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    Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Mednafen v0.9.48 released!

Mednafen is a multi-game-system emulator, for various platforms, including emulation of the following systems:Atari Lynx,Famicom,GameBoy (Color),GameBoy Advance,Neo Geo Pocket (Color), NES(both NTSC and PAL),PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 (CD) and SuperGrafx,PC-FX,WonderSwan (Color).

Mednafen v0.9.48 Changelog:

* SS: Fixed graphics corruption in the intro of "Batman Forever".
* SS: Fixed hang in "Jung Rhythm" when trying to retry a failed stage.
* SS: Fixed crash in "Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki Gokuraku" when it tries to play an opening movie.
* SS: Fixed messed-up colors in "Discworld 2".
* SS: Fixed hang when trying to resume a suspended game in "Tactics Ogre".
* SS: Fixed the periodic loud popping noise during FMV playback in "Grandia"(an emulation bugfix; sound may still pop/click if you have a slower CPU of course).
* SS: Added a hack/kludge to allow bypassing of data cache on reads(such that the timing benefits of partial cache emulation are preserved, without cache coherency problems that partial cache emulation sometimes leads to with poorly programmed games), and added an internal database to enable it on select games; fixes graphical glitches and/or hangs in "Area 51 (USA and Europe)", "Clockwork Knight 2 (USA)", "DeJig - Lassen Art Collection", "Father Christmas", "Golden Axe The Duel", "Sega Saturn Choice Cuts", "Spot Goes to Hollywood (USA and Japan)", "Street Fighter Zero", "Street Fighter Zero 3", "Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo", and "Virtual Volleyball".
* SS: Full cache emulation is now enabled for "Whizz"(by using an internal database), to resolve(or at least reduce) quasi-random hanging issues during startup.

For: Windows and Linux


    Thursday, September 14, 2017
Ootake v2.84 released!

Ootake is a PC Engine emulator for Windows. Ootake is the most frequently updated PC Engine emulator available for windows, and Ootake is also one of the more complete. Also, Ootake is FREE unlike Magic Engine.

Ootake v2.84 changelog:

- When "CD-ROM disc is switched" while playing CD games with CD-ROM drive,
the game you switched automatically will be activated. Also, if you take
out the CD-ROM during the game, the game will be paused automatically for
- "CD access status (seek & read)" is displayed when playing a CD-ROM game.
Currently it is only in window mode, it is displayed on the right side of
"Ootake" at the upper left of the window. If you are using a PC with low
power, or unnecessary, uncheck "View CD Read Access" menu on "CD-ROM"
menu (the third row from the top).
- The play process of ADPCM sound approached the real machine. In
"Cobra II", at the desert town motorcycle ride scene, the stopped problem
(occurred from v2.83) was solved.
- The play operation of ADPCM sound approached the real machine. In
"Seisenshi Denshou", the problem that voice audio was interrupted was
- In "Ys book I&II (U)", when entering the Tower of Darm, with environment
where CD-ROM access is fast, the problem that Gorban's voice sound was
interrupted was solved.
- When "Tokimeki Memorial" is started, the decision button of the mouse is
automatically set to left click. If you do not need this, uncheck the
"Setting-> Improve-> Auto Set Left Click (Tokimeki Memorial)" menu.
- When "1552 Tenka Tairan" is started, mouse mode is set automatically.
(omitting the SELECT button press on the start screen) If you do not
need this, uncheck the "Setting-> Improve-> Auto Use Mouse (1552 Tenka
Tairan)" menu.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

For: Windows


    Saturday, September 09, 2017
Mesen v0.9.3 released!

Mesen is a NES/Famicom emulator and NSF player. It is still a work in progress - some features are currently incomplete or may change in future versions.

Mesen Features:
* High Accuracy - A lot of effort has gone into making Mesen as accurate as possible
* Stand-alone - Put the Mesen application into any folder and run it from there
* Supports: Save States, Movie/Audio Recording, Screenshots, Cheat Codes
* Supported Mapper List (130+): 0 to 13, 15 to 19, 21 to 27, 32 to 34, 37, 38, 44, 45, 47, 49, 52, 57, 58, 60 to 62, 64 to 80, 82, 85 to 89, 91 to 95, 97, 99, 101, 107, 112, 113, 115, 118, 119, 137 to 141, 143 to 157, 159, 163, 164, 176, 180, 184, 185, 189, 191 to 195, 200 to 203, 205 to 207, 210, 218, 225 to 228, 230 to 232, 240 to 243, 246
* NES and Famicom (including Famicom Disk System) support. Also supports: NSF, NSFe, VS System
* Net Play - Play online with friends
* Automatic updates - Mesen is able to check for updates and automatically install new versions of itself.
* Built-in Debugger
* Other Features: 7z/zip archive support, numerous video filters (xBRZ, Scale2x, NTSC, etc.), sound recorder, sound effects, etc.

Mesen v0.9.3 Changelog:

New Features
UI: All UI shortcuts are now customizable in the Preferences (multi-key shortcuts are now supported).
UI: Added a link to the new online documentation site in the Help menu.
Bug Fixes
Cheats: Fixed crash when cheats window was opened
HD Packs: Fixed sprite recording in HD Pack Builder and crashes when loading HD packs in some conditions.
Debugger: Fixed some minor bugs.
Linux: Fixed some crashes and layout fixes.
Dendy: Fixed regression bug with intensify color and grayscale bits emulation.

For: Windows


    Wednesday, September 06, 2017
Cemu v1.9.1 released!

Cemu is a Nintendo Wii U emulator that runs commercial games. Highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC.

Cemu v1.9.1 Changelog:

general: Added a separate window to display the GamePad screen
general: Added more game profiles

CPU/JIT: Slightly decreased RAM usage of recompiler by optimizing away unused lookup tables
CPU/JIT: Improved detection of float denormal usage
CPU/JIT: Added support for PSQ_L type 6

input: Fixed XInput controller not refreshing
input: Fixed DirectInput controller selection for adapters with multiple controllers
input: Fixed DirectInput axis directions being mirrored or offset for certain controllers

coreinit: Added API MCP_TitleListByAppType, MCP_TitleList, FSAddClientEx()
coreinit: More accurate implementation of OSMessageQueue
coreinit: More accurate implementation of FSOpenFile/FSOpenFileAsync

nsysnet: Added API inet_ntoa(), recvfrom()

nn_act: Added API GetPersistentIdEx()

GX2: Added API GX2RSetStreamOutBuffer(), GX2WaitForFlip(), DMAEGetRetiredTimeStamp()
GX2: GX2CopySurface() can now detect access to GPU-residing textures and automatically trigger texture readback
GX2: Fixed invalid optimization of seemingly unused inputs in pixel shader when indexed GPR access is used
GX2: Optimized texture decoder (up to 5 times faster)
While generally not a bottleneck, the texture decoder previously could cause
additional micro-stutter in situations where many textures are loaded at once.

VPAD: Improved emulation of sampling callbacks
VPAD: Fixed crash in VPADControlMotor() when length parameter was out of bounds

AX: Correctly update ADPCM parameters after loop for non-streaming voices
AX: Fixed a bug in voice synchronization where changes to the current playback offset where sometimes not visible to the API

For: Windows


Mesen v0.9.2 released!

Mesen is a NES/Famicom emulator and NSF player. It is still a work in progress - some features are currently incomplete or may change in future versions.

Mesen Features:
* High Accuracy - A lot of effort has gone into making Mesen as accurate as possible
* Stand-alone - Put the Mesen application into any folder and run it from there
* Supports: Save States, Movie/Audio Recording, Screenshots, Cheat Codes
* Supported Mapper List (130+): 0 to 13, 15 to 19, 21 to 27, 32 to 34, 37, 38, 44, 45, 47, 49, 52, 57, 58, 60 to 62, 64 to 80, 82, 85 to 89, 91 to 95, 97, 99, 101, 107, 112, 113, 115, 118, 119, 137 to 141, 143 to 157, 159, 163, 164, 176, 180, 184, 185, 189, 191 to 195, 200 to 203, 205 to 207, 210, 218, 225 to 228, 230 to 232, 240 to 243, 246
* NES and Famicom (including Famicom Disk System) support. Also supports: NSF, NSFe, VS System
* Net Play - Play online with friends
* Automatic updates - Mesen is able to check for updates and automatically install new versions of itself.
* Built-in Debugger
* Other Features: 7z/zip archive support, numerous video filters (xBRZ, Scale2x, NTSC, etc.), sound recorder, sound effects, etc.

Mesen v0.9.2 Changelog:

New Features
* UI: Added an initial setup dialog for new users.
* UI: Ability to configure paths and portable mode in preferences.
* HD Packs: New features, bug fixes and audio replacement support.
* Input: Added support for the Famicom's second controller's microphone.
* Savestates: Added ability to save/load the state to/from any file.
* Debugger: Added Lua scripting.
* Debugger: Assembler now has syntax highlighting.
* Debugger: Integration with ASM6 via freem's fork (ASM6f) to import labels and code comments.
* Debugger: Added iNES header editor
* Debugger: PPU viewer enhancements
* Debugger: Added "Developer mode" option for quicker access to debugging tools
* NSF: Added repeat and shuffle options
* General: Improved emulator startup performance
Bug Fixes
* UI: Fixed window size not being remembered correctly in some cases
* FDS: Bug fixes related to cheats and save data
* Debugger: Fixed watch window usability issues and assembler bugs

For: Windows


MAME v0.189 released!

MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era.

What's news in MAME:


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 00470: [DIP/Input] (seattle.cpp) hyprdriv: Despite successful calibration the brake button doesn't function. (Ted Green)
- 00975: [DIP/Input] (seattle.cpp) calspeed: Even if you choose manual gear your car has automatic gear. (Ted Green)
- 01005: [Sound] (shangkid.cpp) shangkid: In the later levels, sound starts to get really screwy. (AJR)
- 01991: [Crash/Freeze] (vegas.cpp) gauntleg: Game randomly freezes. (Ted Green)
- 04024: [Graphics] (toaplan2.cpp) ghox: Missing background for hi-score screen. (Caps0f)
- 04872: [Graphics] (labyrunr.cpp) tricktrp: Graphic priority issue. (Angelo Salese)
- 05277: [Documentation] (cps1.cpp) sf2accp2: Installation instructions and DIP settings for SF2CE (Accelerator Pt.II) hack.
- 05608: [DIP/Input] (royalmah.cpp) mjifb, mjifb2, mjifb3: DIP Settings. (kamilz)
- 05788: [DIP/Input] (dbz.cpp) dbz: English language is not displayed. (ryuhabayusa)
- 05945: [DIP/Input] (pacman.cpp) pengojpm, pengopac: Info about dip switches. (Fortuna)
- 06259: [Graphics] (combatsc.cpp) combatsc, combascj, combasct, bootcamp, bootcampa: Wrong priority in the drill instructor screen.
(Angelo Salese)
- 06636: [Graphics] (seattle.cpp) calspeed: Triangles flicker in calspeed. (Ted Green)
- 06639: [Crash/Freeze] (coco3.cpp) coco3, coco3h: Crash of emulated system accessing multiple floppy drives. (Dirk Best)
- 06640: [Core] (coco3.cpp) coco3, coco3h: TRS-80 Color Computer FDC data corruption issue. (Dirk Best)
- 06641: [Color/Palette] (pce.cpp) pce [sonson2]: Black & White mode doesn't work properly. (Angelo Salese)
- 06644: [Gameplay] (segae.cpp) tetrisse: Unable to play 2 Player mode. (David Haywood)
- 06645: [Sound] (ninjakd2.cpp) ninjakd2, ninjakd2c, jt104, rdaction: Missing sound. (AJR)
- 06649: [Interface] ng_cthd_prot: Wrong name (Neo Goe instead of Neo Geo). (Robbbert)
- 06657: [Interface] (c64.cpp) c64: Selecting a slot to fill for "EXP" causes Fatal Error. (Nathan Woods)
- 06659: [Documentation] (model3.cpp) swtrilgy, swtrilgya: " Arcade " is necessary in the title of this game. (J.J.Boy)

New working machines
China Education Computer I [R. Belmont, Jorma Honkanen]
Double Dribble (Konami handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
Garfield (Konami handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
Kick Ball [Darksoft, Sean Sutton, Surgeville, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, David Haywood, AJR]
Kontron PSI98 [Dirk Best, rfka01]
NFL Football (Konami handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
Poosho Poosho [caius, Brian Troha, Smitdogg, Ryan Holtz, rtw, The Dumping Union]
Tekken Battle Scratch [ShouTime, Jan Stuhler, pablopelos, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
The Adventures of Bayou Billy (Konami handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
unknown 'Space Invaders' gambling game [Roberto Fresca, Arzeno Fabrice, David Haywood]

New working clones
1943: Midway Kaisen (Japan, no protection hack) [Bryan McPhail]
Alligator Hunt (unprotected, set 2) [David Haywood, Peter Wilhelmsen]
B.Rap Boys Special (World) [Phill @NES4Life]
Carrier Air Wing (USA 901130) [mastercello]
Crash Road (bootleg of Space Chaser) [Ed Cross]
Crazy Climber (US set 2) [John at johnsarcade]
Crime Fighters 2 (Japan, 4 Players, ver. N) [Guy B]
Cool Minigame Collection (Italy) [Hammy]
Daiku no Gensan (Japan, M82) [Hammy, Jon H, The Dumping Union]
DoDonPachi III (World, 2002.05.15 Master Ver) [neohyphengeo productions]
Donkey Kong Jr. (bootleg on Moon Cresta hardware, set 2) [The Dumping Union / Team Recreativas, AJR]
Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 12 [hap, Berger, yoyo_chessboard]
Mega Zone (program code L) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union]
Mephisto Nigel Short [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Polgar 10MHz [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Portorose 68000 [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Portorose 68020 [Sandro Ronco]
Ordyne (World) [Corrado Tomaselli]
Popeye (Japan, Sky Skipper hardware, Older) [Justin Rudebaugh]
Port Man (Japan) [ShouTime]
Street Fighter (World) (protected) [Corrado Tomaselli]
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Quicken, bootleg) [Moffitt]
Super Athena (bootleg) [Hammy]
Super Chase - Criminal Termination (1992/01/18 18:29:18 CHASE 3 VER 1.30, prototype) [Trol]
Vamf x1/2 (Europe, version 1.0.0903) [Rod_Wod, TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
WWF Superstars (US revision 6) [Bryan McPhail]

Machines promoted to working
Football Power [MetalliC]
Mephisto Academy [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Almeria 68000 [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Almeria 68020 [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Berlin Pro 68020 [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Genius 68030 [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Polgar [Sandro Ronco]
Night Gal Summer [BET] (Japan 850702 NGS 0-01) [Angelo Salese]
TH Strikes Back [David Haywood, Kevin Eshbach]

Clones promoted to working
Forty-Love (Japan) [ShouTime, Angelo Salese]
BBC Master Turbo [Nigel Barnes]
International Toote II (v1.24, P387.V01) [Gerald (COY)]
Mephisto Berlin Pro London Upgrade [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Genius 68030 London Upgrade [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto London 68020 [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Lyon 68000 [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Lyon 68020 [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Vancouver 68000 [Sandro Ronco]
Mephisto Vancouver 68020 [Sandro Ronco]
Virtua Bowling (Hong Kong, V101HJS) [Abelardator2, Luca Elia]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
AT&T Teletype 4425 [shattered]
Access Virus A [R. Belmont, absence]
Access Virus B (Ver. T) [R. Belmont, absence]
Access Virus C [R. Belmont, absence]
Access Virus Classic [R. Belmont, absence]
Access Virus Rack XL [R. Belmont, absence]
Access Virus Rack [R. Belmont, absence]
Altos 8600 [Carl, Al Kossow]
ControlID X628 fingerprint reader [Felipe Sanches]
GameCube (Japan) [Dirk Best]
Honey Pot (03J00241, NSW/ACT) [Heihachi_73]
Konnano Hajimete! (Japan) [Ralph Wallace, system11, The Dumping Union]
Kurzweil K2000 [R. Belmont]
Learning-Window Teaching Machine (Rev 3) [Kevin Horton]
Machinedrum MK2 [R. Belmont, absence]
Magic Reels [TeamEurope]
Mannesmann Kienzle System 9002 Terminal [Miodrag Milanovic]
Mephisto RISC 1MB [Sandro Ronco]
Monomachine SFX6 MK2 [R. Belmont, absence]
Nurete Mitaino... - Net Idol Hen [Ralph Wallace, system11, The Dumping Union]
Sengoku Mahjong Kurenai Otome-tai [Ralph Wallace, system11, The Dumping Union]
Sexy Gal Tropical [BET] (Japan 850805 SXG T-02) [ShouTime, Angelo Salese]
Super Game (Sega Master System Multi-game bootleg) (alt games) [TeamEurope]
Venice (02J02056, Venezuela) [Heihachi_73]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
Derby Owners Club World Edition (Rev B) [f205v, ShouTime]
Dirt Devils (Japan, Revision A) [ShouTime]
Econet X25 Gateway [Nigel Barnes]
GameCube (Brazil) [Dirk Best]
GameCube (EUR) [Dirk Best]
GameCube (USA) [Dirk Best]
Goldeneye (4.02) [Gore Daimon, Sergio Munemori]
Henson CFA 3000 [Nigel Barnes]
Learning-Window Teaching Machine (French) [Kevin Horton]
Learning-Window Teaching Machine (Rev 1) [Kevin Horton]
Learning-Window Teaching Machine (Rev 2) [Kevin Horton]
Mephisto RISC II [Sandro Ronco]
Print Club (World) [David Haywood]
Trigger Heart Exelica (Japan) (GDL-0036) [rtw, ShouTime]
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (Version B) (GDS-0024C) [rtw, ShouTime, f205v, Darksoft]
Spiel Master (German) [TeamEurope, Kevin Horton]
Star Wars (1.06, Display S1.05) [Jubex77, JMan, Gore Daimon]

New working software list additions
apple2: Nightmare Gallery [Ian B.]
bbc_flop_80186: Master 512 Technical Guide Programs [Nigel Barnes]
bbc_flop_z80: Double Density CP/M [Nigel Barnes]
The Acornsoft Hits Vol.1, The Acornsoft Hits Vol.2, Centre Ville, Chick Chase, The Christmas Adventures of 4-T and his Friends,
The Fantastic Adventures of 4-T, First Filer, The Great British Fun Run, Integra Windows 1.00, Look After Yourself!,
Knitwear Designer, Modem Master, Note Invaders, Numbers and Pictures, NumbersCope, Pirate, The Quill (A00), The Quill (A03),
Rhythm Maker, Science - Start Here!, Shape Up, Snapple Hopper, Spell!, Starspell Plus, TimeShare,
Trivial Pursuit - Baby Boomer Edition, Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition, Trivial Pursuit - Young Players Edition, Word Skill
[Nigel Barnes]
BeebSID 1-17, Beeb SID Quiz [PitfallJones]
Morley Hard Disc Utilities v3.00 [Nigel Barnes]
SID Music 1, Sid Music 2 [Tom Walker]
c64_cass: Shado BBC Emulator Software [Curt Coder]
Electron User Group #00-#74 (5.25"), Starspell Dictionary Disk (3.5"), Starspell Dictionary Disk (5.25") [Nigel Barnes]
DOR Special Edition '93 (alt), Gokko Vol. 03 - Etcetera [r09, redump.org]
Europa Sensen, Inindou - Datou Nobunaga, Nobunaga no Yabou - Bushou Fuunroku [r09, Reuental]
Nihon Mukashibanashi, The Queen of Duellist Gaiden Alpha Light [r09, yukin/Tokugawa Corporate Forums]
fmtowns_flop: Illusion City - Gen'ei Toshi, Ving Soft Collection [r09, yukin/Tokugawa Corporate Forums]
B.A.T. [ArcadeShadow]
Superbase 5 Demo [breiztiger]
B.A.T. II, Wing Commander, Wing Commander: The Secret Missions, Wing Commander: The Secret Missions 2,
Wing Commander II - Vengeance of the Kilrathi [ArcadeShadow]
RobotC2 Demo [breiztiger]
Diagnostics Diskette for IBM Personal System/2 model 70/80 (v1.06, Finnish). [Curt Coder]
Ami [Justin Kerk]
lynx: Crystal Mines II - Buried Treasure (Euro, USA) [anonymous]
pico: Anpanman Pico Wakuwaku Pan Koujou (Jpn), Ett Ar med Nalle Puh (Swe) [TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
sms: Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 (World, hack) [Shideravan]

Software list items promoted to working
6502 Development Package, Bitstik Graphics System, Bitstik 2, Econet Level 2 Fileserver Software, Hi-InterSheet, Hi-View,
Hi-Wordwise Plus [Nigel Barnes]
bbc_flop_65c102: 65C102 Co-Processor Support Disc [Nigel Barnes]
bbc_flop_68000: Casper Support Discs [Nigel Barnes]
bbc_flop_80186: BBC Master 512 System Discs, Dabs Shareware Vol.1, Dabs Shareware Vol.2 [Nigel Barnes]
bbc_flop_z80: Acorn CP/M System Discs, Acorn CP/M Program Discs, Colossal Cave [Nigel Barnes]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
pico: Lejonkungen Aventyr (Swe) [TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
princ: Hobby Club, Kodomo no Omacha [TeamEurope]

Translations added or modified
Chinese (simplified) [YuiFAN]
Chinese (traditional) [YuiFAN]
German [RafTacker]
Greek [BraiNKilleRGR]
Italian [theheroGAC]
Japanese [Vas Crabb]
Portuguese (Brazil) [Ashura-X, Felipe Sanches]
Russian [MetalliC]
Serbian [Vas Crab, Midrag Milanovic]
Serbian (Cyrillic) [Vas Crab, Midrag Milanovic]
Spanish [A. Viloria]
Swedish [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]
Turkish [kadireksi]

Source Changes
-pengadvb: Added start/continue button (partially fixes MT04528). [Angelo Salese]

-Added very preliminary PC9801 AMD98 sound board emulation [Angelo Salese]

-namcos1.cpp: Fixed joystick dropping inputs bug for crouching/running actions in Beraboh Man. [Angelo Salese]

-labyrunr.cpp: Fixed tile-sprite priorities, mostly visible when exiting an area in most stages. [Angelo Salese]

-deco32.cpp: Rewrote interrupt handling; improved lightgun support for Locked Loaded. [Angelo Salese]

-chanbara.cpp: Identified sprite flip X bit (player sword thrusts). [Angelo Salese]

-Wrote a new device for Taito yoke-based inputs (found in Midnight Landing and Top Landing). [Angelo Salese]

-taitoair.cpp: Added screen raw parameters, fixes pilot acknowledge sound sample timing. [Angelo Salese]

-ioport.cpp: Log explicit error if inp file isn't found on playback, added error code number for other errors. [Angelo Salese]

-jangou_blitter.cpp: Rewrote blitter setters. [Angelo Salese]

-nightgal.cpp improvements: [Angelo Salese]
* Fixed Night Gal Summer GFX ROM out-of-bounds accesses.
* Added preliminary protection emulation for Night Gal Summer.

-luaengine: Added debugger_manager support. [Carl]

-plugins/cheat: Catch errors in cheat scripts, added preliminary breakpoint/watchpoint support. [Carl]

-plugins/gdbstub: Added WIP gdbstub plugins. [Carl]

-plugins/data: Added MARP scores. [Carl]

-a590: Corrected filenames and added undumped 4.6 and 5.92 versions. [Dirk Best]

-jvc_dsk: Autodetect double-sided floppy images without header (github issue #2405), improved support for headerless OS-9 images.
[Dirk Best]

-Added Kontron PSI98 driver: [Dirk Best]
* System is fully working with minor issues, you can boot KOS and CP/M 2.2 (images are in the software list).
* Still missing is SASI and the ECB slot system with cards.
* Added keyboard slot interface, created skeleton for keyboard, added HLE ASCII keyboard as default.
* Added software list.

-upd765 improvements: [Dirk Best]
* Don't instantly finish the RECALIBRATE command (fixes accessing second drive on psi98).
* Made SEEK also take some time (fixes KOS FORMAT command on psi98).

-Added Nintendo GameCube skeleton driver. [Dirk Best]
* Decrypts the IPL and the CPU executes the first few instructions.

-gyruss - various small updates: [Dirk Best, Tele-Viper]
* Added missing DIP location for DSW3.
* Fixed dip switches and added correct ROM labels/locations for gyrussce.
* Fixed labels for gyrussb.
* Updated diagnostic ROM info.
* Adjusted some memory region sizes.
* Removed unused DRIVER_INIT.

-igs011.cpp update: [Luca Elia]
* Decrypted vbowlhk and added its own bitswaps for IGS003 and IGS011.
* Found DIP switches to perform a protection test in vbowl, changed IGS012 mode toggling to pass the test.
* Changed IGS003 command 48 in lhb2 and vbowl to potentially work in more cases (based on lhb2 tables).

-jockeyc: Added layout with keyboards. [Luca Elia]
* Cleaned up inputs, added own DIP switches.
* Corrected RTC, emulated hoppers.
* Hooked up outputs, NVRAM, and trackball (for hidden editor).

-Overhauled internal UI: [Vas Crabb]
* Use proper font metrics and handle space glyphs with null bounding box on OS X.
* Patched GNU xgettext to support C++14 parsing so localisations can be updated.
* Restored ability to localise info box headings.
* Fixed info box navigation when system selection menu doesn't have focus.
* Fixed keyboard navigation of software filter box, added support for home/end to jump to beginning/end of filter list.
* Removed hacks in selector menu tying it to implementation details of other menus.
* Improved encapsulation and reduced code duplication in system/software selection menus.
* Fixed text alignment/gutters in filter list, info box and DAT view.
* Eliminated use of hairline spaces for alignment in the info box.
* Added indication for presence of analog controls and keyboard inputs in info box.
* Added support for mouse wheel scroll in info box.
* Allowed some character input events to be coalesced (reduces lag in live search with long lists).
* Fixed software art/info display when keyboard focus leaves software selection list.
* Save/restore images/info selection in right panel.
* Fixed bugs and improved performance of code for detecting systems without ROMs.
* Made audit menu request confirmation, show progress, and save result in INI format.
* Consolidated code for drawing "extra" boxes above/below menus.
* Fixed minimum/maximum for UI font rows per screen setting.
* Fixed spacing on directory configuration menu.
* Made slot options menu show full name of selected slot device below menu.

-Reimplemented system/software filters: [Vas Crabb]
* Uniform interface/polymorphic implementation - eliminates almost all special-casing in menus.
* Made filter names localisable.
* Allowed more filter types and prevent contradictory filters from being added in custom filters.
* Made category filter work like other filters (allowed in custom filter displays its own UI, better error messages).
* Made multiple year/manufacturer/category/etc. filters in custom filter an inclusive union operator.
* Removed implicit "Not BIOS" system filter, it can be added explicitly if desired.

-Moved unimplemented/imperfect flags from machines into devices: [Vas Crabb]
* Allows dynamic warning flags depending on slot configuration.
* Unclutters GAME/CONS/COMP/etc. definitions where a family of machines or a device have the same flags.
* Allows more combinations of flags.

-PNG/rendering/artwork/output improvements: [Vas Crabb]
* Added support for layout item groups that can be reused in other groups or views.
* Reduced weight of render.h by moving component specialisation declarations into rendlay.cpp.
* Replaced simple_list with more appropriate containers, remove misleading const qualifiers, reduced repeated XML walking.
* Added N-dimensional output finder to avoid runtime string hashes - more than doubles performance of intlc440.
* Unified code for copying PNG data into MAME bitmap in MAME and pngcmp, made it less likely to leak memory.
* Added support for Adam7 interleave in PNG files, fixed some corner cases in unfiltering code.
* Fixed upsampling of greyscale PNGs, added support for monochrome with alpha.
* Added support for 16-bit samples in PNG files.
* Added support for PNG greyscale/RGB with transparent pen.
* Detect more invalid PNG files rather than just behaving badly.

-Added "minimaws" scripts, a reference -listxml consumer (implemented with Python/WSGI and JavaScript): [Vas Crabb]
* Provides verbs for loading data, some basic batch queries, and an interactive web server mode.
* Serves linked HTML pages for machines, devices, and source files.
* Demonstrates how to dynamically discover slot/BIOS options from static -listxml output.
* Allows user to build a slot configuration and shows necessary command-line arguments or INI lines to produce it in MAME.
* As a side effect, this provides additional validation of -listxml output, several issues and limitations were addressed.

-Fixed -sleep and -refreshspeed options, fixed a stupid forced unnecessary sleep. [Vas Crabb]

-Fixed -slot card,bios=rev (selected BIOS was being applied to slot itself, not card). [Vas Crabb]

-Fixed up input merger: added more variants, synchronisation and save state support, removed dubious reset behaviour. [Vas Crabb]

-Removed a whole lot of I64 from format strings (use logerror/string_format/stream_format to avoid it). [Vas Crabb]

-Added validation of BIOS names/descriptions/defaults and fixed errors exposed. [Vas Crabb]

-Moved additional content for release archive from build repository to main repository. [Vas Crabb]

-bublbobl.cpp, missb2.cpp: Reimplemented sound CPU semaphores and sound NMI according to schematics. [Lord Nightmare, Vas Crabb]
* Implemented sound semaphores into tokio as well, fixing SOUND ERROR in test mode.
* Added notes about sound CPU addressing.
* Reimplemented /SRESET as a separate function called on sound CPU reset according to schematics.
* Added correct watchdog to Bubble Bobble and Tokio, and disabled it on the Bubble Bobble prototype.
* Added proper 'wired-or' sound CPU IRQs to Bubble Bobble.
* Renamed 'slave' cpu to 'subcpu' to match schematics.

-dectalk.cpp: Use correct DSP ROM for firmware 1.8, some driver cleanup. [Lord Nightmare]

-ceci: Added driver for China Education Computer I (Apple II clone). [R. Belmont]
* Added QUIT and TEST keys (hold down TEST while resetting for diagnostic), completed keyboard.
* Fixed banking - Chinese mode works.
* Added HGR color killer softswitch.

-k2000: Added sample ROMs. [R. Belmont]

-alphatro_flop: Replaced bad dumps for CP/M and BASIC with good ones. [R. Belmont]

-alphatro: Added cart slot, support for 8K carts from the command line, and cart software list. [R. Belmont]

-alphatro: Added BIOS set for machine with Bicom graphics. [TeamEurope, rfka01, R. Belmont]

-multipcm: Confirmed to be Yamaha YMW-258-F. [any, R. Belmont]

-Added new 74LS259/9334/CD4099 devices. [AJR]
* Added wcoin counters and/or lockouts to Atari System 1 games, Basketball, Gauntlet, Gyruss, Hana Yayoi, Hole Land, Jr. Pac-Man,
Mahjong Sisters, Pooyan, Roc'n Rope, Squash, Thunder Hoop, Time Limit, Time Pilot '84 and many others.
* Cleaned up coin counter behavior in Sauro and Rally Bike.

-ym2151: Added reset line emulation. [AJR]

-spcforce: Added coin counters, start lamps and addressable latch device [AJR]

-tankbatt: Improved handling of sample triggers - fire sound is no longer doubled. [AJR]

-decocass.cpp: Major improvements to colors and graphics layer priorities [AJR]
* Implement the PRI2 pen modification effect. This makes the tunnels and headlight in Highway Chase look much more accurate, and
makes some color changes work in Astro Fantasia.
* Shadow color in Skater is now properly black (not a pen modification effect).
* Correct background fill color, making high score screen in Super Doubles Tennis properly blue.

-mario: Added coin counters and 74LS259. [AJR]

-isbc8630: Added 74LS259 "status register" (only partly implemented). [AJR]

-blazeon, wingforc: Shadowing RAM with ROM in sound CPU map can't be right. [AJR]

-v25: Made IDB register state visible to debugger. [AJR]

-jp.cpp: Added 74LS259 latches and ADPCM sound system used by some games. [AJR]

-janptr96: Changed CPU type to TMPZ84C015, drive interrupts through internal CTC. [AJR]

-changela: Changed default DIP setting to keep coin counters separate. [AJR]

-mjelctrn, mjembase, majxtal7, neruton: Changed CPU type to TMPZ84C015 and improved interrupt handling. [AJR]

-dynax.cpp: Use address map bank device for most games in this driver plus htengoku. [AJR]
* Many games now successfully retrieve local time at start through an RTC device previously treated as read-only.

-fixeight: EEPROM fixes. [AJR]
* Corrected decryption of some V25 opcodes used in the EEPROM service routine.
* Removed the ugly routine that hardcoded a region for each set.
* Added and documented a secret input that rewrites the EEPROM for any region.

-Delay data capture timing for MSM5205 and MSM6585 (should help with synchronization later). [AJR]

-flstory: Fixed CPU communication issue that sometimes caused sound to disappear entirely. [AJR]

-decomult: Replaced gross hack for banking "dongle" with something more likely. [AJR]

-chinhero: Added coin counters. [AJR]

-salamand: Improved VLM5030 control. [AJR]

-combatscb: Improved interrupt handling. [AJR]

-mb8421: Created 16-bit expanded variant and added it to thndzone/dassault. [AJR]

-mastninj: Implemented dual OPN plus dual MSM5205 ADPCM sound system as in Automat. [AJR]

-Rewrote mmodular.cpp to use the new mmboard device - many sets promoted to working. [Sandro Ronco]

-fmtowns improvements: [Barry Rodewald]
* Added support vertical zoom greater than x2 (fixes Evolution).
* Improved graphic layer placement - games with different-sized layers now display better.
* Added preliminary RS232C port support.

-gt64xxx: Buffer multiple writes for PCI stall (fixes MT06636). [Ted Green]

-seattle: Set proper blitz99 DIP switch settings and added gearshift to calspeed (fixes MT00975). [Ted Green]

-floppy: Added FLOPPY_HFE_FORMAT to default_floppy_formats. [Nigel Barnes]

-acorn_dsk updates: [Nigel Barnes]
* Improved find_size/identify for SSD/DSD formats.
* Fixed geometry for ACORN_DOS_FORMAT 800K.

-wd177x_dsk: Apply sector_count and gaps to track description. [Nigel Barnes]

-bbc updates: [Nigel Barnes]:
* Added new TUBE device - Acorn Tube ULA for use with Acorn second processors.
* Added various second processors as Tube slot devices: Acorn 6502, Acorn 65C102, Acorn Z80, Acorn 80186, Casper 68000.
* Added BeebSID slot device for the 1MHz bus.
* Minor video improvements: fixed cursor size, double clock in MODE7 to counteract non-implemented interlace.
* bbc_acorn8271: Added Amcom DFS A7874.
* bbc_opus8272: Added new Opus 8272 FDC device with DDOS 3.00, not yet working.

-didact: Updated LOG support to latest cut. [Joakim Larsson Edstrom]

-m68340: Added implementations for VCO clock synthesizer and Timer module Counters, IRQs and one operational mode.
[Joakim Larsson Edstrom]

-namcos2.cpp: Ordyne uses older IO MCU ROM, cleaned ROM labels as per PCB photos. [MetalliC]

-gaelco3d.cpp updates: [MetalliC]
* Increased TMS ROM region, makes Football Power players models visible.
* Fixed serial EEPROM access.
* Implemented Football Power mechanical ball simulation.

-Added Atomiswave security notes. [brizzo, MetalliC]

-apple2: Update screen on mode-switch only if really switching. [Peter Ferrie]

-hp9845: Refactored handling of HTI images into a dedicated format module, refactored hp9845_tape imgtool module to use HTI format.

-hp85: Implemented tape drive, fixed a bug in tape gap detection. [F.Ulivi]

-imgtool: Fixed null pointer dereference and logic errors in "GET" command. [F.Ulivi]

-ms0515: Add sound and corrected clock rate. [shattered]

-dvk_ksm: Implemented Baud rate generator and cleaned up source. [shattered]

-Refactored server_{ws,http}.hpp into separate interface and implementation. [Christian Brunschen]
* Use std::weak_ptr from websocket_connection_impl to webpp::Connection to avoid reference cycles.
* When shutting down the HTTP server, also explicitly stop the asio::io_context; this allows the built binary to exit cleanly.

-mos6526.cpp: Show state of registers that can be read without side effects in debugger. [David Viens]

-om6502.lst: Corrected cycle counts for undocumented $BF instruction. [David Viens]
* Now passes Lorenz testsuite-2.15's cputiming.prg (and does not break laxay.prg).

-Improved Android build support. [Miso Kim]
* Updated for NDK r14b, build-tools 21.1.2, gradle 2.2.1, and jdk1.8.0_144.

-Renamed 'grtesoro' sets to 'play2000', gave it it's own machine structure and memory map. [David Haywood]
* Added some workarounds so that it actually boots, fixed GFX ROM loading.

-Added basic Saturn CD Block device to load the ROMs. [David Haywood]

-imgtool modernisation and miscellaneous fixes: [Nathan Woods]
* Fixed a std::string(nullptr) bug.
* Proper cleanup of floppy object after create/open failure.
* Merged normalize_filename() into cannonicalize_path().
* Eliminated Imgtool-specific rand() function.
* Modernised mgtool_forkent structure.
* Fixed features.supports_geticoninfo.

-Partially fixed MT06621 (save state path not honoured). [Nathan Woods]
* Still doesn't honour software name for multipart software loaded from internal UI.

-imgtool: Made Mac ICN# drawing logic never draw pixels outside mask. [Nathan Woods]

-SAM6883: Fixed VDG addressing incorrectly honoring page bit. [Nathan Woods, Ciaran Anscomb]

-gb.cpp: Optimized channel update methods - greatly reduces time to load state. [057a3dd61f99517a3afea0051a49cb27994f94d]

-Added better documentation and part numbers for midvunit wheel board. [Risugami]

-Rainbow-100: Use Z80SIO instead of Z80DART, make UCSD Pascal boot again. [Bavarese]

-Added Control ID X628 fingerprint reader skeleton driver and NT7534 bitmap LCD controller device. [Felipe Sanches]

-Added HD647180X MCU dumps to Whoopee and Ghox. [Caps0ff]
* Allows sound emulation in both of games, and fixes the high score table background in Ghox.

-Road Runner (Midway): Replaced bad ROM with good one, added notes. [rogerxy, blinddog]

-segae.cpp: Corrected rom names for Transformers System E. [Arzeno Fabrice]

-triforce.cpp: Redumped Virtua Striker 4 Ver.2006 (GDT-0020D). [rtw]

-dccons.cpp: Added better dump of PAL Dreamcast Flash ROM. [rtw]

-aristmk5 updates: Fixed some sets, added honeypot and venicea5. [Heihachi_73]

-snes.xml documentation updates: [Inigo Martinez]
* Fixed ROM name and added extra information for Dragon Ball Z - Super Gokuu Den - Kakusei Hen.
* Added information about an earlier Euro Ranma 1/2 revision.
* Added information about an earlier Spanish release of Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest.
* Added information about the Spanish release of Pilotwings to the Euro dump.

-nes.xml documentation updates: [Inigo Martinez]
* Added information about Super Mario Bros. PCB.
* Fixed serial values and added PCB information for Pinball, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Trog!.

-thoop2.cpp: Added PCB layout for TH Strikes Back. [Brian Troha]

-fmtowns_cd.xml: Update undumped list, merged the Towns and Marty list. [r09]

-irem_cpu.cpp: Added some info about the Superior Soldiers sound CPU. [caius]

-mitchell.cpp: Added PALs and EEPROM dumps to pkladiesla, and corrected ROM labels. [f205v]

-mario.cpp: Identified marioj as Revision C. [Corrado Tomaselli]

-hiscore.dat: Updated for recent changes. [Leezer]

For: Windows, Linux, and macOS


Ootake v2.83 released!

Ootake is a PC Engine emulator for Windows. Ootake is the most frequently updated PC Engine emulator available for windows, and Ootake is also one of the more complete. Also, Ootake is FREE unlike Magic Engine.

Ootake v2.83 changelog:

- The interrupt operation of ADPCM sound has been brought closer to the real
machine. "Kuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy" can be worked! And, "Yuna
HuVideo-CD (Resale version extra CD)" can be worked. Please use [CDROM->
CD FullInstall] menu to make movies move smoothly. + Hiro, Thank you for
helpful information.
- The interrupt operation of CD-DA sound has been brought closer to the real
machine. In "the Manhole", at the room with CD-DA sound BGM, the problem
freezing was solved. And, "Crazy Hospital" can be worked.
+ Changed "the Manhole" recognition title name from "The Manhole (J)" to
"the Manhole (J)".
- The wait operation at the time of CD-ROM access is brought close to actual
machine. Some games that uses "GAMES EXPRESS CD CARD" now works.
"CD Mahjoung Bishoujo Chuushinha", "Hi-Leg Fantasy", "AV Tanjou",
"Bishoujo Jyanshi Idol Pai" and "CD Hanafuda Bishoujo Fan Club" can be
worked (Startup confirmed). I think that "CD Bishoujo Pachinko" and
"CD Pachisuro Bishoujo Gambler" can probably be worked. And, in "Ys IV",
when the "Old System Card" is used, the freeze problem solved. + Hiro,
Thank you for helpful information.
- The play operation of CD-DA sound approached the real machine. In "Steam
Heart's", the problem that BGM did not sound was solved. + Hiro, Thank you
for helpful information.
- The play operation of ADPCM sound approached the real machine. In
"Seisenshi Denshou", the problem that voice audio was interrupted was
solved. In "Pastel Lime", I think that the problem of disorder of images
and sounds was solved.
- In "Seisenshi Denshou", The speech display speed has been brought close to
the real machine.
- In "Ys I & II", when Ys1 was cleared, the production of "A quiet time" (
CD-ROM access time) was reproduced.
- In "Tengai Makyou II", at the Demo of the opening stage, the production of
"A quiet time" (CD-ROM access time) was reproduced.
- In "Shin Onryou Senki", the problem that the message was skipped (caused
by v2.80) has been resolved.
- "Play with Other System Card 2" in the "CD-ROM" menu as "Play with Games
Express CD Card" has been renamed.
- "Play with Other System Card 1" in the "CD-ROM" menu as "Play with Old
System Card" has been renamed.
- "Setting->Tool->TG16 ROM-image Bit Convert" menu was fixed and improved.
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

For: Windows


    Sunday, August 27, 2017
Mednafen v0.9.47 released!

Mednafen is a multi-game-system emulator, for various platforms, including emulation of the following systems:Atari Lynx,Famicom,GameBoy (Color),GameBoy Advance,Neo Geo Pocket (Color), NES(both NTSC and PAL),PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 (CD) and SuperGrafx,PC-FX,WonderSwan (Color).

Mednafen v0.9.47 Changelog:

- Lynx, MD, NGP, SMS: Added a few missing variables to save states.
- SS: Added save state support.
- Revamped save state helper macros and functions, to allow save-stating of variables in arrays of structs to be simpler.
- SS: Fixed BCR1 write protect, and added stub emulation of the other BSC registers.
- SS: Added incomplete stub Action Replay 4M Plus emulation(for experimentation); proper Action Replay support would require SH-2 UBC emulation, and that may be too costly performance wise.
- SS: Implemented very rough approximation of bus timing side effects when master SH-2 DMA is active(accurate handling of bus priorities and sharing would increase
- CPU requirements noticeably, but it may ultimately be necessary as a database-driven option for some stubborn games in the future). Fixes startup hangs in "Device Reign", "Real Sound", "Resident Evil", "SD Gundam G Century S", "Super Tempo", "Tennis Arena", "Tilk", "Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku", "Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album", "Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku ensemble", "Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku ensemble 2", "Yuukyuu no Kobako Official Collection", and "Zero4 Champ".

For: Windows and Linux


    Thursday, August 17, 2017
Ootake v2.82 released!

Ootake is a PC Engine emulator for Windows. Ootake is the most frequently updated PC Engine emulator available for windows, and Ootake is also one of the more complete. Also, Ootake is FREE unlike Magic Engine.

Ootake v2.82 changelog:

- With Windows8/10 when "Play Installed CD" is selected, fixed the problem that Ootake stopped.
- When "Sorcerian" is started, the title screen is launched immediately. (launched with [I] button pressed) If you do not need this, please uncheck [Adjust Sorcerian BGM Repeat] of [Setting->Improve] menu.
- [Auto Skep Opening (Sorcerian)] was added to [Setting->Improve] menu. If this menu is checked, when "Sorcerian" is started, the title screen is launched immediately.(launched with [I] button pressed). By default this is off. + When this menu is checked, if you reset the game with [SELECT]+[RUN], you can see the opening demo.
- In "Sorcerian", when the party returned to the castle, fixed a problem where BGM was disturbed.
- The operation of the PCE built-in sound (wave memory sound) has been brought close to the real machine. In "Xevious - Fardraut Densetsu", when PAUSE was released, the problems that sound became thin was solved.
- When "Gotzendiener" is started, it is starts with Multi-Tap removed. The problem that the motion was unstable has been solved. (This problem will occur in the same way on the real machine)
- Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

For: Windows


    Sunday, August 13, 2017
no$psx v2.0 released!

no$psx is a nocash Playstation PSone emulator by martin korth

no$psx v2.0 Changelog:

webpage: moved from http://nocash.emubase.de/ to http://problemkaputt.de/
hc05: low-level cdrom sub-cpu emulation (motorola mc68hc05 with cdrom bios)
hc05: setup: allows to select new low-level emu, older/faster high-level emu
hc05: setup: ignores hc05 low-level option if file MC68HC05.ROM is missing
hc05: setup: forces reset when changing between low-level and high-level emu
hc05: setup: prevents skipping mips-bios-intro in low-level cdrom emulation
hc05: cpu: emulates motorola hc05 opcodes and hc05 onchip I/O ports and timer2
hc05: cpu: switches between mips/hc05 (on interval and on 1F80180xh access)
hc05: io: emulates servo amplifier and signal processor CX(nn) commands
hc05: io: emulates servo/signal SENSE result (with SERIAL SENSE on new chips)
hc05: io: emulates decoder cmd/param/reply fifos and sector data transfers
hc05: io: emulates SUBQ spi bus transfers (for position and table of contents)
hc05: scex: simulates serial scex bitstream (when DISK,near POS0,SINGLE speed)
hc05: scex: simulates new subq channel "encrypted" scex signal (version vC3)
hc05: disc: creates SUBQ data for TOC (with point A0h,A1h,A2h,01h..NNh)
hc05: disc: skips nonsense track 0 (lead-in) entries in .nrg "CUES" chunks
hc05: sled-mech: supports sled move via FastSled and TrackJump commands
hc05: sled-mech: supports sled brake (with reduced kick and move voltages)
hc05: sled-mech: computes non-linear sector number versus sled seek distance
hc05: mech: simulates DOOR OPEN switch period (required to sense disc changes)
hc05: mech: simulates POS0 switch (required for sled reverse lead-in seeking)
hc05: mech: nag feature: simulates GFS=bad on spindle speed change (eg.spinup)
hc05: mech: nag feature: forces GFS=bad and FOK=bad when disc missing
hc05: audio: forwards xa-adpcm data (on adpmnt) and cd-da data (when demuted)
hc05: tty: logs incoming cmd/param fifo and outgoing irq/reply fifo transfers
hc05: tty: logs CX(nn) commands (with description on known command/params)
hc05: tty: logs most recent MM:SS:FF alongsides with CX(nn) commands
hc05: bios: cdrom-image-loader treats 16.5K ".ROM" files as cdrom bios-images
hc05: bios: autodetects chipset and oscillator (via CXDnnnn strings in BIOS)
hc05: debug: supports f6-key set pc, f4-key break, f7-key trace
hc05: debug: ctrl+t toggle between MIPS and HC05 debug view (if low level on)
hc05: debug: optional bad I/O warnings (with CODE window moved to fault addr)
hc05: debug: integrated low-level mode in debugger (re_read_io, vac, iomap)
hc05: snapshots: saves hc05 registers and memory and low-level/chipset type
hc05: help: added summary of used CX(nn) values for vC1,vC2,vC3 versions
hc05: help: add notes on sled motor control methods (move, brake, nonlinear)
hc05: help: add info on vC3 specials (TzcOut, NewScex, CX(nn0000)-padding)
hc05: help: add info on oscillator clocks, and openbus-reading effects
hc05: help: add motorola bootstrap info and cdrom bios dumping info/link
cdrom: doesn't set stat.read/play bits until seek completion (gran turismo 1)
cdrom: slightly more accurate setloc (kept pending after seek_l/seek_p)
cdrom: computes average time per seek distance (faster than real hw though)
help: added note on DTL-H2000 using a Sony SPC700 sub-cpu (not Motorola HC05)
setup: allows to select 0,1,2,or 8 memcards (workaround for problem in "One")
debug: optional MIPS and HC05 tracelog function in TTY window (as in no$sns)
debug: new TTY buffer size option (1/10/100MB limit, with optional stop/wrap)
debug: resolves ASCII datazones and a0h/b0h/c0h jump lists for DTL-H2000 bios
tty: added "tty_force_newline" at begin of auto-generated (non-user) lines
cdrom: always uses low-level sector buffer (removed high-level buffer relicts)
help: added info on DTL-H2000 memory and atcons/dip/led/etc I/O ports
help: added 176-pin CXD2941R pinouts (SPU+CDROM+SPU_RAM on PM-41(2) boards)
help: notes on missing cdrom commands in vC0 (1Dh+1Eh+5xh + 19h,22h..25h/7xh)
help: fixed apu min/max typos, and cpu j/jal F0000000 typo (thanks mitikoro)
help: note on cache/cop0 info in LR3330/L64360 datasheets (thanks LostTemplar)
a22i: added ".pack_crc32 result,initial" directive (use with ".pack_org")
a22i: added ".pack_chksum_xor8bit result" and ".pack_chksum_add8bit result"
snapshot: bugfix: removed duplicated "SECT" chunk name (cdrom sector buffer)
help: added new "PSX Dev-Board Chipsets" chapter (for DTL-Hnnnn boards, etc)
debug: fixed tty bios patch for cex-1000 (opcode 0FF019CDh instead 0FF019E1h)
bios: gui doesn't mute cd-audio (eg. required for games like wipeout 2097)
bios: recognizes GetID result for unlicensed mode2 disks WITH audio tracks
debug: allows editing values in REGS window (alternately rx=nn in CODE window)
bios clone: sends secret unlock commands (works/tested: boots without modchip)
a22i: added mc68hc05 assembler (for testing/re-assembling cdrom sub-cpu bios)
a22i: resurrected nocash-syntax in online assembler (if disass in nocash mode)
help: hardware numbers: added sony's DTL-Hxxxx developer tool hardware numbers
gpu/dma2: pre-checks linked-list size (and abort/warn if endless-link-chain)
spu: supports multi-block manual ram write (repeated spucnt=C010h; bios intro)
spu/irq: emulates i_stat edge-triggering (gex,finalfantasy9,tokimekimemorial2)
cdrom/irq: emulates i_stat edge-triggering (though rarely needed in practice)
emu: emulates dirt effects on 8bit/16bit/32bit writes to various I/O ports
help: added details on multi-block manual spu ram writes, and on spu ram addr
help: extra note on I_STAT bits being edge triggered (was already mentioned)
help: unpredictable things: added details on 8bit/16bit/32bit write effects
help: memctrl correction: 1F801020h.16-17 and FFFE0130h.8,11-31 are fully R/W
spu: ignores writes to "read-only" registers (SPUSTAT and ENDX voice flags)

For: Windows


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Cemu 1.9.0
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Cemu 1.8.2
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Cemu 1.8.1
No Description in database.

Cemu 1.8.0
No Description in database.

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