP000112) Triple Bonus Poker Plus
[BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X002412P+XP000096) Standard Draw Poker (5 Decks)
[BrianT, Jim]
Z80 TV Game System [Robbbert]
Player's Edge Plus (X000057P+XP000038) Deuces Wild Poker [BrianT, Jim]
Player's Edge Plus (X002024P+XP000038) Double Bonus Poker
[BrianT, Jim]
Coleco Frogger [hap, Kevin Horton]

Theres lots of changes in this release, so more info on whatsnew goto http://mamedev.org/releases/whatsnew_0163.txt

source : http://mamedev.org/

    Sunday, June 21, 2015
Advanced MAME 1.3 Released

Advanced MAME has been updated today with version 1.3 of its mame/mess emulator.

Added support fo Haiku OS.
Included free ROMs gridlee, polyplay and robby.
Trick to reduce the input lag by one frame [Manlio De Pasquale].
Better effect selection if display_resizeeffect is 'auto'.
Changed the default of "magnify" to auto.
Fixed manpages format.

For more info and downloads go their site here.

GBE-Plus updates

Just a little update from Shonumsi emulator gbe-plus, the successor of his emulator GB Enhanced

From the github

[Qt] Added the ability to launch games.

This brings back some of the nasty threading issues squashed a few days ago. Hopefully when SDL is no longer used for video in the Qt port, this will go away. Fwiw, the issue seems particular to the Advance Wars intro. Probably happens in other games, but I've yet to see it (it's an X11 threading issue, maybe doesn't happen on Windows/OS X?)

Also to remember to check out the emutalk forums for even more News posts and downloads!

File Releases

HighResEaser 1.7
No Description in database.

HighResEaser 1.6
No Description in database.

HighResEaser 1.5 CCTEX
No Description in database.

It Might be Nes 1.3.4
No Description in database.

It Might be Nes Win 1.3.4
No Description in database.

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