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    Review By Jaz
X360: Madden NFL 06
Review by Jaz
Views: 8050
Date: 12.14.05
Comments: 9
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Xbox 360 - Madden NFL 06

During the build-up to the launch of the Xbox 360, there were a fair few games that I was looking forward to playing. But none more so that Madden NFL 06, especially now that EA had promised full online play via the Xbox Live service in Europe, as well as in the States. Something that it’s predecessors had all been without. As I unwrapped my Xbox 360 on launch day, there was only ever one game that I was going to try first.

Would it live up to it’s massive expectations? Let the game begin.

Lets be honest with ourselves. When we enter a new generation of gaming, as we have done with the Xbox 360, the first thing that people will want to see is the glorious visuals that the new machine can handle. And thankfully, Madden does everything to impress. From the reflections on the players helmets, to the sweat running down their necks – it’s all here, and it looks delicious.

As with the graphics, the controls in Madden NFL 06 are also a joy to use. The 360’s controller is one of wonderful design, and Madden utilises this to perfection. Passing the football feels tight and accurate, running the play is as satisfying as ever, and there is nothing better than getting that game-winning sack. Weather you’re attacking or defending it’s a thrill to play, never a chore.

As we’ve come to expect from EA Sports titles, the presentation of Madden NFL 06 is second-to-none. All of the fully licensed NFL players and teams are present as you’d expect, and this time the developers have chosen to leave out the commentary team so that the player feels more “in the game”. A little weird at first, but after a few games, it feels right.

The online features in Madden NFL 06 will be what lures so many players to the game – and rightly so. It is so enjoyable to play in an online tournament, or just in an exhibition match with someone on your friends list. The playbooks are vast, and so playing the same person rarely becomes boring.

Overall, Madden NFL 06 has impressed me in all areas. Even more so than what I was expecting. I’ve always loved American Football, and now with the ability to play online, it really adds to the experience.

American Football fans shouldn’t think twice about this one. Neither should Madden fans. And, hell, neither should anyone. Go and buy it – it’s the only sports sim you’ll need this winter.


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