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    Monday, May 15, 2006
MAMEPSP Beta 0.01!

MikeDX has released the first Beta of his port of MAME to the PSP, heres the details from the coder himself:

It's been a hard slog and I've lost a lot of sleep over it, but here it is. I hope you all enjoy it and give me LOTS of feedback!

The readme:


This is BETA software. I make or offer no warranties with this software
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! It has been thoroughly tested and has known problems.

If you feel like donating via paypal please send to:
[email protected]

Alternatively (and maybe also ;) ) please visit http://www.typingwand.com and use the search engine to find yerself some ebay bargains. Each person who bids using my site will put a few pence my way and that will help me out (and will not cost you anything!

Official forums at: http://dxdev.dcemu.co.uk PLEASE POST YOUR RESULTS HERE


The following games are known to run near perfecty on MAMEPSP:
(hint, try romnation ;) )

Ping Pong - pingpong
Kung-Fu Master - kungfum
Vulgus (Set 1) - vulgus
Pirate Ship Higemaru - higemaru
Son Son - sonson
Tetris (set 1) - atetris
Commando (world) - commando
Ghosts'n Goblins (World? set 1) - gng
1942 (set 1) - 1942
Jr. Pac-Man - jrpacman
Pengo (aset 1 rev c) - pengo
Crazy Climber (US) - cclimber
Jail Break - jailbrek
Green Beret - gberet
Mat Mania - matmania
Ms. Pac-Man - mspacman
Scramble - scramble
Amidar - amidar
PuckMan (Japan set 1) - puckman
Galaxian (Namco set 1) - galaxian
Track & Field - trackfld
Flicky (128k Ver.) - flicky
Wonderboy (set 1) - wboy
Arkanoid (World) - arkanoid
Frogger - frogger
Mario Bros (US) - mario
Bagman - bagman
Space Invaders - invaders
Bomb Jack (set 1) - bombjack
Lady Bug - ladybug
Mr Do! - mrdo
Mikie - mikie
Kicker - kicker
Defender (Red label) - defender
Robotron (Solid Blue label) - robotron
Joust (White/Green label) - joust

PUT ROMS (zipped preferably) to

X:PSPGAMEMAMEPSP (where X is your PSP)


select - credit
start - 1p start
X,O etc - player buttons
L - in game menu (and menu in frontend)
R - pause/unause
D-PAD - joystick controls
L+R (ingame) - QUIT to menu

This version of mame has issues where the ram may not be freed correctly but
this will be fixed in future versions.

Source code avaiable on request and will be uploaded as a seperate archive
to the forums at http://dxdev.dcemu.co.uk

Happy gaming!


Thanks to:

Wraggster, Martin64 for hosting
Eggman for testing
Suze, my beautiful girlfriend for putting up with my nerdiness for hours on end :)
And you, for downloading and using this program!

Download and Give Feedback at the official site here --> http://dxdev.dcemu.co.uk

Excellent work :)


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