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This is the team behind Emulation64, of course your favorite emulation news site :P. In no specific order (except Martin, of course, since he's the boss and naturally belongs first ;)...
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Info: Administrator of the Emu64 network and founder of the site. A night owl, hardly ever goes to bed earlier than 2 am.
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Info: News poster and reviewer, joined EmuTalk in 2000 and the l33t Emu64 team in 2002, right before the oil crisis :P.
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Info: Joined Emu64 as the new site design launched, but has been around EmuTalk for ages. Part of the Emu64 cheats team and started hanging out in #emulation64 around november 2001.
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Info: Some Aussie bloke comforting the team with toolish remarks on the emulation trio -Emulation64, EmuTalk and #emulation64 :P
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Info: Entered the emu scene in February 2000 with the now gone emulation site NemuZONE. Joined Emu64 some months after, and have since then been an active lamer in the emulation scene.
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Info: Stuart is left alone to attend to the plane which he turns on and starts flying around the house in. Stuart is experienced in negotiating and litigating cases involving high net worth individuals. Stuart is something of an enigma. Stuart is the Emu64 server admin and is an all-knowing demi-God.
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Info: One of the new guys. Used to be part of Nintendo64hq before it went under. Main jobs are news poster and whatever needs to be done.
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Info: Messed around with Nemu64 alphas, now working hard on expanding emulation64.com to include new systems.
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Info: He loves long walks on the beach and dining by candle light.... umm... A good programmer, testor and tech support guy. He is going to be managing the new Emu64 Tech support section, opening December 2003, which will provide help with your operating system, hardware or an emulator!
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Info: Slept with several high ranking members and works here until he has an 'accident'.
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