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    Friday, February 24, 2006
Mednafen 0.5.1 Released

Fixed a crashy bug with hq2x, hq3x, and hq4x when using big-endian systems, or when the "vdriver" setting is set to "1".

Added a frame-advance feature. Press ALT+A to enter frame-advance mode, and subsequently to advance frames, and ALT+R to exit frame-advance mode.

The current machine state is now saved at the end of movies, to allow for the future implementation of the seamless continuation of an already recorded movie.

PCE: When loading from a physical disc, auxillary data(save states, movies, etc.) prefixes should now always be "cdrom", rather than "cdrom" for the default device and the given name for other devices, because this(previous) behavior caused problems under Win32(where colons couldn't be used in filenames).

NES: Fixed FDS sound output(it was technically outputting before, but the volume was so low as to be inaudible).

NES: The disk system BIOS can now be in iNES format.

NES: The Game Genie and FDS ROM image loaders can now load the ROM image from a gzip or zip compressed file.

Revised the documentation to remove misleading statements(that applied to FCE Ultra) and add some missing information.

Updated the command-line section of the documentation with warnings and notes regarding settings, network play, and movies.

PCE: Fixed more bugs with CD reading when sound is disabled.

Loading a save state while recording a movie will now embed that save state in the movie file.

PCE: Save state previews are now generated with correct horizontal linear interpolation, fixing icky blockiness.

NES: It's now possible to record movies with any virtual input devices(like the Zapper), though the nes.input1, nes.input2, and nes.fcexp settings must be set the same as they were at recording time, before playback.

NES: All currently used expansion input devices are now saved in save states(before only gamepad data was saved).

Added a network play setting to merge all local input into one virtual remote input(via inclusive OR on the server), to allow for those UTTERLY SILLY games that support multiple players on one gamepad/joystick.

Worked around an SDL bug(or feature? :b) that was causing events to be processed by SDL instead of Mednafen when SDL_JoystickEventState() is called.

Scrapped the old movie format from FCE Ultra, and replaced it with a simplified version that simply writes the joystick inputs to the movie file stream each frame, and lets zlib handle the compression and encoding. This is incompatible with the old format, sorry.

Movies are now stored in the right directory finally(mcm vs mcs).

Rewrote most of the on-screen display code to work with a separate 256x224 buffer that is scaled and blitted independently of the main game's video output buffer. Note that if you have OpenGL disabled(via "-vdriver 1"), the overlay will not be scaled.

PCE: Added support for multiple resolutions per frame, as used in such games as "Asuka 120%" and "Ryuuko no Ken".

PCE: Adjusted the internal resolution(and outputted aspect ratio) slightly when using the ~7MHz dot-clock.

PCE: Added movie recording support.

PCE: Adjusted ADPCM volume.

PCE: Fixed left overscan clearing and disabled background lines clearing.

The trio code is no longer compiled with -ffast-math.

Removed netplay divider support(it didn't really work all that well anyway), and removed it from the server as well.

PCE: Changes to the IRQ masking register are now delayed by one instruction, thanks to D. Michel for the information.

Status messages are now displayed for 2.5 seconds, rather than 180 frames.

Changed save state display timing from frames to seconds, and set it to display for 2 seconds after a number is pressed(previously it was around 3).

Added the following settings: nes.ggrom, path_snap, path_sav, path_state, path_movie, path_cheat, path_palette.

Changed the data types of "bool" variables that are saved in save states to uint8, to address more cross-platform save-state compatibility issues.

Fixed a problem with save states on big-endian platforms(was dividing by sizeof(uint32) instead of sizeof(uint16) in a few places).

Fixed hq2x, hq3x, and hq4x filters on big-endian platforms.

PCE: Pushing the virtual reset or power button during CD reads will no longer cause the emulator to fail on subsequent reads(a few variables weren't being reset properly).

Mednafen Official Site
Mednafen 0.5.1


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