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    Monday, January 07, 2013
blueMSX v 2.8.2

blueMSX is a Windows based application that can emulate an MSX computer. The blueMSX application simulates behavior of the hardware components in the MSX computer with software. The result is an application that behaves like a real MSX in and enables you to run a great amount of software written for the MSX computer.

Here is list of latest changes:

--- v 2.8.2 -------
- Added support for MSX1 VDP timing checks in the debugger
- Added support for .der copy protected disk files
- Fixed multiple bugs in DRAM management that fixes many known Turbo R issues
- Fixed memory write bug in debugger that made memory writes occasionally fail
- Fixed default directory for hard disk insert
- Fixed memory leaks
- Fixed Moonsound FM bug
- Speed up save states and pause/resume

--- v 2.8.1 -------
- Added support for 16kB, 32kB, 48kB and 64kB external ram cartridges
- Added support for Joyrex PSG module
- Added support for PSG pin 6/7 quirk
- Added support for VR bit in VDP register 8
- Added 35 new machine configurations
- Added 23 new cheats
- Updated support for NoWind USB Diskroms
- Fixed SVI M1 Wait state
- Fixed ColecoVision Keyboard read error
- Fixed ColceoVision PSG noise bug
- Fixed DirectX initialization bug
- Fixed V9958 Scroll masking bug in Screen 4 (introduced in 2.8)
- Fixed Screen 2 scroll bug
- Fixed R15 PSG register read
- Fixed bug in VDP line engine
- Fixed bug in obsonet write method
- Fixed bug in Harryfox rom mapper
- Fixed bug in Crossblaim rom mapper
- Fixed bug in Korean bootleg rom mapper
- Made bluemsxlite compile on OSX
- Fixed bug in Arkanoid Pad emulation
- Fixed addressing bug in R-Type mapper
- Fixed x/y flags on scf/ccf
- Fixed instructions ld a,i or ld a,r to handle interrupts correclty

Check out official website for further information andgithub repository for latest files.


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