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The story of Emulation64 starts back in early 1999, when Martin decided to start his first emulation site. The site didn't reach more than a few people each day, and that's when he did like most other sites are doing - a link exchange. He contacted Stian, founder of another N64 emulation site. Stian agreed to the link exchange, and this is how the two came in contact at first.

Not much later, Stian asked Martin if the latter would be kind enough to update his site during a two week vacation he had. Martin though about it a bit, and was unsure. Somehow, and I can't remember who it was who came up with the idea, the two Scandinavians, together with Luigi from the Unofficial UltraHLE page, formed a much more comprehensive and serious site. The major gaming site Glide Underground showed interest in hosting the N64 emulation only site, and on launch day (June 7, 1999), it had more than 1000 visitors.

While lagging around on IRC, Martin came in contact with Ztnet founder Zach (Lev). He offered hosting with Ztnet, and the offer was gladly accepted. The Emulation64 network has grown ever since, and it is hosting emulators as well as emulation sites.

Due to lack of N64 emulation news, the Emulation64 team decided to take on Dreamcast and PlayStation emulation as well. This move made not only the Emu64 staff happier, but delighted our visitors as well. On November 21, 2000, the third Emulation64.com layout appeared.

The next step in the Emu64 history was when the site started using Post-Nuke, but without changing the layout. The site now covered GBA and PS2 emulation as well.

Now we're presenting the latest Emu64, which launched on November 8, 2002, with an amazing layout by RatTrap and coded in PHP by Keith. News is powered by Coranto and news comments are directly linked to our message board, EmuTalk, and other functions are pulled from the message board as well, such as latests posts and statistics. We've said it before and we say it again, what the future may write on this page, only itself will tell. :P

Emu64 v1.0 (January 1999 - June 1999)

Info: This was the first design created for the original Emulation64, which Martin ran by himself. Nothing fancy ;)
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Lost Design
Emu64 v2.0 (June 1999 - October 1999)
Info: The lost design. This was the design that Martin, Stian and Luigi debuted with when launching the new and improved Emulation64 on the Glide Underground server. Anyone have this design cached? ;). If you happen to have a screenshot of it, please send it in.

Old Orange
Emu64 v3.0 (October 1999 - November 2000)
Info: Black and orange style, simple design but worked quite good for a news site.
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Old Blue (Now avaliable through skins!)
Emu64 v4.0 (November 2000 - November 2002)
Info: This design was used for about two years, with only small modifications made.
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Rattraps Awsome Design
Emu64 v5.0 (November 2002 ->)
Info: Created by the graphics genious RatTrap and is the design that is currently used. We love it! :)
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